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Today's date is Wednesday, October 21, 2020
School of Surgery
 September 2010
Wednesday 08
19:00 - EVENT - Workshop for Sessional Staff : A series of workshops have been developed by the CATLyst network to assist sessional staff that teach. More Information
Sessional staff include those who teach as casual staff and include postgraduate students, clinical academics and practising professionals.
Thursday 30
12:00 - EVENT - Bringing Sunshine - Lunch for Leukaemia : Fundraising Luncheon for the Leukaemia Foundation of Western Australia Website | More Information

The Leukaemia Foundation of WA is ‘Bringing Sunshine’ to patients and their families living with leukaemias, lymphomas, myeloma and related blood disorders. Having lunch with friends or family is something we usually take for granted, however for people being treated for blood cancers it’s not that simple. This Lunch for Leukaemia will showcase the Foundation’s ‘Vision to Cure, Mission to Care’ for those already living with the disease, and the 9792 Australians who are diagnosed each year.

The Leukaemia Foundation of Wa’s General Manager Carolyn Turner will introduce you to three remarkable people: Professor Peter Klinken, Christine Burns and Sue Hurt.

Professor Klinken is the director of the Western Australian Institute for Medical Research. His research interests encompass the regulation of red blood cell formation and ability of leukaemia cells to develop different features and functions. He also has a long-standing interest in identifying genes which can cause cancer or leukaemia.

Christine Burns has lost her mother from leukaemia in 2008 at only 56 years of age, two days after she was diagnosed with the disease.

Sue Hurt is an energetic survivor and living proof of the power of medical research. Sue is an active campaigner and fundraiser for the Foundation.

>> Be sure to bring plenty of spare cash for our raffle, the entire proceeds of which will go directly to the Leukaemia Foundation of Weste rn Australia to help them with their ‘Vision to Cure and Mission to Care’.

Price: Members/Guests $59 ($10 from each ticket goes directly to the Leukaemia Foundation of WA) Price includes a drink on arrival, a two-course luncheon complemented by Miles from Nowhere Margaret River Wines.

 October 2010
Thursday 14
16:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar Series: Journey to the Centre of the Osteoclast : Current insights and perspectives into the molecular mechanisms of bone resorption. Website | More Information
Osteoclasts are large multinucleated cells formed by the fusion of mononuclear precursors of the monocyte-macrophage lineage whose exclusive function is the degradation of bone. Excessive osteoclast numbers and/or activity underlie a number of debilitating orthopaedic-related diseases including osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and tumour-mediated bone loss, among which osteoporosis is endemic in western society. To achieve their specialised resorptive function, these polykaryons are endowed with a unique set of molecular machinery following their structural and functional maturation. Upon attachment to bone, the osteoclastic cytoskeleton undergoes dramatic reorganisation culminating in the formation of the F-actin ring/sealing zone which serves to isolate the underlying resorptive compartment from the extracellular space. Concomitant with this event, the osteoclast surface segregates into four interconnected but functionally distinct membrane domains of which the ruffled border is most distinguished and acts as the resorptive organelle. The ruffled border is formed by the targeted fusion of intracellular acidified vesicles with the bone-apposed plasmalemma. This results in the vectorial release of protons and lysosomal enzymes, such as cathepsin K, into the resorptive space to dissolve bone mineral and organic matrix, respectively. To maintain the continuous flux of membrane at the ruffled border during bone resorption, osteoclasts have evolved robust and flexible vesicular trafficking routes along with specialised transport machinery. Despite major advances in our understanding of osteoclast biology in the past few decades, the identities and nature of the regulatory mechanisms governing ruffled border formation and function remains largely obscure. We and others have recently unveiled several core components of the osteoclastic resorptive machinery including accessory subunits of the V-ATPase complex, vesicle-associated Rab GTPases and candidate Rab-effector molecules, all which play distinct yet overlapping roles during osteoclastic bone resorption. These and other molecules that contribute to the resorptive function of osteoclasts will be discussed along with their therapeutic potential as anti-resorptive targets.
Monday 25
12:00 - SEMINAR - The Pitfalls of Gene Therapy : 12 noon for light lunch. Presentation 12.30 - 1.30pm. Register at [email protected] Website | More Information
Prof Constable is recognised as one of the world’s leading ophthalmic surgeons and is founder of the Lions Eye Institute. He is a consultant retinal surgeon at Royal Perth, Sir Charles Gairdner and Princess Margaret Hospitals.

