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Today's date is Sunday, December 06, 2020
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Displaying from Friday, July 01, 2016
 July 2016
Thursday 07
8:30 - CONFERENCE - 7th Wave Conference Series : he '7th Wave' reflects the ever changing landscape in Higher Education Website | More Information
The '7th Wave' reflects the ever changing landscape in Higher Education - every 7th wave is larger than the rest and will bring the biggest learning innovation changes.

The first of the 7th Wave Conference Series is a two-day event exploring opportunities to build on the momentum of (...)
Friday 08
10:00 - WORKSHOP - How can CERI help researchers develop an entrepreneurial mindset? : Discover what the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation has to offer UWA researchers Website | More Information
This workshop will outline how CERI can help researchers develop entrepreneurial skills and assist them through the innovation process. CERI is a not-for-profit organisation based in Nedlands.
Monday 11
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : From Stable Carbenes to Blatter-type Radicals More Information
Thursday 14
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : The Development and Application of Cationic Iridium(I) Complexes with N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands in Homogeneous Catalysis More Information
Friday 15
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Tiny changes, big effects: the impact of microexons on neuronal differentiation, function and evolution More Information
One of the major challenges for the emergence of complex multicellular organisms is to generate an enormous diversity of cell types from a single genomic sequence. In the simplest scenario, the different cells would have the exact same protein complement available during embryo development to (...)
Friday 22
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Structural basis of collagen recognition by human osteoclast-associated receptor More Information
With life expectancy on the rise, osteoporosis, the most common form of skeletal disease, is likely to pose a significant burden on both patients and healthcare infrastructure for the foreseeable future. Imbalances at the unique immunological niche of the bone marrow in osteoporosis, and diseases (...)
Monday 25
11:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Speakers from the the International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry More Information
Dr Yuya Tanaka (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Organometallic Molecular Wires: Mixed Valency across Porphyrin linkers

Mixed-valence (MV) complexes serve as models of molecular wires due to their remarkable electron transfer processes between terminal metal ends. In particular, MV (...)
Thursday 28
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Development and validation of a methodology for the determination of persistent organic pollutants in human milk More Information
Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are synthetic chemicals that are released into the environment. They bio-accumulate in the adipose tissue stores in the human via inhalation, ingestion or dermal adsorption. During milk synthesis, these bio-accumulated pesticides are secreted into the milk. This (...)
Friday 29
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Dealing with a partial NuRD complex: how the MTA1 subunit can recruit two copies of RBBP4/7 More Information
The nucleosome remodeling and deacetylase (NuRD) complex remodels the genome in the context of both gene transcription and DNA damage repair. It is essential for normal development and is distributed across multiple tissues in organisms ranging from mammals to nematode worms. In common with other (...)

 August 2016
Tuesday 02
13:00 - SEMINAR - Contemporary Measurements of Lung Mechanics – What are they? What do they tell us? : Raine Visiting Professor Lecture Series Website | More Information
Speaker: Professor Raffaele Dellacà was awarded a Masters degree in Information Technology Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano in 1997. He obtained a PhD degree in Bioengineering in 2001 on the assessment of respiratory mechanics by opto-electronic plethysmography and forced oscillations (...)
Friday 05
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Density functional theory — Its origins, present status, and future More Information
The density functional formalism is ubiquitous in condensed matter physics, chemistry, and materials science, and many newcomers to the field are surprised to learn that this development — particularly in chemistry — is just 25 years old. The origins go back, however, to the first days of quantum (...)
Monday 08
15:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: Why NMR matters in Metabolomics : In principle, NMR is an ideal technique for metabolomics. More Information
In principle, NMR is an ideal technique for metabolomics. It is non-destructive, non-biased, highly quantitative, requires no prior separation, permits the identification of novel compounds and needs no chemical derivatization. However, relative to other analytical techniques NMR is slow and (...)
Tuesday 09
13:00 - SEMINAR - Novel therapy by selective degradation of abnormal extracellular matrix : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
Dr. Juliana Hamzah is a NHMRC-National Heart Foundation R.D. Wright research fellow with expertise on targeted delivery for imaging and therapy. Previously she was an American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow at the Center for Nanomedicine, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (...)

13:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : The LINK to a Yin and Yang Mechanism of Enzyme Allostery More Information
of enzyme allostery may not apply to DHDPS. However, we show using biophysical analyses that DHDPS from Triticum aestivum (i.e. bread wheat) is allosterically regulated by lysine-induced dissociation of the active oligomeric species. This represents a rare example of the morpheein allosteric model – (...)
Thursday 11
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Research Proposal - Synthesis of quinonoid natural products with antitubercular activity and Development of a convenient route to C2-symmetric anthraquinones More Information
Friday 12
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : DAVID CRAIG LECTURE 2016: Basic Chemical Theory is Critical to Understanding Nanoparticle Synthesis, 2D Nanostructures, and Photosynthetic Function More Information
Chemistry over the millennia has had many great successes, often despite fundamental knowledge of the actual processes involved. The advent of quantum mechanics a hundred years ago provides the modern basis for understanding these processes, but this theory depicts great complexity rather than the (...)
Sunday 14
9:00 - OPEN DAY - University Hall Open Day Breakfast : YOU can meet our UniHallers and join us for breakfast and a tour before heading over to UWA Open Day. Website | More Information
YOU can meet our UniHallers and join us for a free exclusive breakfast and a tour before heading over to UWA Open Day.

This is a great opportunity for you to discover what it’s like to live on campus at UWA. On the day you will meet our UniHall ambassadors who will take you on a tour and (...)
Thursday 18
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Establishing the relationship between DNA methylation and G-quadruplex DNA secondary structures More Information
Friday 19
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Fluorescence, Electroluminescence and Excited-State Photophysics of Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles More Information
Saturday 20
9:00 - EVENT - 24 Hours of Biology Website | More Information
Join us for a jam-packed weekend of FREE biology-based talks, hands-on workshops and two ticketed science-themed theatre shows! Meet and talk to scientists about their studies and what it is like to be a researcher. Explore the expanse that is biology; learn about the complex lives of sharks, how (...)

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