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Today's date is Saturday, October 31, 2020
Events for the public
 August 2018
Tuesday 21
13:00 - FREE LECTURE - FREE Gamsat Essay Writing Workshop : This workshop will help you get a head start on acing Section 2 of the GAMSAT® Exam Website | More Information
This workshop will help you get a head start on acing Section 2 of the GAMSAT® Exam. Essay writing skills generally take time to develop, which means starting your preparation early is key to success. The workshop facilitator, Robert Callan, has had extensive experience in teaching GAMSAT® Exam essay writing.

Robert will teach you how to “find the theme”, which will allow you to respond to the stimuli effectively. To combat the immense time pressure of the GAMSAT® Exam, you will also be taught how to plan an essay structure in a short time-frame. Robert will then cover the 4 steps to writing a good essay. To cap it off, you will be shown a few tips on how to utilize your existing knowledge to generate engaging and targeted essay content.

Be sure to save your spot through our EventBrite page:

Wednesday 22
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Sir Wallace Kyle Oration 2018 Website | More Information
The McCusker Centre for Citizenship at UWA, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Perth, invite you to the 2018 Sir Wallace Kyle Oration.

The late Air Chief Marshall, Sir Wallace Kyle, was an Honorary Doctor of Laws at The University of Western Australia and Governor of Western Australia from 1975-1980.

The Sir Wallace Kyle Oration is given by distinguished speakers of international standing and outstanding leadership. The theme of the Oration is "Service Above Self", the motto of Rotary.

Professor Stanley's oration will highlight the leadership and contribution individual citizens can make to build a more equal and just world, with reference to her distinguished career.

This is a free public event but registration is required.

18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - How to Make a Revolutionary Object: the drawings of Gustavs Klucis Website | More Information
A public lecture by Professor Maria Gough, Joseph Pulitzer, Jr. Professor of Modern Art, Harvard University.

This talk focuses on a corpus of presentation drawings for new media-driven structures for the revolutionary street: radio-orators, projection screens, advertising stands, slogan signs, and newspaper kiosks. Executed in the early 1920s by Gustavs Klucis (Gustav Klutsis), a Latvian immigrant to Moscow who would later enjoy renown as the leading Soviet photomonteur of the interwar period, these striking drawings have long captivated artists, architects, and designers due to their optical dynamism and graphic presence, explicit intertwining of radical aesthetics and agitational politics, and perspicacious concatenation of media and small-form architecture for revolutionary purposes.

Professor Gough is in Australia as a Visiting Professor at Edith Cowan University and this guest lecture is sponsored by the Edith Cowan Centre for Global Issues.
Thursday 23
12:00 - EVENT - Archaeology Honours Info Session : Experimenting with Archaeology More Information
Archaeology Honours Info Session

Thursday 23rd August 12-1 pm Social Sciences 1.93 (the ‘FishBowl’) All welcome! Brownies and muffins will be served!

Come hear from Staff, current and past Honours students about exciting research projects, skills training, career pathways, practical info, funding and prizes. Contact: [email protected] : https://handbooks.uwa.edu.au/undergraduate/honoursdetails?vdir=bh001_arcgy

14:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar : Aerial Archaeology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia More Information
Abstract n July 2017, King Salman bin Abdulaziz of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia established the Royal Commission for Al-Ula, a broad ranging directive designed to help develop the region around the desert oasis Al-Ula and to document and preserve its rich archaeology. One aspect of this commission is the ‘Identification and Documentation of Immovable Heritage Assets (IDIHA)’: an international team of archaeologists that utilise ground survey, remote sensing and aerial archaeology to record the archaeological sites surrounding the oasis of Al-Ula and its hinterland. Under the directorship of Professor David Kennedy, the University of Western Australia team utilises remote sensing data and helicopters to survey inaccessible archaeological sites in the desolate but dramatic landscapes surrounding the town. This survey will provide in many instances the first archaeological documentation of these sites. Furthermore, Structure from Motion techniques like photogrammetry, along with ad-hoc ground survey, have been performed to allow a more intensive analysis of the archaeology, with preliminary analysis of the ceramic and lithic data suggesting many may date to the Neolithic and Bronze Age. This seminar will focus on the methodology utilised by the team for the discovery, identification, and recording of these archaeological sites, the preliminary results of the first field season and a discussion of the future of the project.

