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Today's date is Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Displaying from Wednesday, September 21, 2011
 September 2011
Wednesday 21
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Honours - Presenting your research at conferences (repeat) Website | More Information
As an Honours student, you may be required to communicate your research through an oral presentation at a conference or seminar. This workshop will identify characteristics of successful conference presentations and will get you thinking about how you can clearly convey your research to a wider (...)

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to take notes from readings (repeat) Website | More Information
If you sometimes make notes of what you have read, and then wonder afterwards what you wrote down (and why) and how all those words are connected, you are not alone! This workshop will help you read with a purpose, ‘scan’ for information you need and remember material for longer. It will also (...)

12:30 - EVENT - International Peace Day : September 21 is International Peace Day, a UN recognized day of global non-violence. Website | More Information
We are creating a banner with students writing on it what peace means to them. Starting at Oak Lawn we will walk the banner to different spots around campus for different students to add to it. Photos of the banner will be published on Peace One Day's website along with photos of events happening (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - “Endothelial progenitor cells in cancer: the good, the bad and the ugly" Website | More Information
Dr Mellick has a research history spanning almost 20 years, working at prestigious research institutions including Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, University of QLD, and the John Curtin School of Medical Research (JSCMR), Australian National University (ANU). Dr Mellick took up his current (...)
Thursday 22
11:00 - EVENT - Person Perception and Human Mate Choice study. : Heterosexual, Caucasian males are invited to participate in a paid experiment More Information
I am recruiting heterosexual, Caucasian males aged between 18-35 years to participate in a research project on person perception. Our broad aim is to understand the consistency and accuracy of impressions that we make of other people based on their appearance. You will be asked to view some people (...)

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to prepare a successful presentation (repeat) Website | More Information
Presenting involves lots of thought about your material and your audience. This workshop will show you how to develop (and practice) presentations that are well structured, clearly thought-out and delivered with ease.

13:00 - EVENT - Briefing for About Face : Opportunity to live in supported way with Aboriginal communities in January 2012 Website | More Information
Are you up for a life changing experience?

A unique opportunity to live among an Aboriginal community, which could be anywhere in Australia. The next About FACE is coming up in early 2012! To be exact January 7-27.

This event on Sept 22 is an introductory meeting that will (...)

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to synthesise (repeat) Website | More Information
Write like a student and you will sound like a student; write like a pro and you will sound like a pro. Convince others that you're an expert by establishing a clear, critical voice in which you set your ideas in the context of those of other experts in your field.

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Maths - Subspaces (repeat) Website | More Information
This workshop addresses the notion of a subspace in a clear and intuitive manner. Students will develop an intuition for subspaces which will allow them to produce simple proofs and counter examples for test style questions. They will also see how a theorem from the lectures can make this really (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - Dynamics of a tidally-forced stratified shear flow on the continental slope : SESE and Oceans Institute Seminar Website | More Information
The energy contained in large-scale ocean flows is dissipated in small-scale turbulent motions and these control the rate at which heat, momentum, chemicals, nutrients, and biological matter are stirred in the ocean. On the global scale, a large proportion of the mechanical energy contained in the (...)
Saturday 24
9:30 - Sporting Event - SPE Kick for a Cure - Outdoor 5-a-side soccer tournament : SPE UWA Chapter is organizing a 5-a-side soccer tournament - with proceeds going to support Cure Cancer Australia Foundation. Get involved! Website | More Information
SPE UWA Chapter is joining the fight against cancer - and we want you to come along as well! Test your skills with the ball and get competitive for a cure.

This year SPE UWA Chapter is throwing their inaugural sporting event - an outdoor 5-a-side football tournament - with proceeds going (...)
Monday 26
15:00 - Retreat - Student Wilderness Retreat : Annual willderness retreat for students at Koora, on the edge of the desert, led by the chaplains. Limit of 12 places. Website | More Information
The space and dryness, the stars and the endless horizon, the white history and the Aboriginal history - all these are your companions on this wilderness retreat. The chaplains will be tehre to assist your exposure to Australian arid wilderness and around the campfire provide slow thinking and (...)
Tuesday 27
13:00 - SEMINAR - Towards the cyborg; integration of robotics and the nervous system in engineering and the arts. : School of Anatomy & Human Biology Seminar Series More Information
The Seminar: Since Galvani “galvanised” his frogs in the eighteenth century there have been attempts to link living tissue with electronics. However it has been the rapid reduction in size accompanied by increases in sophistication of electronics in the twenty first century that has opened up (...)

17:00 - SEMINAR - School of Music presents International Research Seminar - Works for performer and live electronics Website | More Information
Christopher Tonkin, Associate Lecturer, School of Music, UWA and a leading composer discusses some of his recent works.
Wednesday 28
12:30 - FREE LECTURE - Paintings and Emotion: The stuff of mind and spirit : Lecture by Winthrop Prof. Jane Davidson, Callaway/Tunley Chair of Music, Program Leader of the ARC Centre for Excellence for the History of Emotions. Website | More Information
Professor Davidson will examine works from the UWA collection which form the current exhibition, Recent Past, interrogating her emotional responses to the works.

16:00 - SEMINAR - PURE MATHEMATICS SEMINAR : A new hyperbolic geometry and associated group theory and combinatorics More Information
Abstract: Universal Hyperbolic Geometry (UHG) is a new approach to hyperbolic geometry that combines the projective Beltrami Klein model with Rational Trigonometry, to give a much simpler, completely algebraic framework for the subject. One of the major consequences is that UHG works over a general (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - “Flt3 inhibitor treatment of myeloproliferative disease in c-Cbl RING finger mutant mice." Website | More Information
Wally Langdon’s research involves studying mice with knockout and knockin mutations in the c-Cbl and Cbl-b genes. Cbl proteins are E3 ubiquitin ligases that target many signalling proteins including antigen receptors and receptor tyrosine kinases. In addition Cbl proteins function as adaptors to (...)
Friday 30
13:00 - SEMINAR - Groups and Combinatorics Seminar: The concept of p-deficiency and its applications More Information
Groups and Combinatorics Seminar

Anitha Thillaisundaram (Cambridge)

will speak on

The concept of p-deficiency and its applications.

at 1pm on Friday 30th September in MLR2

Abstract: We use Schlage-Puchta's concept of p-deficiency and (...)

 October 2011
Monday 03
12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to write a better thesis Website | More Information
In a thesis, effective writing is vital and is often the deal-breaker. Although you may already be an experienced writer of essays and reports, the length and complexity of a thesis will require new writing strategies. This workshop will provide strategies to equip you to write a good thesis and to (...)

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to organise your ideas Website | More Information
This session offers strategies to help you organise your ideas so that your presentations have a logical flow.

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