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Today's date is Tuesday, July 07, 2020
Student Events
 March 2013
Saturday 16
12:00 - EVENT - CSSC Fresher LAN : A LAN with videogames, board games and prizes Website | More Information
Mark your calendars, for it is time for the CSSC's first LAN of year. Running all day Saturday and right through the night, we want to welcome all our members to the new year at CSSC.

Tickets will be $8 at the door, but for those first years who sign up before the LAN, entry is FREE!

Don't just come to play games all night, come to win! We will be running a series of competitions with hundreds of dollars in fabulous prizes.

Don't have a PC? No Worries! We will be having plenty of console gaming and boardgames available.
Monday 18
12:00 - WORKSHOP - Reference and use sources Website | More Information
If you want to know how to incorporate sources more effectively in your writing, this is the place to start! Discover different ways of referring to sources to improve your academic writing style.

12:00 - WORKSHOP - Write a literature review Website | More Information
Many research students find that literature review work is difficult, unmanageable and overwhelming. This workshop aims to decrease student anxieties and provide a clearer understanding of what is needed to produce an effective literature review.

13:00 - BARBEQUE - UEC Sustainable BBQ : Free/Donation Sustainable BBQ with Kangaroo sausages outside FECM More Information
Free/Donation Sustainable BBQ with Kangaroo sausages outside FECM

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Speak up in tutorials Website | More Information
Some of us find it hard to voice our ideas in tutes, yet speaking up is one of the most important skills you can develop at university and in you career. Learn simple strategies so you can communicate more confidently and effectively in group situations.
Tuesday 19
11:00 - EVENT - Enviro Fest '13 : UWA Enviro Fest aims to empower UWA students and staff to reduce their environmental impact, and increase their appreciation of the natural environment. Website | More Information
UWA Enviro Fest aims to empower UWA students and staff to reduce their environmental impact, and increase their appreciation of the natural environment.

Each year Enviro Fest provides opportunities to indulge your interest in the natural environment and learn more about sustainable initiatives on campus. From gardening workshops, to live animal demonstrations to public discussions of important environmental issues, there’s something for all staff, students and their children. If you'd like to get involved with the Enviro Fest event, by holding an sustainability-related information stall or educational activity contact UWA Sustainable Development or the Guild's Event Manager.

With the added benefit of being held in common lunch hour, Enviro Fest '13 promises to be one of the year's biggest, most diverse, exciting, and unique events.

11:30 - EVENT - Centenary gardening activity, as part of UWA EnviroFest : Help plant a garden bed of the UWA Centenary plant, the beautiful and native Hakea. More Information
Join UWA Horticulturalist Mark Corbett and UWA Friends of the Grounds in creating a Centenary planting on UWA grounds.

Native plant species, Hakea is the official centenary plant for UWA.

Mark and FOG will lead you in an easy planting activity where you'll learn more about this native plant and how to ensure it thrives.

You'll also be contributing to a more beautiful campus.

The event will be held as part of the UWA EnviroFest, during UWA Sustainability Week.

Numbers are limited. Bookings are essential to Trish Howard (of UWA Sustainable Development)

Equipment, including gloves will be provided. Please wear closed in shoes, sun protection and some form of eye protection (glasses and sunglasses are ok).

12:00 - WORKSHOP - Descriptive statistics More Information
A guide to some of the skills needed for summarising examining and comparing data sets. Topics include types of data, visual representation, measures of centre and spread, linear transformations, z-scores. Recommended for anyone studying introductory stats.

13:00 - EVENT - How to Make Supportive Friendships at UWA More Information
University can be a fun and exhilarating experience where you meet many new people. An important aspect of your success will be forming the types of relationships that support your study goals. This Skillshop outlines important factors in supportive relationships and provides tips on forming and maintaining healthy relationships while managing the pressures of being a student. This course is particularly useful for first year students, international students and students new to Perth.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Write clear, convincing arguments Website | More Information
Once you know what you want to say, the next step is to develop and support your position assertively and effectively. This workshop explains how to develop a thesis statement and support it with logical, coherent and relevant reasons, examples and evidence.

13:00 - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - CSSC AGM/BBQ : The usual voting and lunch More Information
It's time for the usual AGM after the weekly BBQ. Come down to Rex Prider courtyard for another one of our weekly Tuesday BBQs and if you're a member you can stick around and vote for your reps.

13:00 - GUIDED TOUR - Tour of UWA sustainable gardens - part of UWA EnviroFest : Join UWA Horticulturalist, Sue Smith on a tour of UWA's sustainable gardens. More Information
UWA Horticulturalist, Sue Smith will take you on a tour of the sustainable gardens on campus. Learn about waterwise plant species, including succulents and natives, and the methods UWA uses to reduce its water use.

Please book with Trish Howard (of UWA Sustainable Development). Please wear comfortable shoes and sun protection.