18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - The Idea of Peace Parks in Africa Website | More Information
A public lecture by Professor Maano Ramutsindela, Department of Environmental and Geographical Science, University of Cape Town and 2018 UWA Institute of Advanced Studies Visiting Fellow.

Peace parks are not unique to Africa but have a salient character in the continent as a result of Africa’s socio-political, economic and environmental conditions. This talk will analyse how the idea of peace parks was developed, and how it took root on various sites in twenty-first century Africa. It will argue that the idea of peace parks gained legitimacy by assembling together environmental issues, archaeological findings, segments of colonial histories, post-independence development challenges, and local and global aspirations into a meta-discourse of peace and development. This discourse also chimed with pan-Africanism and decolonial thinking. The creation of peace parks in Africa raises questions about how African landscapes are re-imagined by various actors ranging from African governments, business, and donor agencies. Peace parks not only reignite historical images of Africa but also present a contested vision for the future of the continent and its people.
Friday 24
11:00 - SEMINAR - Public Seminar: Women’s representation in Asian parliaments More Information
Women’s representation in Asian parliaments

The presentation will examine the relationship between socioeconomic development, corruption, the level of democracy, and women’s parliamentary representation in contemporary Asia. Previous studies have argued that economic development offers women new opportunities and resources to participate in politics. Despite some notable gains in gender equality through this process, prosperous Asian nations continue to perform poorly compared to other world regions in terms of women’s parliamentary representation. The presentation will show that the level of women’s presence in legislatures throughout Asia is a result of multiple configurations of conditions beyond simply one or two explanations, including economic development or religion.

About the speaker:

Ella S Prihatini is a political science and international relations researcher at the University of Western Australia (UWA), Perth. She holds a BA in International Relations (University of Gadjah Mada/UGM, Yogyakarta) and Master of Development Practice (Adv) (University of Queensland/UQ, Brisbane).

Her research interests focus on women's political participation, gender studies of Asia, young voters, and electoral politics in Indonesia. Ella is affiliated with the UWA Centre for the Muslim States and Societies (CMSS). Her study at UWA is fully supported by the Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship program (2015-2019).

13:00 - PERFORMANCE - UWA Music presents: Free Lunchtime Concert | UWA Guitar Studio More Information
Be transported from the everyday by our free lunchtime concert series, featuring the best musical talent from within the UWA Conservatorium of Music and around the country.

This week, let the sensuous sound of classical guitars take you from the mundane to the sublime as students from the UWA Guitar Studio perform solo, duo and ensemble works.

Entry is free - no bookings required

14:30 - CANCELLED - SEMINAR - Anthropology and Sociology Seminar : Refugees in Europe (and Australia): Encounters, Memories and Emotions More Information
Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.


Respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, and the rule of law are inscribed in the Treaty on the European Union. The current refugee crisis touches upon these moral values on which the EU is founded. The boom of anti-immigrant social movements and the growth of xenophobic and Islamophobic rhetoric in the aftermath of the events of 2015-16 suggest that Europe might not fully live up to its founding principles. Confronted with the refugee crisis, most European countries are turning inwards, rejecting refugees, limiting new immigration, and revising their integration policies. This paper seeks to understand how experiences of past migrations transform values, attitudes and acceptance or rejection of refugees in Europe and Australia, and in turn the sense and patterns of solidarity. In the periods of 1956, 1980/1981 (‘Solidarity’ wave), and 1992-1994, Austria, Germany, and Sweden received large numbers of refugees from Poland, Hungary and former Yugoslavia within short periods of time. From 1947-54 Australia received 170, 000 displaced persons of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, 60,000 of those were Polish. During the period 1980-91, approximately 25,000 Polish refugees arrived in Australia. Based on my quantitative (factorial survey and conjoint analysis) and qualitative (in-depth interviews and creative methods) research among Polish migrants in Germany and Australia, I investigate emotions and the meaning of personal memories of those people who sought refuge. Thereby, I draw on Assmann’s definition of personal memories as an essential to the production of collective memory, and thus to groups’ identities.
Saturday 25
10:00 - EVENT - Art Upmarket : An exciting new event showcasing Perth’s best visual artists. Website | More Information
Art Upmarket is an exciting new event showcasing Perth’s best visual artists. Meet the artists and purchase art directly from them on the day. Fill your home with local art. The market will showcase a curated selection of more than 45 of Perth’s most talented artists in Winthrop Hall, connecting them with art enthusiasts.

