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Today's date is Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Displaying from Thursday, March 03, 2011
 March 2011
Thursday 03
10:00 - EVENT - Writing a successful grant application : This workshop is structured to help postgraduates develop their grant writing skills More Information
Grantsmanship can make a difference! Come along and further develop your grant writing skills. This workshop, prepared in consultation with UWA researchers who have been successful in obtaining peer-reviewed funding and who have served on national reviewing bodies, will be structured to assist (...)
Tuesday 15
12:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - SHRAC Projects 2011 - 'Evidence for a Sustainable Health System : Dr Neil Lynch - Principal Policy Officer, WA Department of Health Research Development Unit More Information
Dr Lynch is visiting the School of Population Health to discuss the 2011 State Health Research Advisory Council (SHRAC) grant round.

All are welcome to attend.

18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Privacy and Consent in a Post Individual World Website | More Information
A free public lecture by Professor Mike Joyner, UWA Fulbright Senior Specialist 2011 and Deputy Director and Vice Dean for Research, Mayo Clinic.

This lecture will be informed by Mike’s human ethics and regulatory experience at the Mayo Clinic and with the NIH.

All welcome, no (...)
Wednesday 16
16:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Hype-omics and the Limits of Biological Reductionism Website | More Information
In collaboration with WAIMR. A talk regarding the limitations of reductionism in modern science and the importance of integrative biology.

A free public lecture by Professor Mike Joyner, UWA Fulbright Senior Specialist 2011 and Deputy Director and Vice Dean for Research, Mayo Clinic.
Thursday 17
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Stalking the 2-Hour Marathon Website | More Information
An insight into the limits of human performance and function.

A public lecture by Professor Mike Joyner, UWA Fulbright Senior Specialist 2011, Frank R. and Shari Caywood Professor of Anesthesiology, Mayo Clinic and Deputy Director and Vice Dean for Research, Mayo Clinic.

All (...)

 April 2011
Wednesday 06
16:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Professor Gareth Stratton Lecture : From Fitness to Fatness and Back Again Website | More Information
The School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health is hosting a visit by Professor Gareth Stratton the 2011 Healthway Visiting Fellow. Professor Stratton will be presenting a lecture entitled "From Fitness to Fatness and Back Again". This presentation maps out decreases in childhood (...)

17:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Getting Healthy Eating and Active Play Right from the Start : Public Lecture by Dr Karen Campbell More Information
Karen Campbell is a Senior Researcher in the Centre for Physical Activity and Nutrition Research (C-PAN) at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. With a background in dietetics and health promotion, Dr Campbell undertook her Masters in Public Health and then a PhD which focused on home (...)

 May 2011
Tuesday 10
18:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - THE VALUE OF EDUCATION - Part 1 : is to build and strengthen one’s inner personality Website | More Information
The word educate is derived from educare (Latin), meaning to draw out, to bring out potential. Educational systems, the world over, are based on thrusting knowledge onto students, instead of drawing it out of them. As a result, students become well informed on one or more subjects. Such education (...)
Wednesday 11
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents: : Making mental health top of mind Website | More Information
When hearing the term ‘mental health’, most people think of mental illness. A growing body of research demonstrates the ability of individuals to improve their mental health through a range of simple behaviours, but it is difficult to get people to engage with mental health as a topic and (...)

18:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - THE VALUE OF EDUCATION - Part 2 : This is the second seminar in a two-part seminar series Website | More Information
Intelligence is acquired knowledge of a particular subject or subjects. But being knowledgeable in no way renders your intellect clear to think, reason and decide on matters pertaining to life. A person could be highly intelligent, yet impractical in day to day living. For example, a scientist may (...)
Tuesday 17
7:30 - VISITING SPEAKER - Breakfast with Patrick Hollingworth : For UWA Sport Science & Exercise Science Alumni and the general public. Website | More Information
On Monday, 17 May 2010 UWA graduate Pat Hollingworth reached the summit of Mt Everest (8850m). His team took five days to make the final ascent and another two and a half days to return to the relative safety of Everest Base Camp. It was really only once he was back in Base Camp that he started thin (...)

11:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - Tuesday Seminar - Prof Gareth Stratton : 2011 Healthway Visiting Fellow: How can we effectively promote physical activity to children? Website | More Information
Professor Stratton’s is the 2011 Healthway Visiting Fellow and his areas of health promotion expertise are centred around physical activity, fitness and overweight/obesity in children and young people. His work on physical activity during school recess time is recognised as one of the most (...)
Friday 20
10:00 - LECTURE - Editing techniques for academic writing : A systematic approach for editing and refining your writing will be outlined More Information
Dr Michael Azariadis will outline a systematic approach for editing and refining your academic writing.

 June 2011
Friday 03
13:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Paediatric Exercise Science: UWA as a Global Centre of Excellence? Website | More Information
A lecture by Professor Gareth Stratton,a Healthway sponsored Visiting Fellow in Paediatric Exercise Science from Liverpool (UK).

This presentation will summarise Professor Stratton’s experiences in WA during his Healthway Fellowship. He will address the potential for world leading (...)
Monday 27
9:00 - EVENT - Food and Nutrition in Population Health : Winter School intensive unit Website | More Information
This unit introduces the principles of essential human nutrition with applications to public health. This unit will provide students with a basic introduction to food and nutrition as well as applications to public health. Applied topics include nutrition for different life stages; popular diets; (...)

 July 2011
Friday 08
9:00 - SEMINAR - Aboriginal Health : Winter School intensive unit Website | More Information
Aboriginal Health begins with an examination of the impact of historical events on the health of present day Aboriginal communities.

The implications of the intercultural influences of Europeans on Indigenous populations are drawn.

Unit outline In this five-day unit, students (...)

12:00 - Focus Groups - Dogs And Physical Activity Intervention Study (DAPA-IS) Focus Groups : Exploring barriers and Motivators to Walking your Dog More Information
We are seeking volunteers for a study investigating ways to improve the health and well being of dog owners and their dogs. If you own a dog, but do not walk it very often we would like you to hear from you.

Participation in this study will involve attending a 1-2 hour discussion with (...)
Friday 22
14:00 - EVENT - Three Minute Thesis Finals : A competition to find the most engaging 3 minute presentation on a research topic Website | More Information
The 10 most engaging 3 Minute Thesis presenters selected at the UWA semi-finals on 21st July, will compete for prizes and the opportunity to represent UWA at the Australia-New Zealand 3MT competition in September. Please come along to support the presenters and vote for your "People's Choice&qu (...)

 August 2011
Monday 01
13:00 - LAUNCH - Semeter 2 Swimming Package : Whether you wish to swim for fitness or to compete in open water events, we have training squads to suit your need. Check out the swimming package Uniswim is offering to UWA staff. More Information
UNISWIM provide swimming training squads for all levels of swimmers right here on campus. We are launching a special package for UWA staff.

Cost: $200 for Semester 2 (1st August—3rd December 2011) *Salary Packaging Available

Venues: UWA Aquatic Centre, School of Sport Science (...)
Saturday 06
9:30 - SEMINAR - Stay on Your Feet Seminar & UWA Clinic Open Day More Information
Presentation from Stay on Your Feet WA on the 9 steps that you can take to reduce your falls risk. 1 in 4 people over 60 will fall each year which can lead to injury and significant physical limitation. Being active and independent is a key to being able to enjoy our lives at any age. Come along (...)

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