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Today's date is Saturday, August 15, 2020
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Displaying from Thursday, September 20, 2012
 September 2012
Thursday 20
13:00 - SEMINAR - Beyond the LMS: Peer review online - using SparkPlus or LMS Workshop activity Website | More Information
Students reviewing each other's team work contributions or assessing self and peer classwork is an effective learning activity and assessment moderation and management process in academic settings. This Seminar will examine the uses of peer review for student learning, and explore two tools: the (...)
Friday 21
10:00 - WORKSHOP - Enjoy Being at Work? Developing Your Communication and Conflict Resolution Skills : This seminar involves a look at interpersonal communications and conflict resolution particularly within the workplace Website | More Information
The course focuses on identifying and developing the skills required to successfully manage interpersonal relations at work. Emphasis is placed on communication skills, giving effective responses, conflict resolution, and managing emotions. Learn to recognise the barriers to effective communication (...)
Monday 24
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to Management : This highly rated workshop is intended to help you develop in the role of team leader/manager Website | More Information
The course will examine the role and responsibilities of first line managers/team leaders; assist you to more effectivelly organise yourself and others; help you to develop effective communication skills; and explore the factors necessary for the provision of effective performance feedback and (...)

9:30 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to LMS: LMS for new users Website | More Information
LMS for New Users will provide participants with an introductory overview of the Moodle powered LMS (Learning Management System) used as our online learning environment here at UWA. You will need to complete this workshop before being eligible to take part in any intermediate or advanced Moodle/LMS (...)

13:30 - WORKSHOP - Beyond the Basics: Getting the best from the LMS - Creative solutions, tips and tricks Website | More Information
Getting the Best from LMS is a collaborative, problem-solving scenario-based workshop in which participants will discuss solutions to pedagogical needs and common issues faced by UWA staff within the functionality of our LMS. This workshop will enable participants to know the LMS functionality in (...)
Tuesday 25
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Designing and Facilitating Workshops : Any member of staff interested in furthering their skills as a designer and presenter of programs Website | More Information
THIS WORKSHOP RUNS OVER 2 DAYS: TUES 2PM TO 5PM, FRI 2PM TO 5PM. A successful learning program or information session is the result of careful selection of material, sequencing of activities, careful selection of methods to present the material and an understanding of adult learning principles and (...)

9:30 - WORKSHOP - Beyond the Basics: Groups and Groupings Website | More Information
Effective learning activities involve group work, and the LMS has extensive opportunities for group activities and group management fulfilling its underpinning social constructivist theoretical base. The Moodle software manages groups through two facets: groups and groupings. In this workshop (...)
Wednesday 26
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Standard Mental Health First Aid - Edition 2 : UWA employees who wish to have a better understanding of mental disorders, and learn how to recognise and provide support to others who may be experiencing mental health issues. Website | More Information
This 12 hour training package is for UWA employees who wish to have a better understanding of mental disorders.

13:30 - WORKSHOP - Beyond the Basics: Managing grades in the LMS Website | More Information
The gradebook is where student marks for assessed activities can be managed. Activities and items in the LMS can be assessed and grade collated in the gradebook. The gradebook, can also be manipulated in a range of ways, manual grades added or marks changed. In the Beyond the Basics: Managing (...)

13:30 - WORKSHOP - Teaching Smarter @ UWA (Note: Workshop cancelled) Website | More Information
Workshop Description:

Teachers are being stretched in their efforts to maintain high quality teaching, often in a time or resource-poor environment, and with an increasingly diverse student cohort. Ideas on how to establish and maintain a good learning experience for students by (...)
Thursday 27
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Beyond the Basics: Providing resources in the LMS - database and glossary activities Website | More Information
In this workshop, participants will investigate the Database and Glossary activites within the LMS unit. The Glossary activity allows participants to create and maintain a list of definitions, like a dictionary. Using the Database activity teachers and/or students can build, display and search a (...)

10:00 - WORKSHOP - Workplace Etiquette : This workshop is intended for any staff wanting to examine their approach to the workplace and the expectations we have of self and others Website | More Information
This seminar involves looking at workplace etiquette and what constitutes poor etiquette. A look at the skills and knowledge required to work respectfully and effectively within the university environment. It includes information on understanding the rights and responsibilities of employees and (...)

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to Fringe Benefits Tax : New and existing University staff who require a basic understanding of Fringe Benefits Tax. Website | More Information
To ensure compliance with the Fringe Benefits Tax Legislation, it is important that staff at the University understand how to identify, document and report fringe benefits. This workshop is designed to assist staff to understand what a fringe benefit is, how and when they are provided to staff, and (...)

 October 2012
Thursday 04
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Time Management : Any staff member who wants to develop better skills in managing their time. Website | More Information
There is only so much time in a day. No one can control time, however, we can increase our clarity over the use of each 24-hour period. We can set priorities, develop excellent stress management systems and perspectives and make our health and wellbeing a priority. This is an essential workshop for (...)
Monday 08
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Procurement at UWA : This workshop is relevant to staff with financial responsibilities - new and existing School Manager, Finance Officers, Purchasing Officers and Administrative Officers with at least 25% financial responsibilities. Website | More Information
This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of the procurement policies, processes, objectives and procure to pay cycle of the University.

14:00 - WORKSHOP - Working as a Research Consultant : Academics and researchers who are working or hope to work as consultants to industry or the community. Website | More Information
This workshop explores the role of research consultant and how successful outcomes can be satisfactorily achieved. The processes of contact; project clarification; UWA consultancy protocols and processes, negotiation and financial costing, communication, consultation strategies, reporting and (...)
Tuesday 09
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Conducting Successful Meetings : Intended for any person – academic or professional staff - responsible for conducting or chairing meetings or committees, formal or informal. Website | More Information
If you need to call people together to consider information and get agreement on future action - and you wish to achieve better outcomes than you are currently getting , this programme is a must.

9:30 - WORKSHOP - A Novice's Approach to Using Excel : University staff interested in improving or consolidating their understanding of the use of Microsoft Excel 2010 as a productivity tool for managing, analysing and interpreting data. Website | More Information
This workshop is designed to enable participants to better understand the essential concepts of spreadsheets and to enable them to demonstrate their ability to use a spreadsheet application on a personal computer. Participants will practice developing, formatting and using a spreadsheet as well as (...)
Wednesday 10
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Project Management for Managers : All UWA staff responsible for the supervision or management of other staff. Website | More Information
Managers are often responsible for effective project management – as either project leaders or managers. This one day workshop will examine the project management cycle; financial management of project resources; accountability and reporting and the monitoring of progress and outcomes.
Thursday 11
9:30 - EVENT - Teaching Large Classes: Active Learning in Lectures Website | More Information
Workshop Description:

Large classes mean the lecture class is maintained, yet effective teaching requires reconsidering how learners are engaged in the lecture time. ‘Active Learning’ is a principle which aims to involve students in the learning process, so that they are not simply (...)

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