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Today's date is Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Displaying from Wednesday, August 24, 2011
 August 2011
Wednesday 24
12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to create and map ideas (repeat) Website | More Information
Learn this technique for generating and ordering ideas (particularly useful for getting started on assignments and for overcoming writers' block).

13:00 - SEMINAR - Volunteering Opportunities Seminar – UWA Careers Centre & Guild : Learn how volunteering can improve your employability. More Information
Not only is volunteering an opportunity to give back to the community but it provides invaluable experience which can be included on your resume and helps to boost your employablity.

Come and learn more about the value of volunteering and the opportunities available.

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Essays versus reports (repeat) Website | More Information
Academic reports require different skills and a different format from essays. Gain the skills you need to tackle reports with efficiency and confidence.

17:30 - STUDENT EVENT - Student opportunities in medical research with the Lung Institute of WA : Students interested in undertaking PhD and Hons or BMedSci are invited to attend an information evening to learn more about study opportunities at the Institute. Website | More Information
* PhD Scholarships * Hons Scholarships *Vacation Cadetship Program

Join us to find out more about the great range of research projects and scholarships on offer at LIWA.

Projects are available within the Tissue Repair Unit, Molecular Genetics Unit and Pleural Disease Unit.
Thursday 25
12:00 - EVENT - Lunch time talk : What matters to me and why More Information
We invite you to listen and engage in a lunch time conversation with members of the UWA community on the topic of ‘What matters to me and why’.

At each session an invited guest will speak and then there will be an opportunity for questions and conversation. The speaker on this occasion (...)

13:00 - FREE LECTURE - Talk and poetry reading: As is Painting, so is Poetry : Discussion on the perceived relationship between painting and poetry by leading WA poets. Website | More Information
Assoc. Prof. Glen Phillips (ECU) and John Ryan, PhD candidate (ECU) examine the relationship between painting and poetry through a discussion of two works from the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery's current exhibition, Recent Past: Sydney Nolan's 'The Snake' and 'Flower panels [Paradise Garden series]' (...)

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Maths - Introduction to very basic statistics (repeat) Website | More Information
This workshop gives a basic introduction to statistics, particularly measures of central tendency and spread, for both univariate and bivariate data. Students will gain an intuitive idea of how certain measures are calculated and used to summarise sets of data.

13:10 - PERFORMANCE - Free Lunchtime Concert: Tzvi Friedl (viola) Website | More Information
Tzvi Friedl presents a program including works by Brahms and more recent compositions for viola in this free lunchtime concert.

14:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Maths - Inferential statistics (repeat) Website | More Information
This workshop gives a basic introduction to the interplay between statistics, probability and the real world. Students will learn about various probability distributions, including the normal distribution. We will then see examples where the use of statistics and probability allows us to make sense (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - “A worms view: insights into post-transcriptional gene regulation during oogenesis" Website | More Information
Peter Boag is a Lecturer in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department at Monash University. He received his PhD in molecular parasitology from The University of Melbourne before undertaking postdoctoral research at Harvard Medical School, where he utilised the C. elegans model system to (...)
Friday 26
15:00 - PERFORMANCE - NCBC Heat #5 More Information
The Tav hosts the fifth and final UWA heat of the 2011 National Campus Band Comp, featuring Dear Johnny, Speakeasy, The Groovesmen, In The Clear, Dissident and Barely Legible.
Monday 29
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to establish and develop written arguments Website | More Information
Once you know what you want to say, the next step is to develop and support your position assertively and effectively. This workshop explains how to develop a thesis statement and support it with logical, coherent and relevant reasons, examples and evidence.

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to improve pronunication for presentations Website | More Information
If you want to improve your English language pronunciation, working on word stress is a good place to start. This workshop offers practical, hands on activities to help you improve your spoken communication by getting the stress right in words and word groups.

13:00 - SEMINAR - INTERNATIONAL CAREERS WEEK - How not to get ripped off - Know your rights and responsibilities : How not to get ripped off - Know your rights and responsibilities. Many international and local students are not aware of their rights in taking a job - find out more at this seminar by Department of Labour Relations. More Information
How not to get ripped off - Know your rights and responsibilities. Many international and local students are not aware of their rights in taking a job - find out more at this seminar by Department of Labour Relations.

This seminar will cover:

* Unfair dismissal - who can help< (...)

15:30 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Disertation workshops for coursework postgrads Website | More Information
These workshops are for postgrads writing a dissertation as part of a coursework degree. Each workshop provides a brief session on a different aspect of writing and an opportunity to get individual help.
Tuesday 30
11:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: How to take notes in lectures Website | More Information
Many of us, especially those of us new to tertiary study, find it difficult (ok – impossible!) to follow the lecture and take meaningful notes at the same time. This workshop helps you learn to take clear notes you can use with confidence later.

12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Workshop: Maths - Some Basic Mathematical Notations Website | More Information
This workshop aims to introduce some standard mathematical notations to students from all areas. Being fluent with this language often enables students to make the transition from brain to paper with ease. This allows them to demonstrate logical flow, making their work clearer to those who assess (...)

13:00 - TALK - INTERNATIONAL WEEK: On the Couch - with the recruiters : Meet the recruiters and get tips for your resume, interviews and job etiquette. Recruiters from Rio Tinto, PwC and Department of Regional Development and Lands. More Information
‘On the couch with the recruiter session’ is targeted at international students, although all students are welcome.

Discover what you need to know about being competitive in the Australian market place. Be prepared to ask questions about resumes, pre interview, interview and post (...)

13:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Maths: Logic and Proof Website | More Information
This workshop aims to demonstrate the power of mathematics as a formal language.

13:00 - ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Robogals AGM : Robogals cordially invites members to AGM where we will re-elect executive members and discuss future goals. More Information

There are 1953 more future events in this calendar

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