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Today's date is Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Displaying from Wednesday, June 01, 2016
 June 2016
Friday 03
14:30 - EVENT - ANTHROPOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES : Counselling and psychotherapy for people that present with physical symptoms: charting sense making and experiential change over time More Information
Presenting ideas on the lived experience of people suffering with symptoms that are medically unexplained or diagnostically uncertain, based on practice experience, patient consultations and reviews of the literature. Particular issues that loom large include not feeling understood, relationship (...)
Tuesday 21
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - A public lecture : The Deep History of Sea Country: colonisation, submerged landscapes and the archaeology of Australia’s coasts More Information
The sea is central to the lives of contemporary coastal Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia. Indigenous histories and archaeologies show the sea to be a vital source of subsistence, raw materials, spirituality and connection with other peoples. Coasts, and especially (...)

 August 2016
Friday 12
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : The Notion of Creativity in Chinese History More Information
A wide perception about China is that the Chinese only imitate foreign creativity. The notion of creativity is not heavily studied by sinologists and deserves a better discussion from an inter-disciplinary view. This presentation will examine how renowned individuals in Chinese history viewed (...)
Thursday 25
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : How dare our Prehistoric have a Prehistory of its own?’ First insights from the historiography of (Francophone) archaeology in the Pacific. More Information
The CBAP (Collective History of Archaeology in the Pacific) project is a 5 years research program led by Matthew Spriggs that aims to develop a systematic historiography of archaeology in the Pacific. In this seminar I will present a general overview of the project, before detailing my particular (...)
Friday 26
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Night(mare) and the City: The Transnational Context of Film Noir and Modernity in Korea and Japan More Information
In recent decades, numerous films from Japan and Korea have been produced using characteristics associated with film noir. Much of the scholarly discussion of this body of ‘East Asian noir’ has tended to merely focus on the extent to which, through their use of aesthetic, they fit the genre (...)

 September 2016
Thursday 01
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : UMR PACEA, CNRS - Université de Bordeaux, France Rock Art Research Institute, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa More Information
The spatial distribution of chemical species on and within a rock art panel can help to better understand the relations between paint materials, deposits and alteration products and catch a glimpse of events related to the making, alteration and use of the paintings. Analyses of micro samples with (...)
Friday 02
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Peripheral sites of intimacy in Japan: Ba and the Café More Information
Trends in marriage, divorce and longevity mean that Japanese people are spending less of their adult lives married. In Japan, as in other countries, this delay and decline in marriage and the correlated decline in fertility, has been variously construed as proof of social crisis, the triumph of (...)
Thursday 08
16:00 - EVENT - Archaeology Seminar Series : Murujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming More Information
For Research Week at UWA, Traditional Owners from Murujuga (Burrup Peninsula) are visiting UWA to learn about university research and to co-present findings from the first 13 months of an ARC Linkage project, Murujuga: Dynamics of the Dreaming. This project is a partnership between Murujuga (...)
Friday 09
14:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology / Sociology Seminar Series : Transnational therapeutic encounters: Understanding the health-seeking behaviour of Indian-Australians and Anglo-Australians with depression More Information
In this paper I draw on ethnographic data from Melbourne, Australia to explore how Indian and Anglo-Australians with depression procure medicines transnationally. From young Australians who buy (via e-pharmacies) American proteins and Chinese pills for ‘wellbeing’ to Indians who bring in (...)
Thursday 15
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Contextualising the Stone Arrangements of the Dampier Archipelago and Murujuga More Information
The modification of the landscape through the construction of stone arrangements at Murujuga and across the Dampier Archipelago is a clear example of humans engaging with and impacting upon their environment. Some of the densest concentrations of stone arrangements in Australia are found in this (...)
Wednesday 21
16:30 - FREE LECTURE - Australia-China Relations in an Era of Global Uncertainty Free panel discussion : Free panel discussion More Information
The Perth USAsia Centre and China Matters invite you to a panel discussion on Australia's relations with China examining the nature of the relationship in the context of a global system that is becoming evermore uncertain and complex. Please join us for this event to hear about how issues like the (...)
Thursday 22
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Proud Privateers and Calculating Kings in the early 17th century More Information
On the 9th of October 1616 was listed the goods of the English privateer Thomas Tucker, who was convicted of piracy and hanged in Hensingør. Events leading up to his capture in the North Atlantic and execution in Helsingør are more exiting and unbelievable than any movie script, involving a well-kno (...)
Friday 23
13:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Sharing Flavours: Eating and appropriating Chinese food culture in Sydney's Chinatown More Information
Today, Sydney’s Chinatown owes its existence primarily on Chinese food in restaurants, cafes and grocery stores that are frequented by both Chinese and non-Chinese. With its recognisable ceremonial red archways and pagoda-like rooftops, the enclave has become one of the ways in which Australians (...)
Thursday 29
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Ancient Water Management Systems and Palaeolandscape History in the Jarash valley, Jordan More Information
The Jarash Water Project was initiated to study the ancient water management systems in the Jarash valley in northern Jordan. The talk will explain the study’s multidisciplinary approach and the results of field surveys over four seasons. Water management systems are the prime focus; however, the (...)

 October 2016
Thursday 13
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Crafting country Exploring a Nyiyaparli taskscape More Information
A common complaint is that data collected by archaeology consultants too often remains buried in the 'grey literature'. This project was developed with funding from Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) to research the archaeological evidence recorded in the course of developing the Christmas Creek-Cloudbrea (...)
Friday 14
14:30 - SEMINAR - ANTHROPOLOGY / SOCIOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES : Voices of young Yemeni Women after the mirage of the Arab Spring More Information
The wave of optimism that swept across Yemen amongst progressive and globally minded youth in 2011 had turned into a drowning despair by 2014. Young women who were at the forefront of nationwide protests demanding the ‘fall of the regime’ are now amongst the most disillusioned of Yemenis. Hopes for (...)

 November 2016
Tuesday 01
10:00 - SEMINAR - UWA Archaeology Honours & Postgraduate Information Session : For all students interested in pursuing a career in Archaeology and cognate fields More Information
> Honours is regarded as the minimum qualification to call oneself an ‘archaeologist’. > Wide range of dissertation topics available (Honours, Masters & PhD). > Explanation of how the Honours year works (and also Masters and PhD). > Information on what funding and resources are (...)

 December 2016
Tuesday 06
16:00 - BOOK LAUNCH - FREE: Book Launch - Australia's American Alliance with The Hon. Kim Beazley AC, Dr Peter Dean and Dr Brendan Website | More Information
The Perth USAsia Centre invites you to attend a launch of Australia's American Alliance, edited by Dr Peter J Dean, Dr Stephan Frühling and Dr Brendan Taylor. This public launch will feature a discussion with our Senior Fellow, The Hon. Kim Beazley AC, and two of the book's editors from the (...)

 February 2017
Wednesday 15
12:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - Raine Visiting Professor Lecture Series : Prof Brayne presents "Research fit for an Ageing, Challenged and Challenging, Global Society: a Public Health Perspective" More Information
Professor Carol Brayne is an internationally recognised leader in academic public health at University of Cambridge, UK. Professor Brayne has pioneered the study of dementia in the general population, launching two major longitudinal studies of the health and cognitive functioning of 30,000 older (...)
Thursday 23
17:00 - FREE LECTURE - Trump Shock and the Indo-Pacific : Implications for our region Website | More Information
You're invited to a high-calibre public panel discussion on the impact of President Trump's Administration on the Indo-Pacific region. Panellists will discuss: What will U.S. leadership in the Indo-Pacific look like under the Trump Administration? How will the Indo-Pacific region's economic and (...)

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