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Student Events
 December 2011
Monday 05
8:30 - CONFERENCE - Introduction to Natural Gas Processing workshop : The following subjects will be covered: physical properties, phase equilibria and vapour liquid equilibrium calculations, water hydrocarbon systems, gas transport, acid gas treating/sweetening, dew point control and natural gas liquids recovery. Website | More Information
The full workshop consists of two related courses (Workshop 1: Introduction to Natural Gas Processing and Workshop 2: LNG Production) that review the physical, chemical and engineering principles used to understand the processing of natural gas and its by-products, the principles and operation of refrigeration systems and liquefaction of natural gas to make LNG. The workshop provides a general overview of gas processing and emphasises the design and operation of gas and LNG plants with the link day involving refrigeration facilities.

You may elect to attend the whole course, or the first three days, or the latter three days. As refrigeration is an important feature of natural gas and LNG plants, the common day 3 will cover this content.

The following subjects are covered in this workshop: physical properties, phase equilibria and vapour liquid equilibrium calculations, water hydrocarbon systems, gas transport, acid gas treating/sweetening, dew point control and natural gas liquids recovery.

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Privacy and Consent in a Post Individual World : Lecture by UWA Fulbright Senior Special 2011 Professor Mike Joyner More Information
Over the last 50 years ethical issues associated with medical research have focussed on how individuals are informed and give consent for participation in experimental studies. They have also focussed on how the participant's privacy is protected. Parellel efforts to address privacy and consent have been made in clinical medicine. In this talk Professor Joyner raises questions about the challenges posed by the emerging electronic environment to traditional ideas about privacy, consent and more importantly the individual. Is the question "who owns your data?" really a question of "who owns you?"
Tuesday 06
8:15 - CONFERENCE - Centre for Social Impact (UWA) National Conference 2011 : Indigenous Business, Corporations and Entrepreneurship: New Models, Stronger Communities Website | More Information
The Centre for Social Impact (UWA) National Conference 2011 will shape opinion and understanding, and share best practice and research on the role of Indigenous business and Indigenous corporations in expanding economic opportunities for Indigenous people and creating positive social and economic impact for Indigenous communities.

In recent years there has been a significant growth in Indigenous business in Australia, providing new opportunities for employment, income and wealth generation. Indigenous business activity represents one of the most promising strategies available to address the chronic gap between the economic, social and health outcomes of Indigenous Australians and those of non-Indigenous Australians.

Keynote speakers include Wayne Bergmann - CEO, Kimberley Regional Economic Development Corporation; Natalie Walker - CEO, Australian Indigenous Minority Supplier Council and Ian Trust, Executive Chairman, Wunan Foundation and Director, Indigenous Business Australia.

Other speakers include Simon Hawkiins – CEO Yamatji Marpla Aborginal Corporation; Shane Hamilton – WA State Manager, Community Housing Limited; Kimberley Kohan – Principal Advisor, Aboriginal Business Development Rio Tinto; Brenda Love – Director of Strategic Partnership, Dept of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and case studies from many Indigenous enterprises.


• Balancing cultural values, employment markets and sustainable social impact

• Creative engagement: pathways and partnerships in the resource economy

• Indigenous business leaders in action

• Leveraging Native Title Agreements for Indigenous economic and social growth

• The delicate art of procurement: enabling Indigenous entrepreneurs to create a vibrant and engaging Indigenous enterprise sector

• Social enterprises in remote Australia

• Growing sustainable Aboriginal Community Housing Corporations

• Microfinance: Small loans for big impact

• The business of Indigenous art and tourism

• The role of education to support Indigenous enterprise growth

• Closing the economic gap: exploring the role of Indigenous business and self- employment

REGISTRATION: $990 (inc. GST) standard; $660 (inc. GST) not-for-profit organisations, Indigenous businesses and corporations. Group Discounts available. Limited number of sponsored delegate rates available. Please contact Fiona allan (08 6488 8561) for further information.

RSVP/ registration required - www.business.uwa.edu.au/research/conferences/forum

Registration includes full program (8.15am-5.30pm) & post-conference event (5.30-7.30pm).