Prof Constable was awarded the Chancellor’s Medal from UWA in 2000 for service to the WA community; he also received in 2006 the prestigious Returned Services League Anzac Peace Prize. In 2008 he was the inaugural recipient of the Sir Charles Court Inspiring Leadership Award for his contribution to science and vision care.
Thursday 28
8:00 - WORKSHOP - Perth Auditory Implant Workshop : Three day workshop providing comprehensive exposure to current hearing implants More Information
The Perth Auditory Implant Workshop will provide comprehensive exposure to the current hearing implants and the future developments. Day 1 will be dedicated to informative lectures on the assessment, indications, rehabilitation and future trends in auditory implants. Day 2 & 3 will be dedicated to a hands-on experience using a wide range of auditory implants, including the Baha, Vibrant Soundbridge, DACS, EAS and Hybrid cochlear implants, as well as auditory brainstem and midbrain implants. Instruction and supervision will be provided by experts in the field.

Convenor: Gunesh Rajan. Co-convenors: Jay Krishnaswamy, Roberta Marino and Stephen Rodrigues.

 May 2011
Monday 02
8:30 - SYMPOSIUM - Cell Signalling and Translational Medicine : Satellite Meeting of the 3rd Australia-China Biomedical Research Conference (ACBRC) More Information
Join researchers from across Australia and China for this fascinating insight into the importance of cell signalling and translational medicine. The four sessions, Novel Therapies and Genomic Information; Tissue Engineering and Bio-therapeutics; Molecular Targets for Metabolic and Degenerative Diseases; Cell Signalling and Translational Medicine, all feature local and international guest speakers.
Tuesday 10
18:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - THE VALUE OF EDUCATION - Part 1 : is to build and strengthen one’s inner personality Website | More Information
The word educate is derived from educare (Latin), meaning to draw out, to bring out potential. Educational systems, the world over, are based on thrusting knowledge onto students, instead of drawing it out of them. As a result, students become well informed on one or more subjects. Such education renders a student intelligent, but when it comes to handling life’s challenges and making the right choices, mere intelligence will not guarantee the best result. This fact is exemplified by the problems of obesity, addictions, stress and depression among highly intelligent people. These talks, held over two nights, will investigate how we can solve many of life’s problems by simply understanding and implementing the value of education, which is to build and strengthen one’s inner personality. When an individual’s character is developed, he or she becomes well equipped to make responsible choices and face life’s challenges with ease.
Wednesday 11
18:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - THE VALUE OF EDUCATION - Part 2 : This is the second seminar in a two-part seminar series Website | More Information
Intelligence is acquired knowledge of a particular subject or subjects. But being knowledgeable in no way renders your intellect clear to think, reason and decide on matters pertaining to life. A person could be highly intelligent, yet impractical in day to day living. For example, a scientist may be brilliant with respect to science, but could possess a weak intellect, incapable of controlling his own mind. This weakness could result in him being short-tempered, stressed, an alcoholic, depressed, etcetera. Therefore, the value of education lies in developing and strengthening one's inner personality to be able to handle life's challenges with ease.
Wednesday 18
15:30 - CONFERENCE - Australasian Society for Dermatology Research Meeting Website | More Information

 August 2011
Sunday 14
10:00 - EVENT - 2011 Open Day : Experience what's on offer at UWA Website | More Information
UWA opens up the whole campus to the public.

