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Student Events
 October 2013
Tuesday 08
12:00 - EVENT - Calculating limits (2 variable functions) : MathsSmart, Student Services Website | More Information
This session uses our knowledge of 1-variable functions and their limits to define limits for 2-variable functions. After that we discuss the various different types of calculation required to establish whether a limit exists. Recommended for first year and higher level MATH students wishing to revise this topic.

13:00 - Colloquium - Innovative Methods for Facilitating and Understanding Feedback Use in Clinical Practice : Adelln's PhD explores the role of psychotherapeutic feedback in improving treatment outcomes, More Information
ABSTRACT: This talk will consist of two smaller presentations. The first will focus on the application of technology within clinical practice to monitor and improve patient outcomes (which is the topic of presentation at the C9-G08 Forum for Graduate Perspectives on Sustainable Health Futures in Shanghai). The field of psychiatry and psychotherapy has lagged behind other areas of medical practice because of an absence of formal monitoring systems to evaluate treatment progress. Implementing such a system is vital as evidence-based treatments are not 100% effective, and 5-10% of patients deteriorate despite receiving treatment. Numerous studies now show that monitoring and feedback systems improve patient outcomes and reduce rates of deterioration, yet the uptake into clinical practice has been slow. Under the theme of “Sustainable Health Futures”, I will describe how technology has been used to facilitate implementation of a monitoring and feedback system at Perth Clinic, along with the challenges and benefits of this initiative. In the second half of the talk, I plan to discuss the use of a novel computer task in examining the factors that influence feedback use. This experimental analogue provides a creative, alternative method of generating more clues to the question of how we can promote feedback use in clinical practice.

17:00 - SEMINAR - School of Music presents International Research Seminar - Honours presentations Website | More Information
Honours presentations: Chadwick Beins; Selena Clohessy; Kailee Marshall; Davina Chung
Wednesday 09
10:00 - EVENT - Co-op UWA Clearance Sale : CO-OP Clearance Sale Final Days More Information
The Co-op’s Clearance Sale finishes Friday November 1st. Items on sale include gift items, fiction, art and reference books at heavily reduced prices. Limited stock of Tshirts at $5 for Co-op members.

Co-op Members receive 50% discount off Sale Price.

16:00 - SEMINAR - The Hydrodynamics of Large Lakes and the Implications of Carbon Sequestration : This seminar is part of the Centre for Water Research seminar series at UWA More Information
Description: Large lakes play an important role in global carbon cycling. However, deep lakes are susceptible to anoxia with the associated loss of biodiversity if overloaded with nutrients; the balance between the forces that stabilise a lake and those that mix the water column is very delicate and there are signs that global change is upsetting this delicate balance with potentially devastating effects for the endemic fauna and flora. I will illustrate the subtleties of the balance using two extreme examples, Lake Ohrid, a deep, very old European lake that is under threat from global warming because of its great depth and Lake Argyle, a very large reservoir, that has the potential of being used for aquaculture to provide about 35% of Western Australia's fish needs and sequester about 20% of WA's carbon emissions, providing an opportunity to mitigate global warming. The large expanses of shallow littoral waters of Lake Argyle have been shown to support very active differential heating, cooling and wind mixing, provided a very active horizontal exchange between the littoral and deep central waters, making it ideal for aquaculture.

I will review the underlying fluid dynamics of these two extreme lakes and show how a fundamental understanding of underlying fluid dynamics of lakes has allowed us to set up a real-time coupled hydrodynamic-ecological model, forced by a full high resolution meteorological model, that now serve as real-time decision support systems for lake managers.

In conclusion, I shall, very briefly, summarise some important unresolved hydrodynamic and ecological problems and put the proposal to use Lake Argyle as a carbon sequestration site and food source into the Western Australian context of making the State carbon neutral, energy and water self sufficient and with an enhanced social well being. The same understanding may be used to install impellers in Lake Ohrid to save this lake from suffocating from lake off oxygen brought about by global warming. Together, these two examples serve to illustrate how large lakes may be harnessed as a resource for meeting the challenges of global change.

Short bio of the presenter: Prof. Imberger received his PhD in 1970 from the University of California, Berkeley and was appointed to full Professor at The University of Western Australia in 1978 at the age of 36, at that time the youngest full professor in Australia in the field of Engineering.

Long before sustainability became an all-embracing goal he embarked on what was to become a long and dedicated career developing instrumentation, software and theory that collectively forms the basis of decision support systems for sustainable management of large natural water bodies such as rivers, lakes, wetlands, reservoirs, estuaries and coastal seas.