9:00 - COURSE - Introduction to Structural Equation Modelling using AMOS : A Short Course Website | More Information
The course is designed as an introductory, applied course in the use of SEM using the Amos18 program. SEM is used widely by researchers to find and test complex relationships amongst observed (measured) variables and latent (unobserved) variables and amongst the latent variables themselves. SEM subsumes other analytical techniques such as regression, path analysis, factor analysis, and canonical correlation. Because of its user-friendly graphics interface, Amos is an ideal way to learn the principles of model analyses using SEM.

Course participants will be provided with instruction and practical experience in the use of Amos to estimate parameters implied by various types of models.

9:45 - EVENT - Masterclass: Medievalism and Youth Culture : ARC Postgraduate/Early Career Researcher Masterclass More Information
Participation in this all-day Masterclass is invited from postgraduate and early career researchers in fields related to medievalism and youth culture, such as children’s and young adult literature, fantasy literature, graphic arts, computer gaming, role-playing games, fandom, creative and re-enactment community groups, theatre, television and cinema.

The Masterclass will be led by Professor Clare Bradford (Deakin University), with further contributions from Professor Stephen Knight (Cardiff), and Dr Chantal Bourgault du Coudray (UWA).

How to apply:

Applications to attend should be sent directly to Professor Andrew Lynch (UWA) ([email protected]),

and should include:

(i) details of the degree in which you are enrolled (PGs) or the title of your current research project (ECRs).

(ii) a c.500-word statement outlining your relevant research interests, explaining how the proposed project corresponds with the aims of this Masterclass, and outlining how the event will benefit your research.

(iii) (where the applicant is seeking a bursary of up to $750 to attend the Symposium and Masterclass) a short separate budget statement.

Applications should be sent by Friday 14 October. Notification of acceptance will be by Friday 21 October.
Thursday 08
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Stalking the 2-Hour Marathon : Public Lecture by Professor Mike Joyner, UWA Fulbright Senior Specialist 2011 More Information
World records in athletic events can serve as physiological experiments in nature. By considering how the marathon record has changed over time it is possible to integrate ideas about oxygen consumption, running economy, and the "lactate threshold" and tell a coherent story about the limits of human endurance performance. Importantly, this physiological narrative raises questions for future physiology studies and also highlights important sociological issues for those interested in exercise science.
Monday 12
9:00 - COURSE - Advanced Structural Equation Models using Mplus : A short course Website | More Information
The course is designed as a comprehensive coverage of applied SEM techniques using the Mplus statistical software package. The first part of the course is focused on using the Mplus program to specify and interpret common models in SEM such as path analytic models, confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and mixture models, and full SEM models involving both continuous and ordinal (e.g., logistic regression models) dependent variables. The second part of the course introduces multi-group comparisons by initially testing measurement model invariance both cross-sectionally and longitudinally. More complex models including interaction effects for observed and latent constructs and longitudinal models are then presented. The third part of the course focuses on the conceptual and statistical underpinnings of multi-level modelling, including analysing longitudinal growth models, calculation of intra-class correlations and specifying and analysing multi-level models in Mplus.

This course in an advanced course and therefore it is essential that participants have a basic understanding of Structural Equation Modelling (SEM). In other words, participants must have completed an introductory course in structural equation modelling (SEM) using either Amos, Lisrel, EQS or Mplus. It is also assumed that participants have previous computer experience with statistical data analysis packages such as SPSS.
Thursday 15
8:45 - EVENT - Women in Science and Engineering Day 2011 : The Faculty of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics is celebrating the important role that women play in science and engineering with an educational and inspiring event. Website | More Information
The Women in Science and Engineering Day (WISE) is a free event designed to inspire, inform and attract girls to consider careers in the fields of science, engineering, computing and mathematics.

WISE is a great opportunity for female students to immerse themselves in the world of modern science and engineering and discover what exciting opportunities exist.

This event is aimed at high school female students in year 10 and year 11. Places are strictly limited.

