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Today's date is Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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Displaying from Tuesday, April 09, 2013
 April 2013
Tuesday 09
12:00 - WORKSHOP - Domain and range Website | More Information
This session also covers the definition of a function and links them to graphical representations of mathematical or experimental relationship. The concepts of domain and range are introduced in this graphical format as well as algebraically. An introduction to composite functions (and their domain/ (...)

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Skills for Staying Focused and Motivated Website | More Information
In this Skillshop you will learn how to develop realistic expectations and goals for your studies; identify your motivators; recognise distractions; learn motivational techniques; and minimise self defeating behaviours and thoughts.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Be concise (rpt) Website | More Information
Make every word count when you are doing written assignments.

17:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - School of Music presents: Research Seminar Series - Andrew Sutherland Website | More Information
Principles for designing an effective, post-compulsory Music curriculum suitable for Western Australia.

A new post-compulsory Music course known as the West Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) Music course was recently introduced into Year 11 and 12 in Western Australian (WA) (...)

18:00 - SCREENING - FREE SCREENING: Memento (2000) More Information
As part of our continue tradition free screening, this week the University Physics Society will be screening the film Memento, directed by Christopher Nolan and starring Guy Pierce, Carrie-Ann Moss and Joe Pantoliano. What this got to do with physics? Not much but we promise it will be good fun!
Wednesday 10
7:30 - STUDENT EVENT - Science Union Presents Les Quizerables : Science Union semester one quiz night in the ref, starts at 7.30pm Website | More Information
Semester one Quiz night held in the refectory. Come along with 7 of your best pals, make sure you have your thinking caps on so you can answer the most questions! Prizes for the winning team and the most creative table theme.

12:00 - WORKSHOP - Manage your time and study Website | More Information
Learn how to manage your study time better using year, weekly and daily planners.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Pronunciation: Improve clarity Website | More Information
If you want to improve your English language pronunciation, working on word stress is a good place to start. This workshop offers practical, hands on activities to help you improve your spoken communication by getting the stress right in words and word groups.

16:00 - SEMINAR - “New paradigms of adenosine receptor pharmacology” Website | More Information
Dr May obtained her PhD in 2007 at The University of Melbourne under the supervision of Professor Arthur Christopoulos. Research during Dr May’s PhD focused on investigating the pharmacological properties of allosteric modulators of G protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), and resulted in a series of (...)

19:30 - EVENT - From birth to 10 years: A longitudinal study of families created using gamete donation and surrogacy : Reproductive Technology Council Special Event More Information
Dr Jadva will present data from a longitudinal study of families created using assisted reproduction, specifically egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy. The children were born around the turn of the new millennium and families were visited when their child was aged 1, 2, 3, 7 and 10 years (...)
Thursday 11
13:00 - WORKSHOP - Prepare seminar presentations (rpt) Website | More Information
This workshop will identify characteristics of successful seminar presentations and will get you thinking about how you can clearly convey your research to a wider audience.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Logic and proof Website | More Information
Mathematical knowledge grows in logical steps so it's worth knowing how those steps are taken. Topics include compound statements, connectives, converse, the contrapositive, necessary and sufficient conditions, proof, axioms, theorems, deductive proof, proof by contradiction. Recommended for (...)

13:10 - EVENT - FREE Lunchtime Concert : The Winthrop Singers Website | More Information
Free 50min Concert every Thursday during Semester at 1:10pm
Monday 15
8:00 - Service - Computer Waste Collection : Do you have computer waste waiting for safe disposal? Bring it to UWA's three-day computer waste collection event. All items will be recycled. Website | More Information
UWA is committed to reducing hazardous e-waste in landfill. Staff, students and members of the public are invited to dispose of computer and IT-related waste that is end-of-life ie irrepairable or redundant.

Accepted: computers, including laptops and monitors, printers, faxes, scanners (...)

12:00 - WORKSHOP - Practise seminar presentations Website | More Information
Practise giving a short presentation.
Tuesday 16
12:00 - WORKSHOP - Functions and transformations Website | More Information
This session demonstrates that most of the functions we deal with are transformations of simpler functions. Furthermore, there are certain ways of reading functions which allow us to graph and understand more complicated functions. Topics include definition of a function, square root and reciprocal (...)

13:00 - EVENT - Human Rights Overboard: Australia's Asylum Seeker Policy : Free forum More Information
The government's offshore processing is a policy in crisis. Attend this special forum with guest speakers Senator Scott Ludlam and refugee rights activist Cindy Nancarrow to hear how the system is failing refugees and what a humane alternative would look like. Hosted by the staff and students of (...)

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Write for Impact Website | More Information
Learn how to make your writing stand out.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Developing a Plan to Avoid Procrastination Website | More Information
This SkillShop is designed to help you develop a better understanding of what factors drive procrastination and identify the consequences of putting things off. The information provided in this workshop can help you to learn activities and skills to undermine procrastination, and develop practical (...)

17:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - School of Music presents: Research Seminar Series - Kristin Bowtell Website | More Information
Kristin Bowtell (returning Court Music Fund award-holder)

The Embodied Score: Conductors' Interpretive Decision-Making

Conductors are expected to develop a personal interpretation of each piece in advance of the first rehearsal, yet the conducting and performing literature (...)

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