His career has seen him carry out research in nearly every major country. International funding has allowed him to maintain a sophisticated field and modelling programme that completely supports the research of his postgraduate students. One of his most significant achievements was the establishment, in 1978, of the Centre for Water Research (CWR), the premier research centre in the world in natural aquatic systems research; this Centre is now totally self funding. In the 30 years of activity, researchers in CWR have attracted about 300 international long term visitors, 1000 short term national and international visitors, have graduated 66 PhDs, about 900 undergraduates and 24 Masters.

He has a well established reputation as an inspirational teacher and extends his influence by maintaining an active program of community talks to Rotary, church, retirement and other groups. He feels strongly that he has a duty to assist the general community come to grips with topics such as global warming, climate variability, and ecosystem health among other topics.

Jorg Imberger is unique as he is an outstanding scientist/researcher, model developer, instrument developer, practical problem solver, inspirational teacher and community advocate/educator. This is evident from the formal international recognition that he has received.

18:00 - COURSE - Quit Smoking Successfully! : Smoking cessation treatment program More Information
The Robin Winkler Clinic at The University of Western Australia will be conducting a SMOKING CESSATION treatment program commencing on Wednesday 9th October 2013. The group will meet for two hours each week for ten sessions, with an initial assessment session before the group commences and a follow-up session one month after completion.

The Smoking Cessation treatment program combines nicotine replacement therapy with cognitive-behavioural therapy to help people beat the chemical addiction, as well as the addiction to the habit of smoking itself. The majority of people who complete this science-informed group program become non-smokers and are still smoke-free one month after the group has ended.

The group sessions will be held on Wednesday evenings at 6pm-8pm. The fee is $30 per session for a total of $300 (or $225 if paid in total in the first week; i.e. a 25% saving). The initial assessment and follow-up session will also cost $30 each.

If you would like to reserve a place in the next smoking cessation group, or would like more information, please contact the Robin Winkler Clinic on 6488 2644 or [email protected]

18:30 - EVENT - 2013 Callaway Lecture - Verdi: Expressing the essence of the human : Joseph Colaneri - Artistic Director West Australian Opera Website | More Information
The Callaway Lecture is one of the most prestigious events on the School of Music calendar. Over the last two decades, a host of distinguished speakers have taken the podium to deliver their thoughts on subjects as broad ranging as the effects of music on the mind, and the place of music in the arts.

In 2013, Artistic Director of West Australian Opera presents the Callaway Lecture based on his performer/ scholar experiences. Conductor of opera, oratorio and symphonic works, and educator, Joseph Colaneri’s achievements are outstanding in each of the areas in his multi-faceted career. After fifteen seasons as a member of the conducting roster of the Metropolitan Opera, Maestro Colaneri is Artistic Director of the West Australian Opera in Perth and concurrently serves as Artistic Director of Opera at Mannes College The New School for Music in New York.

FREE EVENT - RSVP ESSENTIAL - [email protected]
Thursday 10
7:30 - CONCERT - WAMSO Charity Concert – Music Through Space and Time : Medical Students' Orchestra annual charity concert. Proceeds to Autism West. Website | More Information
The WA Medical Sutdents' Orchestra is having our annual charity concert, with part proceeds to Autism West. This year we're teaming up with WADO to deliver an exciting range of repertoire, with our conductor Mark Coughlan.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Intro to Logarithms : MathsSmart, Student Services Website | More Information
We start to demystify the logarithm by exploring its definition with simple examples and finding its place in your mathematical toolkit. The rules for manipulating logarithm expressions (the "log laws") are introduced and used in standard test style questions. After that we demonstrate how logs can be used to solve equations with variables in their exponents (powers). Recommended for first year students and anyone who uses logarithms.

13:10 - EVENT - FREE Lunchtime Concert : The Winthrop Singers Website | More Information
Free 50min Concert every Thursday during Semester at 1:10pm
Friday 11
12:30 - STUDENT EVENT - Which Specialisation? : Need help deciding which engineering specialisation to study in 2014? Get academic, student and graduate perspectives on what it is like to study and work in each specialisation. More Information
This event is aimed at new Engineering Science students, particularly those enrolled in the second year of the course who will be deciding which specialisation to take in 2014. The event may also be attractive to students who commenced in 2013.

Additional short presentations will also take place in lecture theatres around the Clough Student Centre. Plus UEC will run a BBQ.

