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Today's date is Wednesday, December 02, 2020
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Displaying from Friday, March 27, 2015
 March 2015
Friday 27
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Colour and Culture in China: Tradition, revolution and globalization More Information
Cultural traditions in China go back 7,000 years. With that long history, and in such a large country, colours have accumulated a great richness of meanings. Meanings can be subtly different in different parts of the country and in different strata of society. And the meanings of colours in China (...)

14:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology and Sociology Seminar Series 2015: Charmaine Lim and Ashleigh Louise Haw, PhD candidates Anthropology and Sociology UWA More Information
Two pre-fieldwork seminars:

Charmaine Lim, PhD Candidate, Anthropology and Sociology, UWA Imagining home and constructing identity: Transnationalism and diaspora amongst Filipino migrants in Australia and Singapore

This project aims to understand how men and women of Filipino (...)

 April 2015
Thursday 16
11:00 - EVENT - Study Abroad Fair : Come along to the annual Study Abroad Fair to see where you or your students can study overseas! More Information
Representatives from UWA's Exchange Partner institutions, returned students and faculty representatives will be there to tell you all about the fantastic opportunities they have available. Make sure your students come along to check it out!

 May 2015
Wednesday 06
18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Building liberal resilience? A critical view from developing Asia Website | More Information
In this public lecture, Jonathan Rigg, Professor of Geography at the National University of Singapore, will argue that 'liberal resilience' plays into a growth-development-resilience 'trap' where economic growth has become a de facto synonym for development and, often, development a synonym for (...)

 August 2015
Thursday 13
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : New Insights into the Dynamics of Human Behaviour during the Last Glacial Maximum and Terminal Pleistocene in the Pilbara, Northwest Australia More Information
The emerging picture from the Australian archaeological record shows a varied pattern of human responses to the environmental and climatic fluctuations that characterised the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM, beginning c.30 ka and peaking between 23 to 18 ka) and the terminal Pleistocene in arid Australia (...)
Friday 14
14:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology Seminar Series : TK Reite Notebooks: co-creating a toolkit for the preservation and transmission of traditional knowledge More Information
Given what we know about Traditional Knowledge, about the dangers of appropriation and misrepresentation on the one hand, and of loss, (ir)relevance, and transformation on the other, this seminar will offer a hands on demonstration of a toolkit with which people can cheaply record and transmit (...)
Thursday 27
4:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Tracks of change in the Murujuga landscape: Human feet and tracks in the engravings of Dampier Archipelago More Information
Murujuga (the Dampier Archipelago, North West Australia) is a land and seascape that has experienced incredible social and environmental changes over the past 50,000 years. The region is home to over one million rock art engravings which express the sociocultural dynamics of this vibrant (...)

 September 2015
Thursday 03
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) neutron facility More Information
Neutron-imaging (NI) has been established as a non-destructive technique which can be applied from fundamental research to industry. In particular, radiography results in a two-dimensional image of the sample studied and, if time resolved, can visualize dynamic processes. Tomography provides three-d (...)
Friday 04
10:00 - WORKSHOP - Archaeology Workshop : Neutron Imaging for Cultural Heritage and Archaeology More Information
Neutron-imaging techniques are emerging as an innovative and attractive investigative approach to characterise ancient artefacts without the need for sampling or invasive procedures. Similarly to traditional X-ray methods, radiography results in a two-dimensional image of the sample studied while (...)

14:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology Seminar Series : Losing passports? Attachment and alienation in the rural and urban Solomon Islands More Information
When outsiders have lived for many years on Ranongga in the Solomon Islands' Western Province, people may joke that they have "lost their passports" (lusim paspot) and become "citizens" of the island. Such joking calls attention to the difference between connections to ancestral (...)
Thursday 10
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Valuing Indigenous Archaeology in Western Australia More Information
The concept of archaeological significance and its assessment is a particularly vexing issue for archaeologists working in Indigenous heritage management in Western Australia. Recent events including the resources boom, proposed heritage legislation reform, associated changes to the application of (...)
Friday 11
14:30 - EVENT - Anthropology Seminar Series : After the PhD: The lived experiences of aspiring academics More Information
The ageing and impending retirement of much of the academic workforce, as well as the growing casualisation of university staff, are two major issues impacting Australian universities today. These issues are particularly pertinent for recent PhD graduates who hope to secure academic positions (...)
Friday 18
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Bringing back the jihadists: the qualified success of efforts to Counter Violent Extremism (CVE) in Indonesia More Information
This seminar present the results of interviews conducted between 2010 and 2014 with over 60 jihadists, men found guilty of committing offences under the Indonesia's Anti-Terrorism Law. This study explores their current mindset, asking to what extent do they now reject their earlier commitment to (...)

 October 2015
Thursday 01
8:30 - CONFERENCE - Neolife The Inaugural Rest of the World SLSA Conference : Presented by SymbioticA and The Society for Literature Science and The Arts Website | More Information
From the odd to the mundane, new forms of life are emerging in labs, workshops and studios. With the promise of exploitation for health and wealth we are seeing life as it previously never existed, albeit smothered in hyperbole, rhetoric and speculation. How do cultures such as Indigenous Australia (...)
Friday 09
13:00 - EVENT - Psychology Colloquium (Special Time!): Luke Smillie: Making a mark on ones milieu: Why it feels good to be and act extraverted More Information
Presenter: Dr. Luke Smillie

Dr. Luke Smillie completed a PhD at the University of Queensland in 2005. From then until 2011 he was at the University of London; firstly as a postdoctoral fellow, and then as a Lecturer and then Senior Lecturer. In 2011 he was appointed Senior Lecturer in (...)

14:30 - SEMINAR - ANTHROPOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES : Riding buses in Darwin: dilemmas for the accidental anthropologist More Information
The Northern Territory's capital city, Darwin, plays host to thousands of Aboriginal visitors at any one time. Darwin also serves as a base for anthropologists who work in many different capacities throughout the northern parts of the NT, some permanent residents and others visiting for weeks or (...)
Tuesday 13
13:00 - EVENT - Psychology Colloquium: Angela Nickerson: Mechanisms underlying refugee mental health: Implications for psychological treatment More Information
Presenter: Dr. Angela Nickerson

Dr. Angela Nickerson is Senior Lecturer and NHMRC Clinical Early Career Research Fellow at the School of Psychology, UNSW Australia. She is also Director of the Refugee Trauma and Recovery Program. Angela's research focuses on uncovering mechanisms (...)
Thursday 15
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : MAAWA's Port Gregory investigation More Information
MAAWA has been investigating Port Gregory for many years in association with the WA Maritime Museum. The rationale for the port is embedded in the story of the 1847 discovery of galena by the Gregory brothers in their survey of the West Australian northern regions. The extensive infrastructure that (...)

19:30 - CONCERT - Korean music and dance concert : The Rhythm of Korea More Information
The Faculty of Arts Korean Studies at UWA are organising an exciting Korean music and dance performance at UWA Octagon Theatre next Thursday 15th October 2015, starting from 7.30pm. "The Rhythm of Korea" showcases Korea's music and dance at the intersection of traditional and (...)
Friday 16
14:30 - SEMINAR - ANTHROPOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES : Pre-fieldwork PhD Seminars More Information
2.30pm Marnie Tonkin, PhD Candidate, Anthropology & Sociology, UWA Title: Payinjala Pinpala Yurlu (strike camp) Aboriginal architecture in the Pilbara: an investigation of transformation and identity creation through the architectural forms of the 1946 pastoral workers strike

Abstract (...)

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