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Today's date is Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Displaying from Tuesday, March 01, 2011
 March 2011
Tuesday 01
10:00 - EVENT - MATHWEST IMU WORKSHOP PERTH : UWA Mathematics Symposium Celebrating the First IMU Executive Committee Australian Visit Website | More Information
The University of Western Australia is proud to announce the Year of Mathematics 2011, a celebration of mathematics and the powerful role that it plays in our everyday lives.

Central to the program of events is the MathWest Workshop, where over two days, members of the International (...)

13:00 - SEMINAR - Cellular Maturation: Signals for Endothelial Fenestration : School of Anatomy & Human Biology Seminar Series More Information
The Seminar - Endothelial cells differentiate in the embryo from mesodermal cell population. Additional signals from the microenvironment are necessary to mature the endotheium into the local differentiation status, i.e. the formation of the blood-braiun barrier, sinus formation in the spleen or (...)
Wednesday 02
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Teaching Fellowship Scheme Information Session Website | More Information
Intended Audience: Staff interested in applying for the Teaching Fellowship Scheme.

Programme Description: The Teaching Fellowship Scheme was introduced in 2005 and currently offers four fellowships valued at $22,000 each year. The scheme supports innovative, reasonably short-term (...)

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Teaching with Technology (Intro to eLearning) Website | More Information
Workshop Description: Done well, teaching with technology has the potential to enhance learning. Using technology appropriately in teaching means recognising the widespread use of technologies in society, and enabling our learners to become more widely proficient with technologies. These can be (...)

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Flights of Imagination in Research: lung science from airways to asbestosis Website | More Information
Lung diseases affect one in five people worldwide. They carry a high mortality and have a devastating effect on a normally active lifestyle. Australians, like most people in developed countries, are experiencing an increased incidence of many lung diseases including asthma and smoking related (...)
Thursday 03
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Small Group Teaching: Seminars and Tutorials Website | More Information
Intended Audience: Tutors, including postgraduate students, teaching in any subject area.

Note: Business students should contact Professor Phil Hancock for subject-specific workshops.

Workshop Description: In this workshop, you will examine a range of strategies for (...)

12:00 - TALK - Contributions of facial appearance to first impressions and group stereotypes : Why do people's physical qualities, e.g. facial appearance, influence impressions of their traits? More Information
(Time changed - now at 12noon) Leslie Zebrowitz is a social psychologist whose research concerns how and why people's physical qualities, such as facial appearance, influence impressions of their traits as well as the impact of such impressions on people’s social outcomes and psychological (...)
Friday 04
15:00 - Colloquium - Psychology and Climate Change More Information
The climate is changing. The interesting and important challenges this poses are not about temperature and rainfall, but rather are about fundamental psychological and social issues. From denial to mitigation behaviours, the discipline of psychology has a fundamental role to play in understanding (...)
Sunday 06
17:00 - OPENING CEREMONY - PRAY 2011 - Uni Commencement : An outdoor Christian service of prayer to dedicate the year before God More Information
How good would it be if the Christians on campus on campus met in one place to prepare their hearts and dedicate the year ahead to God. This short outdoor service will include a time of prayer and affirmation with Holy Communion.
Tuesday 08
11:00 - SEMINAR - Soil&Water Seminar, 11am Tues8th March: : “The effect of tree belowground C allocation on the seasonal course of microbial N cycling in an European beech forest soil” More Information
All welcome!

“The effect of tree belowground C allocation on the seasonal course of microbial N cycling in an European beech forest soil”

ABSTRACT: Soil microbes in temperate forest ecosystems are able to cycle several hundreds of kg of nitrogen (N) ha-1 yr-1 and are (...)

12:00 - WORKSHOP - AIESEC UWA presents learn how to 'Make an Impression' in the workforce with the UWA Careers Centre and Wood Recruitment : Learn how to increase your employability Website | More Information
If you've ever wondered how you can make a positive and lasting impression in the workforce, then this is the workshop for you. AIESEC UWA is proud to host the 'Make an Impression' workshop with the UWA Careers Centre and Wood Recruitment. If you're lost on how to behave at a networking event or in (...)

12:00 - SEMINAR - Groups and Combinatorics Seminar: The Cayley Isomorphism (CI) problem More Information
Groups and Combinatorics Seminar

Joy Morris (University of Lethbridge, Canada)

will speak on

The Cayley Isomorphism (CI) problem

at 12 noon in MLR2 on Tuesday 8th of March

Abstract: In a perfect world in which all isomorphisms between graphs (...)

13:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - A drug template's hiding place in sunflower revealed : An unusual biosynthesis of small, ultra-stable cyclic peptides from bifunctional precursors More Information
Dr Mylne (PhD, Botany) worked at the John Innes Centre (2001-2005), using molecular genetics in Arabidopsis to study proteins that accelerate flowering in response to prolonged cold (vernalization). In 2006 he moved to the IMB in Brisbane where he holds an ARC QEII Fellowship (2008-2012) and is the (...)

13:00 - SEMINAR - Mechanisms of T cell extravasation into the CNS : School of Anatomy & Human Biology Seminar Series More Information
The Seminar: The seminar will deal with the mechanisms used by T lymphocytes to penetrated CNS postcapillary vessels, studied using a murine model of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE). The focus of the talk will be the interplay between cytokines (TNF-, IFN- (...)

15:45 - SEMINAR - Physics Seminar : Hierarchy of domain wall dynamical processes in perpendicularly-magnetized ultrathin films More Information
Magnetic domain patterns form in perpendicularly-magnetized ultrathin films due to the combination of short-range attractive magnetic exchange interactions and long-range repulsive magnetic dipolar interactions. The dynamics of these patterns, and the domains within them, are described by the (...)
Wednesday 09
8:45 - SEMINAR - Nutrient Management Forum 2011 : Forum on measuring, monitoring, modeling and management of nutrients in waterways. Website | More Information
The Centre of Excellence for Ecohydrology is hosting a Nutrient Management Forum. With keynote speakers who are acknowledged experts in measuring, monitoring, modeling and management of nutrients in waterways, the forum is expected to attract participants from around Australia and from other (...)

12:00 - SEMINAR - Medical Research Seminar Series : Prof Geoff Laurent - Research into interstitial lung disease: new findings and future directions Website | More Information
Professor Laurent is an alumni of the University of Western Australia. He is currently the Director of the Centre for Respiratory Research at University College London and leads a team of scientists and physicians conducting research into basic aspects of lung inflammation and repair.

18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Mapping the Subsurface : Combining Geological Understanding with Multiple Types of Measurements Website | More Information
A free public lecture by Henning Omre, Professor in Statistics, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Trondheim.

Probability was originally ’the theory of gambling’ – later, the theory was developed to assess the uncertainty in outcomes of (...)
Thursday 10
16:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar Series : X-ray micro-CT capabilities proposed for CMCA Website | More Information
This year the CMCA will be leading a WA-based consortium applying for funding through ARC LIEF to provide advanced X-ray micro-CT capabilities for local researchers mainly in the physical and geo-sciences.

To provide more information on the capabilities of the latest generation micro-CT (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - Below-Ground Heterogeneity: A Constraint or a Degree of Freedom? : SESE Seminar Series Website | More Information
Hydrological understanding is commonly synthesised into more or less complex mechanistic models, some of which have become “as inscrutable as nature itself” (Harte, 2002). Most of these models contain a number of unknown parameters, which have to be calibrated on past observations. This approach (...)

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