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Today's date is Friday, November 27, 2020
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Displaying from Wednesday, August 17, 2011
 August 2011
Wednesday 17
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to understand Aussie slang (repeat) Website | More Information
If you're new to Australia and want to learn some Strine (Australian) so you understand the local lingo (language) better, join this workshop.

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to breakthrough study blocks (repeat) Website | More Information
Your essay, report, review is due soon. The days, hours and finally minutes slip by but you still just can’t get started (or finished!). If this sounds familiar, come along and find out how to get moving with a range of tried and tested strategies.

13:00 - TALK - EMPLOYER TALK - Apple Store Leader Program and Apple Retail Opportunities : Apple will be visiting the campus to discuss Apple's unique graduate program, the Apple Store Leader Program, plus other full-time and part-time opportunities with Apple Retail. Website | More Information
Apple will be visiting the campus to discuss Apple's unique graduate program, the Apple Store Leader Program, plus other full-time and part-time opportunities with Apple Retail.

The Apple Store Leader Program is a 24-month immersion in every aspect of managing and operating an Apple (...)

13:00 - TALK - POSTGRADUATE CAREERS WEEK - Industry R&D- A Personal Odyssey : Do you really want to do R&D in Industry? Come along and listen to Dr Andy Sierakowski's experiences. Website | More Information
Dr Andy Sierakowski, FRACI current Director, Office of Industry and Innovation at the University of Western Australia talks about his career experiences and working in R&D in industry.

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to structure university essays (repeat) Website | More Information
An excellent essay structure makes your writing pleasurable to read. Learn how to order your reasons and develop a logical, coherent and clear essay that flows from effective introduction to rounded conclusion.

16:00 - SEMINAR - “Biophysical insights into orexin receptor-B-arrestin complexes and their role in cellular signalling." Website | More Information
Werner Jaeger is a PhD student in the Laboratory for Molecular Endocrinology – GPCRs at WAIMR. In 2007, he was awarded an Australian Postgraduate Award to support him through his studies investigating the orexin neuroendocrine system involved in the regulation of sleep and wake states, and energy (...)

16:00 - STUDENT EVENT - TICHR Prospective Postgraduate Student Evening : Postgraduate research and scholarship opportunities at TICHR, SPACH and PMH Website | More Information
Each year the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research hosts a Prospective Postgraduate Student Evening to inform potential students about the postgraduate opportunities available at the Institute, the School of Paediatrics and Child Health and Princess Margaret Hospital.

If you are (...)
Thursday 18
12:00 - EVENT - Interview Skills & Practice - Thur 18 August : A successful interview can win you the job. Learn how to maximise your chances of being selected by anticipating interview questions and preparing effectively. More Information
This workshop will involve your participation in a number of practical activities that will assist you to:

Explore the job interview process Identify the preparation required to perform well in interviews Predict likely interview questions Practise answering interview questions

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Maths - Linear and quadratic graphs (repeat) Website | More Information
This workshop is designed to help students with plotting linear and quadratic functions on the Cartesian plane. Importantly, students will see how to make the transition from equation to graph.

13:10 - PERFORMANCE - Free Lunchtime Concert: Senior Vocal Students Website | More Information
This free lunchtime concert will showcase senior vocal students from the School of Music.

14:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Maths - More algebra skills (repeat) Website | More Information
This workshop builds upon the previous workshop on basic algebra. Students who want to build up their competence will find this workshop of great interest, as would those who have completed the workshop on basic algebra skills.

15:00 - PERFORMANCE - NCBC Heat #3 More Information
The Tav hosts the third UWA heat of the 2011 National Campus Band Comp, featuring Three of Life, The Cult of Addiction, The Honey Badgers, The Crossbars, Artillery Road, and T.W.E.E.Z.

16:00 - SEMINAR - Resonant excitation of diurnal internal tides in the Adriatic : SESE and Oceans Institute Seminar Website | More Information
Oceanographic data collected during 2006 have offered new information on diurnal internal tides in the Adriatic. The most pronounced diurnal temperature variations were detected at the island of Lastovo and they were driven by sea/land breezes. However, three tide-dominated episodes were (...)
Friday 19
11:00 - WORKSHOP - Careers Workshop - Cover Letter Preparation : All too often the importance of the cover letter is overlooked when preparing written job applications. More Information
The cover letter is usually the first thing read by an employer and it will influence whether they read on or not! Learn how to:

Structure your letters Create interest in your application Prepare letters for advertised and non-advertised positions
Monday 22
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Essays versus reports Website | More Information
Academic reports require different skills and a different format from essays. Gain the skills you need to tackle reports with efficiency and confidence.

13:00 - TALK - Employer Talk - Careers Centre - ASIO & ASIS : Come along and find out the opportunities on offer with the Australian Intelligence agencies Website | More Information
Interested in working for the Australian government intelligence agencies? Come along and find out more!

Australian citizens in all disciplines.

15:30 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Disertation workshops for coursework postgrads Website | More Information
These workshops are for postgrads writing a dissertation as part of a coursework degree. Each workshop provides a brief session on a different aspect of writing and an opportunity to get individual help.
Tuesday 23
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to create and map ideas Website | More Information
Learn this technique for generating and ordering ideas (particularly useful for getting started on assignments and for overcoming writers' block).

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Maths - Introduction to very basic statistics Website | More Information
This workshop gives a basic introduction to statistics, particularly measures of central tendency and spread, for both univariate and bivariate data. Students will gain an intuitive idea of how certain measures are calculated and used to summarise sets of data.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Getting Ready for Employment : It’s never too early to start! The students who are most competitive in the vacation work and graduate employment market are those who started preparing early in their time at university. Find out what you need to start doing! More Information
It’s never too early to start!

Getting Ready for Employment Seminar

The students who are most competitive in the employment market are those who started preparing in 1st and 2nd year.

You need to develop career management skills and take the steps to maximise (...)

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