1pm Mechanical – Civil and Mechanical Building - Lecture Theatre 1

1pm Software – Civil and Mechanical Building - Room G 13

1pm Environmental - Civil and Mechanical Building - Room 1 - 13

1pm Mining – Civil and Mechanical Building - Lecture Theatre 2

1:30pm Chemical - Civil and Mechanical Building - Lecture Theatre 2

1:30pm Civil - Civil and Mechanical Building - Lecture Theatre 1

1:30 Electrical and Electronic - Civil and Mechanical Building - Room G 13

19:00 - EVENT - Guitar Feast featuring Craig Odgen : Craig Ogden (guitar) and Paul Tanner (percussion) Website | More Information
"United" - Craig Ogden is the most sought after guitarist for chamber music in the United Kingdom. He regularly appears as soloist and chamber musician at major London venues including the Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Wigmore Hall and the Barbican. In this concert he joins long time collaborator Paul Tanner fresh from their performances in the UK
Saturday 12
12:00 - EVENT - The University Bicycle Club's Rolling Weekend : Riding 120km down south for charity More Information
The University Bicycle Club is holding the UBC Rolling Weekend on October 12th and 13th of 2013. The event is a cycling weekend, held to coincide with the South West Cycle Club’s annual event; the Lighthouse To Lighthouse. The LTL event is a charitable, team event and this year is aiming to raise $50,000 for the St John of God South West Coronary Care and Cancer Service, supporting, amongst many other important causes - rural cancer patients. Email for details and to signup.
Sunday 13
15:00 - EVENT - The Silver Swan Concert : The Winthrop Singers perform light music including jazz and music theatre standards at St George's College Website | More Information
The Winthorp Singers perform a programme of light music including jazz and music theatre standards in the Dining Hall.

Admission is free, bookings are required as there is limited space.
Monday 14
13:00 - WORKSHOP - CAREERS CENTRE – Cover Letters - Top 10 Tips & Writing Lab- Monday 14 October 2013 : Learn how to prepare an effective cover letter Website | More Information
A cover letter is usually the first part of the application process that an employer reads. It is a one page document highlighting how you would be perfect for the position. Writing a high impact cover letter encourages the employer to turn the page and read your resume.

14:00 - EVENT - Art After Death Symposium : A half day symposium exploring legal, financial and other issues affecting artists after death Website | More Information
Art After Death

A half day symposium exploring legal, financial and other issues affecting artists after death.

Arranged and supported by The University of Western Australia Law School, The University of Western Australia Cultural Precinct, and Artsource.

An artist’s primary concern is developing their professional practise, in whatever guise that might take. But do artists ever ponder what will happen to their work when they are no longer here? Who will decide where their work can be shown, who can reproduce it and for what purposes can it be copied or used?

Like any other personal property, planning for an artist’s artwork, including who will own the work, administer the artist’s copyright and moral rights, and protect their reputation after death is an important but rarely discussed consideration.

Art After Death provides a unique opportunity to hear from prominent legal, accounting and arts professionals about the issues artists and their professional advisors may need to consider when planning for an artist’s will and estate. Participants will also have the rare opportunity to ask questions and raise issues with the panel during the session.

19:00 - SCREENING - The Italian "Spaghetti" Western Website | More Information
The UWA Film Society, together with the section of Italian Studies at UWA, and the Consulate of Italy are happy to present: "The Italian 'Spaghetti' Western". A three movie series including:

- Monday 14th October - "Per un pugno di dollari" ("A Fistful of Dollars", by Sergio Leone, 1964);

- Thursday 17th October - "Django" ("Django", by Sergio Corbucci, 1966);

- Monday 21st October - "Il mio nome e' nessuno" ("My Name is Nobody", by S. Leone and T. Valeri, 1973).

FREE event, original soundtrack with ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

Tuesday 15
12:00 - WORKSHOP - MathsSmart workshop by request* : MathsSmart, Student Services Website | More Information
Topics in Calculus.

13:00 - Colloquium - When to learn and when to perform? : Colloquium More Information
Aaron Schmidt is a Marvin D. Dunnette Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He received his Ph.D. in I/O Psychology from Michigan State University in 2003. Prior to joining the faculty at UMN in 2009, he was an assistant professor of I/O Psychology at The University of Akron. His research focuses on various aspects of work motivation, particularly the self-regulation of time and effort.

ABSTRACT: Two critical and interrelated means of success in the workplace are maximizing one’s current performance by exploiting existing skills, and improving one’s future performance by developing ones skills. In the short-run, trade-offs often exist between learning and performance; time spent learning is often time that could instead be spent performing. However, very little is known about when and why individuals forego short-term performance to engage in learning behavior or vice versa. The primary goal of this research is to understand what factors influence individuals’ decisions regarding the allocation of resources to developing skills vs. exploiting existing skills. This presentation will describe a theoretical account of how individuals manage such trade-offs, as well as empirical research evaluating key aspects of the proposed model.

13:00 - TALK - AIESEC Information Session : Information session for exchange over summer Website | More Information
DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT THIS SUMMER! Do you want to travel? Do you want to experience a new culture? Do you want to taste new foods? Do you want to meet people from all over the world? Do you want to make a difference in someone's life? Step out of your comfort zone and go on a volunteer experience with AIESEC now! Applications are open, apply now at: www.tinyurl.com/goglobalwithaiesec or for more information come down to one of our information sessions!

CONTACT: Danika - [email protected]

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