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Today's date is Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Displaying from Monday, April 24, 2017
 May 2017
Thursday 04
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series 2017 : From Barges to Gentlemen's Yachts: The archaeology of the Port of Perth 1830-1900 More Information
In 2011 Dr Gaye Nayton gave a public talk at the “More than grass – Exploring the Esplanade” conference, organised by the History Council of Western Australia. Dr Nayton’s talk was entitled “Foreshore treasure: The potential archaeology of the buried Port of Perth” where she stated that while the “P (...)
Tuesday 09
13:00 - SEMINAR - Political Science and International Relations Seminar Series 2017 : Challenges Confronting Whistleblowing and the International Civil Servant: A Multi-Level Research Framework More Information
Over 800 international governmental organizations employ thousands of civil servants. Whistleblowers in them confront problems common to their sovereign-level counterparts but also issues uncommon among their nation-state colleagues including a lack of whistleblower policy clarity, contractual (...)

13:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Talking Allowed: Seeing Allowed? : Professor Jane Lydon (Wesfarmers Chair of Australian History) will speak to a number of issues that surround images of suffering. While it would seem that in 2017 photographs and images are becoming central to socio-political and ideological tensions, Professor Lydon will explore whether or not real change can be wrought by harrowing images of suffering. Website | More Information
Over the last two years and with the rise of the citizen photographer, there have been radical changes in how we respond to photographs and images, particularly those that reveal unimaginable suffering. Whether it is a photograph of the lifeless body of Aylan Kurdi washed ashore near the Turkish (...)
Thursday 11
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series 2017 : Selection of animal species used for bead and pendant making in Aboriginal Australia: past and present More Information
Almost all of the beads found in Australian archaeological sites are made from marine shell or animal teeth and there is strong selectivity within these two classes of beads. Shell beads are dominated by three species and beads made from teeth are almost exclusively made from incisors of the (...)
Friday 12
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series, Seminar 1 2017 : Peace Building and Literature in Indo-Pakistan Relations More Information
The heritage of the novel as ‘the dominant form of narrative literature in the West’ was instrumental in the seminal work entitled ‘The Nature of Narrative’ by Robert Scholes and Robert Kellogg published in 1966. Their exploration of the meaning, character, plot and the point of view in narrative (...)

14:30 - EVENT - ANTHROPOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES, SEMESTER 1, 2017 : Relational losses in South African migrant families: Can communication technologies help fill the void? More Information
Emigration from one’s country of birth is an inherently life-changing event which requires uprooting from all that is familiar. It is a complex and far-reaching phenomenon affecting all members of a specific social network – both those who leave and those who stay behind. The bulk of migration (...)
Thursday 18
12:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series 2017 : Should I stay or should I go now? Fire, Water, and Intensive Seed Use in the Australian Arid Zone More Information
Contemporary Martu rarely harvest grass seeds but inadvertently foster patches of grass when they burn to hunt burrowed monitor lizards, demonstrating that grass seeds need only be by-products, rather than intended crops, of firestick farming. Nonetheless, repeatedly setting hunting fires in the (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series 2017 : Music, Performance and Heritage Spaces Investigating the Artillery Drill Hall in Fremantle More Information
Music and performance are universal human social activities, yet their ephemerality means they are often invisible in the material record. Even venues associated with performance are quickly repurposed for other uses.The heritage of music and performance is specifically tied to cities and towns (...)

17:15 - FREE LECTURE - Perth USAsia Centre - Impeachment, Assassination and Ballistic Missiles on the Korean Peninsula : Free Public Lecture Website | More Information
This public event, hosted in collaboration with the Australia Korea Business Council of Western Australia (AKBCWA) and the Australia - Korea Business Council (AKBC) will examine the current political climate in the Korean Peninsula. Perth USAsia Centre CEO Professor L. Gordon Flake together with (...)
Tuesday 23
13:00 - SEMINAR - Political Science and International Relations Seminar Series 2017 : Apocalypse now? Donald Trump and East Asia. More Information
No one knows what the unexpected election of Donald Trump will mean for the broadly conceived Asia-Pacific region. What we do know, however, is that it is likely to be very different from what has gone before. At the very least it will draw a line under Obama’s ‘Pivot’ to Asia and to specific (...)
Thursday 25
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series 2017 : Livelihoods, Fire Regimes, and Novel Ecosystems in Indigenous Australia and Investigating Dingaal Seascapes on the Great Barrier Reef, Far North Queensland More Information
Livelihoods, Fire Regimes, and Novel Ecosystems in Indigenous Australia

