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Today's date is Thursday, December 02, 2021
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Displaying from Wednesday, June 24, 2020
 June 2020
Wednesday 24
17:00 - EVENT - Three Steps to an Affordable Zero Waste Mine Website | More Information
Waste minimisation and byproduct reuse is a growing challenge for the global mining industry, driven by investor, regulatory, and community pressures as well as internal corporate and industry-wide goals. Responding to this challenge requires mining companies to develop strategies and technology to (...)
Thursday 25
18:00 - TALK - Modal Editing [UCC's Guide to Streamlined Documents] : Do you edit text like a normal person? You can do better than that! Website | More Information
Join the University Computer Club online on Thursday, June 25 from 6PM for the first instalment of a six-part series on Streamlined Documents.

The focus of these talks is to get you acquainted with some of the best ways to create and edit documents.

This first talk is on (...)
Monday 29
8:30 - COURSE - ANOVA, Linear and Logistic Regression Short Course : Short Course - UWA Centre for Applied Statistics Website | More Information
A three day course to expand your knowledge and understanding of regression analysis
Tuesday 30
16:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Science Exchange Series - Cropping in a changing climate More Information
From Geraldton to Esperance, the South-West of WA has experienced increasingly variable climate conditions for over a century. With increasingly drier winters and warmer, wetter summers affecting our state’s cropping industry; we need to gather and integrate knowledge from across Science to (...)

 July 2020
Thursday 02
16:00 - EVENT - Navigating the ‘data revolution’ in Australian schools Website | More Information
Now, more than ever, parents, school leaders and policy-makers have access to a dizzying array of data on the performance of students, schools and systems.

As data factories, schools also produce new forms of data through the increased use of online and mobile learning apps and platforms (...)

18:00 - TALK - Git started with Version Control [UCC's Guide to Streamlined Documents] : Tracking changes in MS Word is cool, right? Well, imagine putting it on steroids … twice over! Website | More Information
Git is to 'track changes' what a Ferrari is to a horse and cart.

Try to find someone who doesn't think learning this was a good idea: you won't be able to.

Drop in and get an intro to this Version Control System; to follow along take a look at https://git-scm.com/downloads
Sunday 05
9:00 - CONFERENCE - Global Rubber Conference 2020 : Unlocking Opportunities in a World of Disruption Website | More Information
The 16th Global Rubber Conference 2020 is designed as a platform to discuss commercial prospects and opportunities on the rubber market pricings and bring together the regulatory authorities and commercial players of the rubber and rubber-products.
Monday 06
9:00 - CONFERENCE - Age-Friendly Cities 2020 : Age-friendly Cities: Enabling A Supportive Environment Website | More Information
The Age-friendly Cities 2020 (AFC2020) designed to introduce Best Practices and served as a mechanism to create a deep understanding of what is involved in the creation of vibrant, cohesive and sustainable age-friendly cities and provided the foundation to the creation of a global network of Age-Fri (...)
Tuesday 07
15:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Science Exchange Series - Cake! and Earthquakes Website | More Information
Why do we have earthquakes in WA? Why do they happen more in some areas and not at all in others? WA is a long way from a tectonic plate boundary, so our earthquakes are different in nature to those in places like California, Indonesia or Japan.

Join Prof Myra Keep and PhD candidate (...)

18:00 - TALK - Intro to Emacs [UCC's Guide to Streamlined Documents] : A 40 year old editor, really? Well… there's a reason that people still use this. Join us online to discover the power of Emacs! Website | More Information
Emacs is interesting because it provides unparalleled flexibility, and even has a few 'killer apps' which raise it above other editors.

This talk is the third part of UCC's 'Streamlined Documents' series, and seeks to provide an introduction to Emacs using the nice "Doom Emacs" (...)
Tuesday 14
16:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Science Exchange Series - Loving Thy Neighbour: Insights from Primates Website | More Information
Conflicts between groups are deeply rooted in our society, but we also have the capacity to get along with our neighbours and ally for a common goal.

Using evolutionary theory as a navigational guide, Dr Cyril C. Grueter draws on his research on the social organisation of our primate (...)

18:00 - EVENT - Intro to LaTeX [UCC's Guide to Streamlined Documents] : Have you ever had Word crash on you? Corrupt a document? Or even just be a pain to work with? Website | More Information
Have you ever had Word crash on you? Corrupt a document? Or even just be a pain to work with?

LaTeX offers a number of compelling advantages...

There's a reason why ~90% of Maths/Phys/Eng/Comp Sci papers are produced with this. LaTeX documents are also fast becoming the best (...)
Tuesday 21
16:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Science Exchange Series - Sleep to clean your brain Website | More Information
Sleep is a vital biological need. It is crucial for good health, mood stability, and high performance. Despite this, sleep loss and sleep disorder are now global health epidemics. Sleep is a vital state within which your brain ‘cleans house’ and replenishes needed energy. Sleep of poor quality (...)

18:00 - TALK - Org-mode [UCC's Guide to Streamlined Documents] : What would happen if LaTeX, Markdown, Jupyter/R Notebooks and Emacs had a baby? Website | More Information
What would happen if LaTeX, Markdown, Jupyter/R Notebooks and Emacs had a baby?

You'd get Org-mode, which I think I can seriously call the best of all worlds.

Am I infatuated with it? Yes.

Find out why by coming to this talk! (just needs Emacs)

Join the (...)
Friday 24
18:00 - PERFORMANCE - UWA Music presents: Centre Stage | Madrigal Project Website | More Information
A jam-packed program of stimulating performances and events in 2020 showcases the immense talent of our young emerging artists and their mentors, along with celebrated alumni, and national and internationally recognised guest artists. From workshops and lectures to intimate chamber performances and (...)
Tuesday 28
16:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Science Exchange Series - Chemical toolbox to observe and record the changing world Website | More Information
Science investigates the world in highly methodical ways: and our scientists use different chemical markers to record and observe changes in our environment. This knowledge helps to better understand the past, observe what is happening in our present and aid in the maintenance of our future.
< (...)

18:00 - TALK - Workflow + Q&A [UCC's Guide to Streamlined Documents] : The final talk in the University Computer Club's series on Streamlined Documents! Website | More Information
This talk is an opportunity to review the five talks on Streamlined Documents presented by Timothy Chapman.

This is an interactive session to provide an opportunity for all to ask questions on modal editors, git, LaTeX, org, and emacs.

Whether you are an undergraduate (...)
Wednesday 29
13:00 - PERFORMANCE - UWA Music presents: Free Lunchtime Concert : Sara Macliver & Gladys Chua Website | More Information
Be transported from the everyday by our free lunchtime concert series, featuring the best musical talent from within the UWA Conservatorium of Music and around the country.

Join us this week as soprano Sara Macliver and pianist Gladys Chua perform some of their favourite works for voice (...)
Thursday 30
12:00 - EVENT - Climate change challenges – An engineering perspective : How will engineering and engineers of the future need to adapt in light of climate change? Website | More Information
This online collaborative event, jointly organised by Engineers Australia (WA Division) and the UWA Public Policy Institute, will bring together engineering professionals and researchers to explore the challenges presented by climate change and the likely impacts on engineering standards, training (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - The challenge of managing fall armyworm: a new cross-industry pest in Western Australia : Adjunct Assoc/Prof Helen Spafford from the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development will discuss the creative and innovative ways in which WA is managing this challenging pest More Information
In the last four years fall armyworm has been found establishing all over the world and it has been problematic to manage. With a large host range and high dispersal capability, when the fall armyworm invaded Australia in January 2020 it was declared un-eradicable. This insect reportedly feeds on (...)

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