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Today's date is Monday, January 18, 2021
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Displaying from Friday, August 08, 2014
 August 2014
Friday 08
11:00 - SEMINAR - Anthropology and Sociology Seminar Series - Psychic unity, empathy and shared aspects of personhood: Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in the field : Anthropology and Sociology Seminar Series More Information
Psychic unity is a fraught concept in anthropology and related fields, yet, I argue, even those of us who doubt the existence of a shared human nature carry an expectation of it into the field. (Or, I might add, into almost any interaction with someone who is not our self.) Empathy, which (...)

18:30 - FREE LECTURE - CMSS Lecture Tour: Building Cultural Bridges Through Literature : A lecture tour with Qaisra Shahraz Website | More Information
Qaisra will talk about her work, read from her novels, including her latest work 'Revolt' and ' A Pair of Jeans & other stories'. She will discuss her writing life in Manchester from the age of 14, growing up as a migrant in Britain, with multiple identities, and how and why her country of (...)

19:00 - EVENT - New Music Week : Assembled! New Music Ensemble + Syzygy Website | More Information
Assembled! New Music Ensemble + Syzygy

Special guests from Syzygy ensemble (brought to you in parnership with UWA Cultural Precinct) will join UWA Staff, students plus other special guests in an extended program including works by Bresnik, Lang and Rzewski.

Tickets - $10 / $5 (...)
Thursday 14
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : The Nyiyaparli Research Project More Information
During 2013/14 Scarp Archaeology in collaboration with BHP Billiton and the Nyiyarparli People undertook a large scale research project focused on discovering and documenting Aboriginal archaeological sites of high significance throughout the Nyiyarparli Native Title claim area, in the Eastern (...)
Friday 15
9:00 - SYMPOSIUM - Faith in Motion: Religion in the 21st Century More Information
The twenty-first century is often characterised as an era of unprecedented mobility and interconnectivity, but it is also marked by efforts to reinforce national borders and curtail human movement. Paradoxes of mobility and immobility in our increasingly unequal world come into sharp focus when (...)

11:00 - FREE LECTURE - A Discussion on Australia - Japan - US Trilateral Relations Featuring: The Hon Kim Beazley, AC Ambassador to United States of America, Mr Bruce Miller, Ambassador to Japan, and Winthrop Professor Stephen Smith, Former Minister for Defence : An insightful discussion with three of Australia's most experienced diplomats. Website | More Information
The Perth USAsia Centre is proud to host three experienced diplomats for an insightful discussion on Australia - Japan - US trilateral relations.

15:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Anthropology of Life : Classical and New Approaches : Public talk with Perig Pitrou, CNRS, Laboratoire d'anthropologie sociale, Paris Website | More Information
In contrast to Western philosophy, which, at least since Aristotle, has considered the distinction between life and the living to be fundamental, anthropology seems not to have given much thought to the difference between the two. However, the existence of an entity called ‘The One Who Makes Live’ (...)
Thursday 21
12:00 - EVENT - Political Science and International Relations Seminar Series 2014: Chinese Foreign Direct Investment: How to Deal With Our New Neighbour? More Information
China changes fast. The country is no longer only about toys or other labour intensive products. Today, almost 40% of China’s export is considered high-tech, and most companies invest in China not because of its low wages but because of its market and growing urban middle class. Another indicator (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Learning about Lithics: A Relational Approach to Australian Aboriginal Stone Artefacts More Information
Stone artefacts have played a defining role in archaeological understandings of the deep past of Australia. Variation in the form of artefacts across time and space has been a focus of archaeological research, primarily approached with questions on economic processes such as reduction sequences or (...)
Friday 22
11:00 - SEMINAR - Anthropology and Sociology Seminar Series 2014: The Matter of Existential Relations. Growth, Life-Cycle, and the Form of the World in Reite, PNG. More Information
In this paper, I present some of the life-cycle rites practiced by Nekgini speaking people on the Rai Coast of Papua New Guinea. These rites have several fascinating aspects, including the consumption of substitutes for the growing child by their maternal kin. Interrogating the repeated (...)

