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Today's date is Tuesday, December 01, 2020
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Displaying from Thursday, October 18, 2012
 October 2012
Thursday 18
15:00 - SEMINAR - Classification and morphodynamics of perched beaches : SESE and Oceans Institute Seminar More Information
Throughout the globe, beaches are underlain and fronted seaward by rock and coral landforms. In Western Australia, many of our beaches are perched on coral, limestone and granite reefs and platforms. These hardlandforms have a strong influence on cross-shore and longshore sediment transport (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - Securing the future of the Great Barrier Reef : SESE and Oceans Institute Seminar More Information
The Great Barrier Reef is a valuable natural asset that provides $6 billion per annum to the Australian economy and supports more than 50,000 jobs, primarily in tourism. It’s an irreplaceable resource, a national and international icon, and it is slowly declining. In the past 50years more than half (...)
Wednesday 24
12:30 - SEMINAR - OI Seminar Series - Xabier Irigoyen More Information
Title: Anchovy collapse in the Bay of Biscay: to eat or not to eat

Abstract: Anchovy (Engraulis enchrasicolus) is one of the main resources of the Basquepurse seiner fleet in the Bay of Biscay, as well as a cultural item for thesociety. A succession of recruitment failures starting in (...)
Thursday 25
16:00 - SEMINAR - Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Small Ponds: From Arctic to Western Australia : SESE and Oceans Institute Seminar More Information
Lakes are now considered as significant greenhouse gas (GHG) conduits to the atmosphere. Small and shallow aquatic systems in particular such as ponds and wetlands can represent large GHG emitters as they generally contain high nutrients and organic carbon and have a small volume to area ratio (...)
Wednesday 31
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : Pointing at Peak Phosphorus Website | More Information
South-western Australia was a part of Gondwanaland, and some of the most ancient parts of the Earth’ crust can be found here. Other parts of the landscape originated more recently from calcareous marine deposits [1]. Therefore, the soils of Western Australia are amongst the most heavily leached and (...)

 November 2012
Monday 05
8:00 - WORKSHOP - WAIMOS Science Meeting : The Western Australian Integrated Marine Observing System - Science Meeting. For any enquiries and registration contact Agi Gedeon, Manager WAIMOS on [email protected] or x2022. More Information
The Western Australian Integrated Marine Observing System - Annual Science Meeting will present the collaborative and cross-disciplinary uptake of freely accessible coastal and open ocean datastreams. Marine scientists, modellers and engineers, oceanographers and biologists will find this meeting (...)

17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Ocean: Opportunities in exploring the planet's last frontier Website | More Information
Increased consumption of resources is leading to a proliferation of global environmental problems that cast doubts on the capacity of the biosphere to continue to support our well-being in the context of a growing population. Ecologists and environmental scientists are busy documenting the (...)
Wednesday 07
12:30 - SEMINAR - OI Seminar - Dr Erika Techera More Information
Title: The Past, Present and Future of Marine Protected Areas

Abstract: Over the last few decades marine protected areas have emerged as a critical tool for the protection of marine species, habitats and ecosystems. Although this terminology is relatively new, the concept of setting (...)
Wednesday 14
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : Agricultural land management strategies to reduce phosphorus loads in the Gippsland Lakes, Australia. Website | More Information
A target to reduce phosphorus flows into the Gippsland Lakes in south-eastern Australia by 40% in order to improve water quality has previously been established by stakeholders. This target, like many others worldwide, has been set mostly on the basis of environmental concerns, with limited (...)
Wednesday 21
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : The role of inland aquatic ecosystems on green house gas fluxes. Website | More Information
Inland aquatic ecosystems, including rivers, lakes, ponds and reservoirs, occupy a small part of the landscape, but play a key role as a conduit for gas exchange with the atmosphere.

This is dependent on a much larger active surface that previously recognised, intense metabolism in (...)
Wednesday 28
12:30 - SEMINAR - OI Seminar Series - Dolors Vaque More Information
Title: Role of virus in the Ocean

Abstract: During the last decades aquatic viruses have been recognized to be an important component of microbial food webs, with abundances of 10 milions per ml in surface waters they are considered the most abundant biological entities. The viruses (...)

 December 2012
Tuesday 04
11:00 - SEMINAR - OI Seminar Series - Vincent Rossi More Information
Title: Sporadic physical processes driving temperature and nutrient variability in the coastal ocean: a comparative study over the East and West Australian continental shelves.

Abstract: Shelf physical processes forced by high-frequency alongshore winds and currents are known to (...)

 February 2013
Thursday 07
16:00 - SEMINAR - Particle capture by cylindrical collectors in aquatic environmental processes : SESE and Oceans Institute Seminar More Information
Particle capture, whereby suspended particles contact and adhere to a solid surface (a ‘collector’), is an important mechanism for a range processes. The filtering of aerosols and the analysis of particle deposition over heat exchanger surfaces are two examples of mayor importance for industry. In (...)

 March 2013
Wednesday 20
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : Does phytoplankton biomass in a reservoir increase in the future? Website | More Information
A water resource in the future is a great concern around the world. In 2009 the research area of "Innovative Technology and System for Sustainable Water Use" was launched by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). One of the projects is "Development of Well-Balanced Urban Water (...)
Thursday 21
16:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar Series: "X-ray phase contrast imaging using conventional sources" by Dr Peter Munro More Information
Image contrast arises in conventional X-ray radiography due the differential absorption of X-rays throughout the sample. Many objects of interest, for example, soft biological tissue, possess weak absorption contrast. Furthermore, by definition, absorption contrast is directly correlated with the (...)

 April 2013
Thursday 11
16:00 - SEMINAR - OzROMS – a three dimensional continental shelf and slope model for Australia : SESE Seminar More Information
The regional ocean modelling system, ROMS—a three-dimensional numerical model with a high spatial resolution (~2–4 km), developed for the continental shelf and slope regions of Australia—is presented. This is the first time a model of this nature with all the relevant forcing (tides, winds, air–sea (...)
Thursday 18
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Blue Forests for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Website | More Information
A public lecture by Núria Marbà, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), Institut Mediterrani d’Estudis Avançats (UIB-CSIC).

Marine vegetated habitats (seagrasses, salt-marshes, macroalge and mangroves) occupy 0.2 % of the ocean surface but contribute 50% of carbon burial in marine (...)
Wednesday 24
12:30 - PRESENTATION - Underwater Stereo-Video and Tools for Big Marine Data - 24th April 2013 Website | More Information
Perth is one of the cities taking part in the global ‘Big Data Week’ (BDW) - www.bigdataweek.com/perth

To support BDW, [email protected] has planned various events that include presentations, networking opportunities and activities which will look at some of the challenges and opportunities (...)

 May 2013
Wednesday 01
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : "Application of Fibre-Optic Sensing for Measurement of Antarctic Ice Shelf and Sub-Ice Shelf Ocean Dynamics" Website | More Information
Monitoring of the ice shelf and sub-ice shelf ocean temperatures represents an important component towards understanding ice sheet stability and the potential for rapid sea level rise.Continuous monitoring is challenging due to difficult surface access, the difficulties to penetrate through the ice (...)
Thursday 09
16:00 - EVENT - CMCA Seminar Series: Techniques and Applications in Marine and Biological Science More Information
SIMS is one of the most powerful characterization techniques for materials, chemistry, physics, and biology because of its unique capabilities to provide trace sensitivity (ppm to sub-ppb range) and excellent depth (as good as 1 nm) and lateral resolution (< 1 µm for ion microscopes and 30 nm (...)

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