12:30 - SYMPOSIUM - A Celebration of the Career of Dr Ian Williams More Information
Colleagues and friends of Dr Ian Williams are invited to attend an afternoon symposium to celebrate his contribution to science and education in a career spanning more than 30 years at UWA. Dr Williams has worked in the Animal Science Group and the School of Animal Biology. The programme will include a welcome by the Vice Chancellor, Prof Alan Robson, followed by entertaining talks from several colleagues, industry partners and students. Afternoon tea and post-seminar drinks will be provided. All welcome!

 January 2012
Monday 23
9:00 - EVENT - Rasch Conference : Fifth International conference on probabilistic models for Measurement Website | More Information
The Graduate School of Education at UWA is hosting the Fifth International conference on probabilistic models for Measurement in Education, Psychology, Social Science and Health from 23 to 25 January 2012. The emphasis of the conference is on the Rasch model, named after the Danish mathematician George Rasch. The Rasch model is widely used for data analysis in Education, for example the analysis of national and international proficiency assessments like PISA and NAPLAN. It is also used for analysis of data from questionnaires, for example Quality of Life questionnaires in Health. In marketing the Rasch model is used to analyse data from satisfaction surveys. UWA will also be running an introductory and advanced course in Rasch measurement in the immediate two weeks prior to the conference. For more information on either the conference or courses please see: https://www.education.uwa.edu.au/raschconference

18:30 - COURSE - Chinese Languages Courses-Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced & Business Chinese : 10 week course Website | More Information
The Confucius Institute will be running our 1st intake of our Chinese Language courses for the year. We offer an ongoing series of Chinese language classes from Beginners to Advanced levels and Business Chinese.

Our language courses are designed for those with an interest in travel, business and friendship. Our teachers are qualified Chinese language teaching professionals with many years of experience.

 February 2012
Thursday 02
12:00 - SYMPOSIUM - Molecular Pharmacology Symposium Website | More Information
Registration: Free – lunch and afternoon tea provided Programme: 12.00pm Overview of symposium aims, followed by lunch and networking 12.30pm Talk 1 – Kevin Pfleger: “Shedding light on receptor complexes” 12.50pm Talk 2 – Elizabeth Johnstone: “Heteromerisation with the bradykinin type 2 receptor alters β-arrestin recruitment and internalisation of the angiotensin II type 2 receptor” 1.10pm Talk 3 – Fiona Pixley: "Macrophages, CSF-1 and cancer" 1.30pm Talk 4 – Aron Chakera: "EPO receptor dimerization in chronic kidney disease" 1.50pm Afternoon tea and networking 2.20pm Talk 5 – Werner Jaeger: “Biophysical insights into orexin receptor-β-arrestin complexes and their role in cellular signalling” 2.40pm Talk 6 – Bryan Ward: “Does OS-9 govern the processing and maturation of the calciumsensing receptor in the endoplasmic reticulum?” 3.00pm Talk 7 – Stephen Armstrong: “High content imaging of gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor signalling” 3.20pm Talk 8 – Peter Henry: “Role of protease-activated receptor-2 in lung disease” 3.40pm Pre-seminar break and networking 4.00pm Plenary / WAIMR Seminar: Prof Stephen Hill, Professor of Molecular Pharmacology and Head, School of Biomedical Sciences, University of Nottingham, UK: “New insights into GPCR pharmacology using fluorescent ligands” (abstract and biography overleaf)

16:00 - SEMINAR - “New insights into GPCR pharmacology using fluorescent ligands” Website | More Information
Professor Stephen Hill obtained his PhD from Cambridge in 1979. Following postdoctoral, lecturer and Reader positions at Cambridge and Nottingham, he was appointed Professor of Molecular Pharmacology at Nottingham in 1995. In 1997 he became Director of the Institute of Cell Signalling and then Head of the School of Biomedical Sciences in 2008. Prof Hill has published over 150 papers, with his research concentrating mainly on the molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors and cross-talk between intracellular signalling cascades. Currently, the emphasis of his work is on the study of single ligand-receptor interactions in membrane microdomains using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy. Prof Hill is a founding director of the University of Nottingham spin-out company CellAura Technologies Ltd that provides fluorescent ligands to the scientific community. He has served on the Editorial Boards of the British Journal of Pharmacology and Current Opinion in Pharmacology. He was elected a Fellow of the British Pharmacological Society (BPS) in 2004 and was Vice-President (Meetings) of BPS from 2004 to 2006.
Monday 06
18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - No more needles – Nanopatch technology for a healthier world More Information
The dynamic inventor of the vaccine Nanopatch, Prof. Mark Kendall, will talk about the development and enormous potential of this revolutionary technology for vaccine delivery. You can also explore the Incredible Inner Space exhibition, which includes an amazing microscope image of the Nanopatch.