We are currently experiencing what Elizabeth Kolbert calls the planet's sixth great extinction. Australia represents the largest contributor to the mammalian component of this catastrophe. This presentation explores (...)
Friday 26
12:00 - EVENT - Linguistics Seminar Semester one 2017 : Expressing compassion with intonation in languages of central Arnhem Land More Information
Join Maïa Ponsonnet, from the University of Sydney, as she explores compassion in Indigenous languages. A number of Indigenous languages in the Top End display a highly conventionalised intonation contour that is used in emotionally tinted contexts relating in particular to compassion.

15:00 - SEMINAR - ANTHROPOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES, SEMESTER 1, 2017 : Rethinking Altered States of Consciousness in a Transforming World: Could Psychedelics be Vehicles for Change? More Information
Rethinking Altered States of Consciousness in a Transforming World: Could Psychedelics be Vehicles for Change? by Alicia Wheatley

The recent renaissance into the study of psychedelic substances raises interesting and conceptually important issues for anthropologists and other academics (...)
Tuesday 30
19:00 - PERFORMANCE - Sufi Songs from the Pankisi Valley by the Ensemble Aznash Lamaan Website | More Information
Denmark Arts and the Centre for Muslim States and Societies, UWA, invite you to Sufi Songs from the Pankisi Valley by the Ensemble Aznash Lamaan.

The Ensemble Aznash Laaman are a collective of ethnic Chechen musicians from Georgia. For the Aznash Laaman there is the root, the vibration (...)

 June 2017
Thursday 01
9:30 - FREE LECTURE - Legal responses to domestic and family violence: Gendered aspirations and racialised realities : A public lecture by Dr Heather Nancarrow CEO, Australia’s National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety Limited (ANROWS). Website | More Information
In this public lecture, Dr Heather Nancarrow will examine the data on domestic and family violence through a legal lense. The lack of an intersectional policy analysis, which would consider race, class and gender, has resulted in unintended negative consequences of civil domestic violence laws in (...)
Friday 02
14:30 - SEMINAR - ANTHROPOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES, SEMESTER 1, 2017 : Micro-Minorities: The Emergence of New Sexual Subjectivities, Taxonomies and Languages of Gender and Sexuality; social and theoretical implications More Information
Co-creative digital practices are recently playing a central role in fostering opportunities for youth and young adults to participate in the production of new, emergent discourses that define, label and categorise new norms and counter-norms for gender and sexuality. Through digital cultural (...)
Wednesday 07
16:00 - STAFF EVENT - Easy, Effective, Exciting: Virtual Reality in Teaching and Learning : Presentation followed by a demonstration and networking Website | More Information
The release of a series of new consumer-grade virtual reality devices in 2016 opened up exciting new worlds of experiential and multimedia learning and teaching. Using these devices, students are free to move beyond the confines of the two-dimensional page and screen by walking through digital (...)
Monday 12
17:15 - FREE LECTURE - Public Panel Discussion - Sustainable Oceans and Security: Global Perspectives on the Indian Ocean Rim : Public Panel Discussion Website | More Information
The Perth USAsia Centre, the UWA Oceans Institute and the School of Biological Sciences invite you to join us for a panel discussion on the sustainability of the Indian Ocean and the future prosperity and peace of the Indian Ocean Rim nations. The Indian Ocean contains biodiversity and resources (...)
Monday 19
14:00 - EVENT - Articulating the relationship between “graduate attributes” and employability : An interactive workshop for UWA staff Website | More Information
This interactive workshop is based on the argument that to separate employability from the academic aims of university programmes is a false dichotomy. Both are vitally concerned with the development of a critically empowered learner. The workshop will encourage participants to consider the (...)
Tuesday 27
9:00 - EVENT - Introductory Statistics Website | More Information
The aim of this course is to introduce you to basic statistics. It will cover descriptive statistics (means and standard deviations); data exploration; basic categorical data analysis; simple linear regression and basic analysis of variance (ANOVA). The statistical package SPSS will be used to (...)

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