Come and find out about the courses on offer, valuable research, community programs, and facilities...all mixed with a day full of lots of fun activities for everyone!
Monday 15
8:00 - EVENT - Art Under the Microscope : A showcase of the surprising physical beauty of world class pathology diagnostics and research in WA More Information
"Art Under the Microscope" will showcase the surprising physical beauty of world class pathology testing and research in WA and is an opportunity to see the majesty and wonder of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
Monday 29
12:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - Lung Institute of WA Medical Research Seminar : Imaging of the Lung: What the future holds Website | More Information
Dr Murray works as a cardiothoracic radiologist at Royal Perth and Princess Margaret hospitals and at Envision Medical Imaging. His current research interests include the utility ultra-low dose CT for children with cystic fibrosis (AREST-CF research group) and low dose CT for the secondary prevention of lung cancer.
Tuesday 30
17:00 - WORKSHOP - AIESEC WA Presents: Compass Workshop Series : Lead yourself in the right direction! Website | More Information
Are you wondering about what you will do after you graduate? Do you think it's time for you to do something to make yourself stand out from the crowd? Do you want to gain skills that employers value? Do you feel like you aren't well connected? If so, lead yourself in the right direction with AIESEC! Come along to our Compass Workshop Series to find the path to your ideal career. Consisting of four workshops, the series provides you with an opportunity to gain skills you require to be successful in finding yourself work, as well as skills that will help you excel in your career. Each workshop will be run by a guest speaker, who will explore a particular skill in depth to help you with your career path. Workshops will be focused on leadership and team management, creating and maintaining your networks, cultural understanding and entrepreneurship and innovation. Moreover, at the conclusion of the series, you will be invited to attend a cocktail event to network with the speakers and many other corporate representatives. This gives you a chance to apply the skills you learn straight away. If you want to stand out in the competitive global workforce and are up to be challenged, this is the workshop series for you!

 September 2011
Friday 16
8:30 - SYMPOSIUM - Inaugural SolarisCare Symposium 2011 : Integrating Complementary Approaches into Clinical Practice to Promote Wellness Website | More Information
The inaugural SolarisCare symposium featuring international and domestic speakers in conjunction with UWA and local researchers and clinicians. Topics include wellness, communications and complementary therapies.
Monday 19
12:00 - EVENT - Lung Institute of WA Medical Research Seminar : The molecular pathology of the innate immune system in treated HIV infection. Website | More Information
Prof French is a physician/scientist who holds the positions of Winthrop Professor of Clinical Immunology in the School of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, UWA and Consultant Clinical Immunologist at Royal Perth Hospital and PathWest Laboratory Medicine, Perth.

 October 2011
Wednesday 05
12:00 - STUDENT EVENT - Honours and BMedSci in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine : What's the next step in my career More Information
Come along and hear about the exciting opportunities for further study in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine. Supervisors will be presenting outlines of the Honours and BMedSci topics for 2012. A pizza lunch is provided at 12.45pm in the Foyer so you will be able to discuss projects directly with potential supervisors.

16:00 - EXPO - UWA Postgraduate & Honours Expo 2011 Website | More Information
The Postgraduate and Honours Expo showcases a host of opportunities for further study, including honours and postgraduate coursework and research possibilities.

Discover the courses each faculty has to offer, learn about postgraduate scholarships, attend information sessions and talk to staff, honours and postgraduate students.

For more information about the Expo along with details on the presentations being held throughout the evening please go uwa.edu.au/postgradexpo
Monday 17
18:00 - EVENT - Ian Constable Lecture : Annual IJC Lecture with Guest Speaker Website | More Information
The 2011 Ian Constable lecture will address the topic; “Now, free, and perfect? How to live a long and healthy life in the 21st century.”

This will be presented by Professor Ian Frazer, the internationally renowned co-creator of the technology for the cervical cancer vaccine and former Australian of the Year.

This event is free, however, booking is essential. Book through the Octagon Theatre Box Office (08) 6488 2440, Mon–Fri, 12.15pm–4.15pm.
Saturday 22
8:30 - EVENT - UWA Multidisciplinary Diabetes Symposium Saturday 22nd October 8.30am - 4.30pm UWA Club : Educational seminar day with presentations from diabetes experts from across the spectrum of health professions Website | More Information
Presentations from across the spectrum of health professions A platform for health practitioners to share their expertise Network opportunities with other health professionals Develop and strengthen collaboration and referral pathways AHPRA CPD and Medicare requirements Online availability of presentations
Monday 31
9:00 - EVENT - Art Under the Microscope : A showcase of the surprising physical beauty of world class pathology diagnostics and research in WA More Information
"Art Under the Microscope" will showcase the surprising physical beauty of world class pathology testing and research in WA and is an opportunity to see the majesty and wonder of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

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