• Saturday 25 August 2018 – 10am-3pm • Free entry and parking. Venue is easily accessible

Venue: The University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Hall Undercroft

35 Stirling Highway, Crawley Website: www.perthupmarket.com.au Facebook.com/perthupmarket #artupmarket

This event is proudly supported by The University of Western Australia's Cultural Precinct, Jacksons Art Supplies and RTRFM
Sunday 26
14:00 - WORKSHOP - UWA Music presents: ATAR Performance Workshops (Clarinet & Saxophone) Website | More Information
The UWA Conservatorium of Music and the Clarinet & Saxophone Society of WA (CASSWA) invite clarinet and saxophone students undertaking their WACE/ATAR practical music exams to come along and perform in front of our panel of experts (including UWA's Ashley William Smith and WASO's Allan Meyer), receiving individual feedback, plus helpful tips on performance etiquette and managing stress.

We will provide an experienced accompanist to play with you, or if you prefer to being your usual accompanist along, please feel free to do so!

Attendance is free but bookings are essential!

15:00 - PERFORMANCE - UWA Music presents: Rossini - Petite messe solennelle Website | More Information
Rossini’s 'Petite messe solennelle' is a musical curiosity, and written 30 years after his retirement from writing operas. The sacred text of the Missa solemnis is set to music which is sometimes delicate, often witty, and frequently over-the-top… while poking fun at Rossini’s own (and other composers’) musical styles.

In this salon-style performance we present Rossini’s original and rarely heard version for two pianos, harmonium/piano accordion, and 11 singers. (Spoiler alert: Sadly we can’t meet Rossini’s direction of 12 singers of three sexes: men, women and castrati).

If you love a melody and sparkling music, the Callaway Music Auditorium on Sunday 26 August at 3pm is the place you need to be.

Tickets: Standard $20 | Concessions $18 | Friends of UWA Music $15 | School students attend for FREE (email [email protected])
Tuesday 28
13:00 - SEMINAR - Political Science and International Relations Seminar : "If it walks like a duck”: Policy responses to recognising Incel as violent extremism More Information
Incel is an international online movement of ‘involuntary celibate’ men. In recent years, sexually and socially frustrated Incels have committed terrorist attacks, killing strangers of both sexes in North America. In this seminar we provocatively advocate a securitisation strategy against the threat of violent extremism posed by Incel. We are sympathetic to critiques of securitisation as a concept and a practice. However, we argue that considering Incel through a securitisation framework is a useful exercise. It opens doors to a coherent, encompassing and sorely needed policy response to both Incel itself and the misogynistic ideologies that have sustained other forms of gendered violence not hitherto deemed “universal” enough to warrant large-scale interventions. Elevating the response to Incel above everyday politics allows us to address the possible policy responses to gender-based violence as a form of violent extremism. The process of reviewing the likely successful policy responses to Incel also shines a critical light on the problematic nature of other securitisation efforts, while revealing that the best response to state security is to try to understand and include the antagonised other before radicalisation occurs.
Thursday 30
16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar : Precious Metals and the Rise of Two Macedonian “Greats”: Philip II and Alexander III More Information
This presentation highlights the remarkable reign of the Macedonian king, Philip II, father of Alexander the Great, and emphasises the key role of precious metals in underpinning the rise of Macedonia under Philip and its capacity to embark on conquest of the Persian Empire under Alexander III. From 359-336 BC Philip led his kingdom from a small, threatened, relatively poor entity in northern Greece to leadership of the first land empire in Europe that endured for almost 200 years. His extraordinary achievements provided the foundation for his son to then lead the Macedonian army that conquered the mighty Persian Empire in just 13 years. Together they brought irreversible change to the ancient world. They were exceptional men, yet their achievements also required a sustainable source of wealth to train, equip, provision and pay the permanent infantry, cavalry, and mercenaries that enabled their conquests. In the time of Philip, silver, gold and base metals were much more valuable than today and it was his access to precious metals that underpinned much of what he accomplished. Furthermore, it was Macedonian-controlled mines and wealth, in combination with Philip’s ground-breaking achievements and preparation of his son for leadership, that paved the way for Alexander’s success in the Near East.

17:00 - EVENT - TEDxUWASalon: Sustainable Change : A TEDxUWASalon dedicated to sustainability and the environment! Website | More Information
In celebration of Enviro Week 2018 and in collaboration with UWA Student Guild and UWA Student Guild Environment, we bring you TEDxUWASalon: Sustainable Change!