13:00 - EVENT - RESCHEDULED: ‘Making the Links’ Roundtable: Building Research Teams and Partnerships in the Humanities and Social Sciences : Learn how to develop multi-partner projects and build collaborative relationships from some of UWA's leading ARC Linkage winners. More Information
Some of the University’s most successful ARC Linkage grant winners from the Faculties of Arts, Business, Education and Law will come together to discuss how they developed multi-partner projects and built collaborative relationships both within and outside academia. Members of the Research (...)
Tuesday 26
13:00 - SEMINAR - Males exist. Does it Matter? : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: A lot of evolutionary theory involves the concept of populations climbing towards peaks of higher fitness. Such theory has been written without taking into account that in most species there are two distinct classes of individuals — males and females — that influence the evolutionary (...)
Wednesday 27
15:00 - SEMINAR - Gender, Media & Cultural Studies Seminar Series - Associate Professor Rob Cover, Communication and Media Studies - Suidices of the Marginalised - Asylum Seekers, Indigenous and Queer Youth: Cultural Approaches to Relationality, Mobility and Liveable Lives More Information
Suicides among marginalised groups are one of the few occasions in which self-harm and suicide are framed as having cultural, social, environmental, historical or structural causes. Narratives of suicide causality are overwhelmingly dominated in suicidology, psychology and public discourse by (...)
Thursday 28
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Secret Societies and Rock Art in Central Africa - Understanding a Forgotten Art More Information
Ancestors of the Chewa-speaking peoples of south-central Africa made a type of rock art that comprises stylised finger paintings of humans and animals. The images depict masked dancers from a secret society known as nyau. Nyau concerns much more than just dancing; nyau is said by its members to be ‘ (...)

 September 2014
Tuesday 02
13:00 - SEMINAR - Down from the verandah and back again: Cross-cultural and experimental studies of human physical attractiveness. : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: Although beauty is often said to be ‘in the eye of the beholder’, the past 30 years of research into human mate preferences has revealed that our judgments of physical attractiveness are not so subjective. Instead, sexual dimorphism in body composition and secondary sexual traits is (...)
Friday 05
11:00 - SEMINAR - Anthropology & Sociology Seminar Series 2014 - Gemma Bothe & Marc Schmidlin, PhD Candidates Anthropology & Sociology More Information
Gemma Bothe - What about the Conversation? The Lack of Social Interaction in Kindle Worlds

Amazon’s Kindle Worlds, established in May 2013, is the most recent project seeking to commercialise fan fiction (fanfic). This paper seeks to show that the Amazon platform of Kindle Worlds does (...)
Saturday 06
15:30 - CONCERT - Beethoven: A Tale of Triumph : Selections from Beethoven's piano sonatas performed by Perth's mightiest pianists! Website | More Information
Beethoven: A Tale of Triumph Concert - to be held at St George's College as part of their Spring Concert Series. The concert will see a selection from Beethoven's piano sonatas including the famous Moonlight Sonata performed by Perth's mightiest pianists! Performing: Mark Coughlan, Caroline (...)
Thursday 11
12:00 - SEMINAR - Political Science & International Relations Seminar Series 2014: Professor Jeannette Taylor - Performance Monitoring and Evaluation: An Integrative Model. More Information
The idea that good performance management is essential for organisations is part of today’s conventional public management wisdom. If public organisations are to perform well, they must know and understand their internal operations and the external environment well. Good performance measures, it is (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : To the Islands: the Barrow Island Archaeology Project More Information
This presentation will provide an update on the progress of the Barrow Island Project focusing on research questions and the results from this year’s fieldwork. New finds are profiled from excavations at both early Holocene/Terminal Pleistocene sites as well as 19th century historic pearling sites (...)
Friday 12
11:00 - EVENT - Anthropology & Sociology Seminar Series 2014: Associate Professor Martin Forsey - Ethnography at a Distance? Globally Mobile Parents and School Choice in a Textual Community More Information
We have not met the people we have studied; they are part of what Eichhorn (2001) described as a "textual community", gathered around the threads of online conversations associated with a website servicing the needs of English-language speakers in Germany. The thread in question started (...)

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