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Today's date is Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Displaying from Friday, April 01, 2016
 April 2016
Thursday 07
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Design and evaluation of dendtritic transfection agents More Information

12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Investigating a New Family of Small Cyclic Peptides More Information
Tuesday 12
13:00 - SEMINAR - Tone reinforces airway smooth muscle: A walk across the spectrum of biological scales : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: The contractile capacity of airway smooth muscle (ASM) is labile and an abundant literature reports that a great diversity of inflammatory mediators increases its contractile capacity. This acquired hypercontractility is allegedly implicated in the variable component of airway (...)
Wednesday 13
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Electrocatalysis, Liquid Optics, and Photo-Energy Conversion at Functionalised Soft Interfaces Website | More Information
Abstract available from URL for event information.
Thursday 14
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : The consequences of genetic variation in the fungal pathogen Nosema apis on virulence in the honey bee (Apis mellifera) More Information

12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Exploring the Secondary Metabolite (SMs) biosynthetic pathways in fungal wheat pathogens More Information
Friday 15
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Using a Novel Multi-Modal Spectroscopic Imaging “Platform” to Increase Our Understanding of the Biochemical Mechanisms of Brain Disease More Information
Neurodegenerative diseases and disorders are a huge health and economic concern, for both developed and developing countries. Unfortunately, despite large research efforts, few successful therapies have been developed. In part, this is attributed to incomplete understanding of the chemical (...)
Monday 18
8:30 - SYMPOSIUM - Symposium of WA Neuroscience Website | More Information
On behalf of the organising committee of the Symposium of WA Neuroscience (SWAN), in association with the Neurotrauma Research Program of WA and supported by the WA Neuroscience Research Institute, the Australasian Neuroscience Society and Murdoch University, it is my pleasure to announce that (...)

12:00 - EVENT - "Plan on a Page" Workshops : Learn about this new tool to help you draft a compelling and comprehensive case to research funders. Website | More Information
UWA encourages its researchers to be proactive and plan early for applications to competitive grant schemes. With the move to continuous rounds of the ARC Linkage program from the 1st July, it is more important than ever to plan ahead! To help you in this regard, the UWA Research Development team (...)
Friday 22
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Questionable constituents: How to tell what is what in sexual deception More Information
Orchids are well known for their extraordinary species diversity and specialised pollination systems. Several hundred species of orchids are pollinated by the sexual deceit of male bees or wasps through mimicry of insect pheromones. Investigations into the chemical communication between orchids and (...)

12:30 - SEMINAR - Towards the development of a bioengineered uterus: preclinical studies on the rat : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: Our group reported the first ever live birth after human uterus transplantation two years ago and this has now been followed by four additional births. Thus, absolute uterine factor infertility due to congenital/surgical absence of the uterus, or due to malformation or intrauterine (...)
Wednesday 27
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : New methodologies for the synthesis of biologically active natural products More Information
Abstract: A variety of methodologies and/or combinations of methodologies have been developed in our labs for the synthesis of a diverse range of biologically active natural products. These methodologies include biotransformations, photoisomerisations, two-metal cross-couplings, reductive and (...)
Thursday 28
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Structural insights into DBHS protein dimerisation and nucleic acid binding More Information

 May 2016
Tuesday 10
13:00 - SEMINAR - "Gut, Immunity and Brain Development in Early Life, Translational Aspects and Clinical Relevance” : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: Birth is the most dramatic change in physiological and environmental conditions throughout mammalian life. Different organ systems develop at different rates in relation to this critical time across different species and not all organs are mature at birth. Lung maturation is closely (...)
Thursday 12
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Adventures in Molecular Modelling: From Nanotechnology to Self-Assembly More Information
Molecular dynamics and quantum mechanical calculations are powerful scientific tools that are used to probe chemical and dynamic properties at the atomic level. They can offer useful insight into experimental outcomes and guide subsequent investigations. I will present three cases where molecular (...)
Tuesday 17
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Organic and Organometallic Porphyrin Dendrimers for Optics More Information
In 2004, we synthesised a porphyrin possessing four fluorenyl arms (TFP),with a remarkable high quantum yield (24%), compared to the reference TPP, demonstrating the capacity of the fluorenyl units to enhance quantum yields. Then, to exploite this efficiency, a series of Organic porphyrin (...)

13:00 - SEMINAR - The Most Profitable Obsolete Technology in History: How the 25-billion dollar a year academic publishing industry is thriving in the digital era : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: On December 18 1995, Forbes predicted academic publisher Elsevier’s relevancy and life in the digital age to be short lived. 20-years later, the academic publishing oligopoly that Elsevier leads is thriving with an annual revenue of $25.2 billion at profit margins higher than Apple (...)
Friday 20
10:00 - EVENT - New techniques in X-ray Diffraction SAXS and X-Ray Spectrometry More Information
X-ray Diffraction is a very useful technique for characterisation of various materials in different ways. With the recent advancement in hardware and software technology, high end X-ray Diffraction and X-ray Scattering experiments usually done on Synchrotron can be performed at lab scale even (...)

12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : The cold and the dark: a hiding place for evolutionary novelty More Information
The advent of new technologies has enabled important advances in understanding animal evolution, with many long-standing paradigms overturned in recent decades. However, the key to many of these advances has been the discovery of previously unknown taxa. Exploration of the deep sea and polar waters (...)
Tuesday 24
13:00 - SEMINAR - Applying Functional Genomics to Define the Molecular Mechanisms for Brain Growth and Disease : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: The functions of the human brain are predicated on the correct assembly of neural circuits during development. Failures in this process can lead to brain disorders including epilepsy, intellectual disability and autism. Over the last decade, significant improvements in DNA sequencing (...)

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