13:00 - Language Class - INDOSS - KELAS BAHASA : Casual Indonesian Language Class More Information
Come along and join us for a very casual Indonesian class. Bring you lunch along and enjoy some chit chat at Oak Lawn with some Indonesian native speaker.

13:00 - SEMINAR - Kisspeptin, Fertility and Fatness : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series More Information
The Seminar: Jeremy’s work represents an exciting new field of neuroendocrinology. The recent discovery of mice and humans lacking the kisspeptin receptor (Kiss1R) and their subsequent infertility has sparked scientists to explore the actions of kisspeptin. Kisspeptin is a neuropeptide and regulates reproduction by signalling directly to GnRH neurons. In addition to being expressed in GnRH neurons, Kiss1R is also expressed in other brain areas, suggesting that kisspeptin may have additional functions outside of governing reproduction. New research has now uncovered that this peptide plays an equally exciting role in the control of adiposity.

The Speaker: Jeremy Smith began his research career at The University of Western Australia, where he completed his PhD with Distinction in 2004. In 2003, Jeremy was awarded a NICHD Fellowship (US) and began post-doctoral research at the University of Washington. Here, Jeremy worked extensively on kisspeptin, a novel neuropeptide, vital in the neuroendocrine control of GnRH secretion and reproductive function. In 2006, Dr Smith was awarded a NHMRC Biomedical Fellowship and returned to Australia to work at the Department of Physiology, Monash University. Jeremy has now returned to UWA and the School of Anatomy, Physiology and Human Biology to continue his work and is funded by the NHMRC, ARC and is a recipient of an ARC Future Fellowship.

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - TLG UWA AGM : TLG UWA will be having its inaugural AGM! Website | More Information
If you're interested in social justice, volunteering, and ending educational disadvantage, make sure you come along to Teach Learn Grow UWA's first Annual General Meeting! We'll be approving a new constitution and electing a new executive. Go to our facebook event page if you're interested in applying for a role!

16:00 - WORKSHOP - International Student Support Group More Information
International students bring with them unique skills and experience as they traverse cultures and settle into the UWA community. We understand that this transition can be both exciting and stressful. This support group is designed to bring together international students and share experiences of transition. We will introduce information and strategies for managing transition to Perth and UWA. We will focus on forming a supportive group environment with plenty of interaction, fun and learning opportunities. The group is open. You can come alone or bring friends. You can attend every group or just one.

17:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - School of Music presents: Research Seminar Series - Alexander Jensen Website | More Information
Alexander Jensen: Different ways of dealing with death: the relation between music and theology.

Different ways of dealing with death: the relation between music and theology Western music has always been a way of expressing that what is most important to men and women. In the past, this has been (and for many people still is) religious faith. This paper explores the relation between music and religion as well as the importance of theology for the interpretation of musical works. We will look at two pieces dealing with death, namely Bach’s Actus tragicus (BWV 106) and Brahm’s Ein deutsches Requiem, as case studies for the ways in which different theologies can be expressed in music.

18:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - School of Music presents: DMA Lecture Recital - Georg Corall: The Eloquent Hautboy Website | More Information
Georg Corall: DMA Lecture-Recital

The Eloquent Hautboy

Scholars have investigated ‘music as speech’ and the ‘weapons of rhetoric’ in musical execution in order to understand the importance of text in historically-informed performance practice (HIP). This has led to the current vocal practice of declamation in, for example, the cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach, who communicated his emotional messages to the congregation in part through the careful selection of a suitable instrumental soundscape. His contemporary Johann Mattheson (1681-1764) referred to the oboe as ‘der gleichsam redende Hautbois’ (the eloquent hautboy) and reckoned it to be one of the instruments that most closely resembles the human voice. The investigation of contemporary treatises that provide commentary on articulation and rhetoric, as well as documents dealing with the balance of the forces available for Bach’s own performances, allows conclusions to be drawn on sound balance and transparency in the performance of Early Music on period instruments; however, it appears that many present-day habits in HIP may not withstand scrutiny. Currently, much attention is given to the close focus on articulation and text delivery required by historically-informed singers, whereas Early Music instrumentalists are deemed to merely support the vocalist’s words. Decades of personal experience in aiming to reconstruct historical hautboy reeds, together with a thorough analysis of wind instrument treatises dating from the 17th and 18th centuries, reveals that ‘articulation’ referred to the attack of notes as means to imitate text rather than merely defining the beginning and ending of a ‘vocal’ sound on an instrument.
Wednesday 20
12:00 - WORKSHOP - Grammar: Picking the best verb tense Website | More Information
Become more confident in using appropriate verb tenses.

13:00 - EVENT - SEN Energy Talk : SEN's executive chair Tim Barling will be presenting an information session on sustainable energy! More Information
SEN's executive chair Tim Barling will be presenting an information session on sustainable energy! More information to follow.

To find the room, go in the engineering building (west of James Oval), up the stairs and look for Daniel Bell or Sam Begg to find us. Get in the spirit of sustainability week and make sure you turn up on time, there may be an added incentive *cough free pizza cough* for punctuality.

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