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Today's date is Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Displaying from Friday, April 01, 2016
 April 2016
Friday 01
2:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology / Sociology Seminar Series : Anthropology and Sociology in Australia: Asymmetries and Vexed Institutional Relationships More Information
The ambit of the social sciences stretches across traditional disciplines, such as anthropology and sociology, which are closed bound by internal academic cultures, and others that are more responsive to external links, such as education and law’ (Macintyre 2010, p. 4).

This presentation (...)

13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Mountain Changers: Lifestyle Migration in Southwest China More Information
In the early twenty-first century, the People's Republic of China continues its remarkable transformation that encompasses all facets of social life. One of the most significant, visible forms of such change is urbanization. Chinese cities are rapidly expanding and, according to some reports, will (...)
Monday 04
14:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Public Lecture : Now for the hard part: Building state capacity as the frontier development issue More Information
Michael Woolcock is Lead Social Development Specialist in the World Bank's Development Research Group, where he was worked since 1998. He is also a (part-time) Lecturer in Public Policy at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. His current research focuses on strategies for enhancing (...)

17:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Public Forum : International Development – Ways Forward More Information
Discover the exciting possibilities and challenges of International Development at our event.

Join our lively discussion on International Development with Dr Michael Woolcock from The World Bank and Mrs Dibya Gurung from DeKMIS, as well as Dr Petra Tschakert, Dr Amin Mugera, and Dr (...)
Thursday 07
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Bright, Breezy, Bracing South Beach Fremantle’s Seaside Playground More Information
From the late nineteenth to mid-twentieth century, South Beach enjoyed a period of extraordinary popularity as a leisure destination, attracting an estimated 35,000 people to its opening ceremony in 1909. However, at the South Beach of today, little remains to indicate this vibrant past, prompting (...)
Friday 08
14:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology / Sociology Seminar Series : Dirty Little Freaks: The containment and remediation of adolescents with severe intellectual disabilities More Information
Friday 15
14:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology / Sociology Seminar Series : The Remote Community Closure Debate More Information
The Western Australian government’s recent proposal to close up to 150 of the state’s remote Aboriginal communities sparked condemnation from community members including Aboriginal organisations, the state and federal opposition Labor governments, a range of activist groups and the United Nations (...)
Friday 29
14:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology / Sociology Seminar Series : Climate Changing High Himalaya: Production of Vulnerabilities and the Shifting Nature of Conflict on the India-China Frontier More Information
The Climate Change discourse generates a certain level of political consensus amongst the Indian and Chinese policy makers about an urgent need to preserve the high Himalaya, also recognised as the ‘water towers of Asia’, for the sake of South Asian security. Contrary to such dominant and elusive (...)

 May 2016
Thursday 05
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Homo cantans; Reverse-engineering the evolution of the human singing voice More Information
Developments in several disciplines over the last few decades have initiated a re-examination of Darwin’s conjecture, arising from both his theories of natural and sexual selection, that a capacity for vocal music evolved in humans prior to language and, indeed, presented the articulatory and aural (...)
Friday 06
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : The (Re)Construction of Western Conceptions of Outdoor Leisure in Post-Mao Urban China More Information
Drawing on three months of fieldwork in the cities of Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xuchang, this presentation explores a Chinese version of outdoor leisure called huwai xiuxian. Outdoor leisure has been booming over the last three decades, not only as a new form of holiday making among the urban middle-cl (...)
Thursday 12
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Rock Art Use and Abuse in South Africa Today More Information
South Africa is unique in the contemporary world in that it uses indigenous rock art images in its major national symbols. For example rock art appears at the heart of the national coat-of-arms and on all banknotes. One can judge whether a banknote is genuine by folding it and seeing whether the (...)
Thursday 19
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Gallop House / Nanulgarup Uncovering Perth’s Multi-Cultural Past More Information
Notionally, Gallop House, Dalkeith, WA is a heritage-listed colonial house built c. 1873on the banks of Derbarl Yerrigan (Swan River).However, the house is just one extant part of a wider, multi-ethnic colonial landscape. Settled by Adam Armstrong in 1831 CE, the property has had multiple owners (...)

18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - PUBLIC TALK : China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Game Changer in the Region?" More Information
CMSS and AIIA WA public talk by Mr Anwaar Ul Haq, Spokesperson for Balochistan government, Pakistan, on "China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Game Changer in the Region?"
Friday 20
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Understanding Academic Cheating in Senior Secondary Schools in Indonesia and Its Relation to Corruption More Information
Academic cheating is a serious problem for many countries, with the highest prevalence of the misconduct found in the senior secondary level of school (Craig & Evans, 1990; Schab, 1991; Anderman & Midgley, 2004; Finn & Frone, 2004). In Indonesia, academic cheating is mainly spotted in (...)
Thursday 26
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Investigating 50,000 years of Aboriginal Maritime Adaptations from the Carnarvon Bioregion More Information
My thesis will focus on long-term marine assemblages from the Carnarvon Bioregion of north-west Australia and is part of the larger ARC Barrow Island Archaeology Project (BIAP). Dating of archaeological record on Barrow Island positions early shellfish and faunal assemblages as some of the earliest (...)
Friday 27
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Critical Thinking’ and Pedagogical Implications for Higher Education More Information
Global higher education is now situated in an open information environment in which national borders are routinely crossed and cultural identities are constantly shaped through encounters with diverse others. With over 4.5 million students on the move, pedagogical implications are potentially (...)

15:30 - FESTIVAL - Africa Day 2016 : The Origins and Future of African Unity More Information
AFRICA DAY is celebrated internationally each year on 25 May in commemoration of the founding of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) in 1963. Among the OAU's key purposes was to promote Pan-Africanism, integration and unity between Africa's newly independent states during the era of (...)

 June 2016
Friday 03
14:30 - EVENT - ANTHROPOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES : Counselling and psychotherapy for people that present with physical symptoms: charting sense making and experiential change over time More Information
Presenting ideas on the lived experience of people suffering with symptoms that are medically unexplained or diagnostically uncertain, based on practice experience, patient consultations and reviews of the literature. Particular issues that loom large include not feeling understood, relationship (...)
Tuesday 21
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - A public lecture : The Deep History of Sea Country: colonisation, submerged landscapes and the archaeology of Australia’s coasts More Information
The sea is central to the lives of contemporary coastal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia. Indigenous histories and archaeologies show the sea to be a vital source of subsistence, raw materials, spirituality and connection with other peoples. Coasts, and especially (...)

 August 2016
Friday 12
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : The Notion of Creativity in Chinese History More Information
A wide perception about China is that the Chinese only imitate foreign creativity. The notion of creativity is not heavily studied by sinologists and deserves a better discussion from an inter-disciplinary view. This presentation will examine how renowned individuals in Chinese history viewed (...)

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