How can we develop our future without creating a destiny defined by climate chaos?

This time, we're changing up the format! Our 2 esteemed speakers will propose questions and everyone will get a chance to debate their answers with the speakers! Do you have what it takes?

Come along for some amazing and thoughtful conversations as well as food and drinks throughout the event!

Tickets are only $5 for members and $10 for non-members (What a steal!)

Get your tickets now! https://tedxuwasalonsustaina.getqpay.com/

19:30 - PERFORMANCE - UWA Music presents: Main Stage Let's Dance Website | More Information
The exceptional ability of young emerging artists and their passion for music will always create an extraordinary experience for concertgoers.

'Let’s Dance' is the inspiration for new works by emerging young composers from the UWA Conservatorium of Music. These new works, performed by the UWA Symphony Orchestra, under the baton of celebrated composer James Ledger, will sit alongside John Adam’s ‘foxtrot for orchestra’, The Chairman Dances and Aaron Copland’s perennial favourite Appalachian Spring.

TICKETS: $18 Friends of Music | $20 Concessions | $25 Standard
Friday 31
11:00 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar : Charting Vietnamese mobility from Vietnamese to New Caledonia to Australia More Information
Since the mid-1980s, historians have recognised that the close geographic proximity between Australia (a British colony) and New Caledonia (a French colony) has seen a proximity in the methods of settler colonisation of both sites. They have, however, paid less attention to the connections of these places to Vietnam, not least made through the transportation of Vietnamese indentured labourers, or Chan Dang, to New Caledonia from the 1890s to the 1930s. This paper brings a triad of polities into the one frame – Vietnam, Australia and New Caledonia – connected in the first instance by the South China and Coral Seas and in the second by British and French colonial regimes. It charts some of the surprising historical mobilities of Vietnamese people through this geography, and in doing so considers the ties and tensions between these colonial regimes.

13:00 - PERFORMANCE - UWA Music presents a Free Lunchtime Concert | The Irwin Street Collective : Beethoven Sonata Project More Information
Be transported from the everyday by our free lunchtime concert series, featuring the best musical talent from within the UWA Conservatorium of Music and around the country.

Celebrated UWA music staff Cecilia Sun (fortepiano) and Simon Lee Foundation Artist in Residence Shaun Lee-Chen (violin) will present some of Beethoven’s classic violin sonatas in a series of concerts across 2018.

Entry is free - no bookings required

14:30 - SEMINAR - Anthropology and Sociology Seminar : Johann Gottfried Herder and the History of Cultural Relativism More Information
A popular view in the history of anthropology identifies Johann Gottfried Herder (1744-1803) as a primary source of the idea of cultural relativism. More recent scholarship notes Herder’s deployment of Kultur in the singular, along with very conventional Enlightenment assumptions, including universal “criteria” from which to judge other civilizations. Far from diminishing Herder’s status, however, these Enlightenment sensibilities are celebrated: “respect for cultural specificity does not cancel out the universalizing, transcultural thrust of concepts like progress and ethical judgment,” according to David Denby. I argue that such a reading is anachronistic by placing Herder in the “universal-relative” hand-wringing of today’s cultural anthropologists. Herder’s Kette der Kultur promotes the idea that all peoples of the world express different stages of universal history relative to a single divine will. Moreover, the individual is the creative force behind the difference of “nations” and not vice versa. Not only do these points disqualify Herder as a “pioneer” of anthropology, but more importantly the focus on Enlightenment figures like Herder has acted as a distraction to a proper intellectual history initiated by George Stocking in the 1960s of the concept pluralized by Franz Boas - namely, “culture.”

18:30 - EVENT - Perth Medieval and Renaissance (PMRG) Quiz Night Website | More Information
PMRG Annual Quiz Night and Fundraiser - Friday August 31st at 6:30pm, UWA Tavern.

Come one, come all to this annual night of fun! Only a couple of weeks to go until our annual quiz night to raise money for the events which you all love.

This year we have a new General Knowledge format - it's not just for the medieval scholars! So bring your friends, buy a ticket and win some prizes.

Tickets are $15 and get you entry, door-prize ticket and a FREE table game. $2 for additional table games and raffle prize. We are swamped with prizes this year so everyone is bound to win something!

Tables of 6 people. All tickets at the door. Bookings for tables and further enquiries can be made at, [email protected]

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