The Australian Microscopy & Microanalysis Research Facility is proud to present this public lecture and exhibition as part of the joint Australian Conference on Microscopy & Microanalysis, Asia-Pacific Microscopy Conference and the 2012 International Conference on Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.

Where: the Riverview Lecture Room at the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre When: 6.00–7.30pm 6th Feb 2012.

It is free and booking is not required
Tuesday 14
8:30 - SYMPOSIUM - Blooming Minds at Work SYMPOSIUM : Identifying and Preventing Psychological Injury Website | More Information
This one day event will help you to understand and limit the impact of mental health issues in the workplace, provide sound strategies to minimise your workplace psychological injury risk and generate ideas for how you can shift your organisations mental health culture. The topics to be explored by specialists in workplace and mental health issues at the symposium:

· Mental health issues and crises in the workplace

· Dealing with difficult people

· Stress and bullying – risks and strategies

· Reasonable adjustments to support mental health issues

· Developing individual and organisational resilience
Thursday 16
16:00 - SEMINAR - “The Human Epigenome in Health and Disease” Website | More Information
Professor Jones received his Ph.D. from the University of London. Joining the University of Southern California, he went on to be the Director of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center, 1993-2011. He is a past President of the American Association for Cancer Research. He has published more than 300 scientific papers and received several honours, including the Outstanding Investigator Grant from the National Cancer Institute.

He will discuss the revolution in the field of epigenomics, and how drugs are already in the clinic to cure diseases by altering epigenetic states. He will also explain that the International Human Epigenome Consortium has begun work to complete the mapping of 1,000 epigenomes from normal and diseased cell types to define the mechanisms responsible for somatic cell inheritance, cell development and diseases such as cancer.
Wednesday 29
18:00 - EXHIBITION - Student Gallery Viewing : An opportunity for students to view the new exhibitions on campus. Website | More Information
Students are invited to spend an evening at the gallery observing the vibrant colours, eclecticism and innovation of the Western Desert’s Ngaanyatjarra artists, rediscover some forgotten treasures from the Berndt Museum and view important pieces from Australia’s largest collection of women’s art.

- Special Guest Speakers and Performers

- Tours of the Gallery

- Free Food and Drink Provided

 March 2012
Thursday 01
11:00 - EVENT - English Language Assistants for work in Spain : Information session on paid short term positions as English Language assistants in Spain More Information
For all students who might be interested in paid, short term positions as English Language assistants in Spain, the Spanish Counsellor for Education, Prof Gonzalez Fernandez-Corugedo will be giving a presentation. To be eligible you need to be an Australian national, have completed a university degree or be a final year student of a degree, have English as a first language and some knowledge of Spanish.
Friday 02
16:00 - SEMINAR - Science Communication Seminar Series : Sony ExploraScience – an interactive science museum More Information
Behind the scenes at Tokyo's Sony ExploraScience interactive science museum - a summer of science performances, blogging, media releases and workshop planning
Sunday 04
18:30 - OPENING CEREMONY - UWA Commencement Prayers : Annual service of Christian prayer to launch the new year, for staff and students. More Information
At this point of the year staff and students throw themselves at a semester full of things that change them, new knowledge, new relationships, new inner challenges and new questions. This service is an opportunity to make time to orient towards what God is doing with this world and with them, and to tune in. This year, Commencement Prayers are hosted by Unichurch, 260 Bagot Rd Subiaco.

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