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Today's date is Tuesday, January 19, 2021
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Displaying from Wednesday, August 31, 2011
 August 2011
Wednesday 31
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to improve pronunication for presentations (repeat) Website | More Information
If you want to improve your English language pronunciation, working on word stress is a good place to start. This workshop offers practical, hands on activities to help you improve your spoken communication by getting the stress right in words and word groups.

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to take notes in lectures (repeat) Website | More Information
Many of us, especially those of us new to tertiary study, find it difficult (ok – impossible!) to follow the lecture and take meaningful notes at the same time. This workshop helps you learn to take clear notes you can use with confidence later.

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to establish and develop written arguments (repeat) Website | More Information
Once you know what you want to say, the next step is to develop and support your position assertively and effectively. This workshop explains how to develop a thesis statement and support it with logical, coherent and relevant reasons, examples and evidence.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - INTERNATIONAL CAREERS WEEK - [email protected] 2011 : Want to know more about the opportunities in Singapore? More Information
Want to know more about the opportunities in Singapore?

Contact Singapore invites you to [email protected] 2011, a career and networking event for graduating students held on 31 August on selected campuses in Perth.

Through [email protected] 2011, you will hear (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - “Alveolar macrophages in chronic inflammatory lung disease" Website | More Information
Margaret undertook her PhD at the University of Melbourne with Prof Mark Hogarth performing biochemical and molecular studies of Fc receptors. Margaret did her post-doc at Harvard Medical School, Boston MA USA on a Jane Coffin Childs Research Fellowship with Prof Tim Springer working on (...)

 September 2011
Thursday 01
13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Maths - Some Basic Mathematical Notations (repeat) Website | More Information
This workshop aims to introduce some standard mathematical notations to students from all areas. Being fluent with this language often enables students to make the transition from brain to paper with ease. This allows them to demonstrate logical flow, making their work clearer to those who assess (...)

13:10 - PERFORMANCE - Free Lunchtime Concert: Double Bellissimo Website | More Information
Dr. Alan Lourens presents works on his 1934 Elkhart Conn Double Belled Euphonium.

Works by Jan Bach, Arthur Remington and others.

14:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Maths: Logic and Proof (repeat) Website | More Information
This workshop aims to demonstrate the power of mathematics as a formal language.

16:00 - SEMINAR - Topographic Interactions Over a Small Bank on the Continental Shelf : SESE and Oceans Institute Seminar More Information
Interactions of a stratified fluid with topography take many forms. Inevitably, these interactions extract energy / momentum from the flow. While such effects are parameterized in atmospheric circulation models, present numerical models of the coastal ocean do not account for them. Towards (...)

20:00 - PERFORMANCE - School of Music: Music Students' Society - Contemporary Music Concert More Information
The UWA Music Students' Society presents an evening of contemporary works performed by UWA music students.
Friday 02
11:00 - WORKSHOP - INTERNATIONAL CAREERS WEEK - Leveraging Your Exchange Experience : Learn how to leverage your exchange experiences and articulate the skills you have developed to an employer. More Information
What skills will you have developed as an exchange student?

global awareness cultural understandings resilience ability to adapt to change and many more... If you have been on exchange, or are considering going, this workshop will assist you in identifying and articulating your (...)

13:00 - TALK - INTERNATIONAL WEEK - Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) Seminar : Find out the latest information about visas and PR requirements More Information
This is your opportunity to find out the latest information about visas and PR requirements. Representatives from DIAC will provide information and answer questions.
Monday 05
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to write CLEAR assignments Website | More Information
Good writing is clear, concise and easy-to-read. Learn techniques that will help your writing flow.

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to improve pronunication for conversations Website | More Information
Have you ever noticed how in spoken English some words are emphasised and others seem to run together? Join this workshop to practice typical patterns of stress in everyday conversational English.

13:00 - EVENT - Guild Welfare Day More Information
Pop by Oak Lawn on Monday to get some FREE soup & bread (vegan option available) and pick up a the 2011 Student Survival Handbook! We also have a guest speaker 1.30pm from Befriend Inc. to talk about social networks.

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to speak up in tutorials Website | More Information
Some of us find it hard to voice our ideas in tutes, yet speaking up is one of the most important skills you can develop at university and in you career. Learn simple strategies so you can communicate more confidently and effectively in group situations.

15:30 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Disertation workshops for coursework postgrads Website | More Information
These workshops are for postgrads writing a dissertation as part of a coursework degree. Each workshop provides a brief session on a different aspect of writing and an opportunity to get individual help.
Tuesday 06
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to manage academic reading Website | More Information
With so many book chapters, journal papers and lecture notes to read, it can often feel as if you’re drowning in printed materials. This workshop will teach several reading techniques that will help you chose what to read and how to read it efficiently, to maximise the effectiveness of your reading (...)

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to reference Website | More Information
If you want to know how to incorporate sources more effectively in your writing, this is the place to start! Discover different ways of referring to sources to improve your academic writing style.

13:00 - SEMINAR - Soil&Water Seminar, 1pm Sept6: : "Towards a philosophy of soil science" More Information
The Soil&Water Seminar at 1pm on Tues, Sept. 6th will be given by Professor Martin Fey from the School of Earth and Environment. All welcome!

TITLE: “Towards a philosophy of soil science”

ABSTRACT: Besides the philosophy of science there is a philosophy of particular (...)

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