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Today's date is Sunday, November 29, 2020
Events for the public
 December 2013
Monday 02
6:00 - EVENT - Summer Running Club & Outdoor Fitness : UWA Summer Running Club Website | More Information
OUTDOOR FITNESS [FIT-R + RUNNING CLUB] FIT-R: Outdoor exercise class including strength, fitness and mobility training designed to challenge participants and at the same time cater for individual difference and tailor appropriately.

RUNNING CLUB: Twice weekly group running sessions tailored for all levels.

WHEN: 10 week program commencing Dec 2 (with break over Christmas). Running Session - 6am Mon & Fri. Fit-R - 6am Wed.

COST: $12 per week ($120 for whole program incorporating 3 sessions per week)

WHERE: UWA Health & Rehabiliation Clinic (South end of campus - adjacent to Business School)

BONUSES: Pool tokens for public swimming sessions at UWA Aquatic Centre and 10% discount on other clinic services (incl. Physiotherapy & Exercise Physiology)
Thursday 05
18:00 - EVENT - Transform Your Life Forum : Addictions and Mental Health in the Modern World with Dr George O'Neil and Prof. Gary Hulse Website | More Information
Transform Your Life Forum is a series of community based presentations, seminars and workshops presented to address the full range of mental health issues.

Dr. George O'Neil founded the Fresh Start Recovery Programme in 1996 and is its Medical Director. He has a strong interest in developing new treatment methods for drug addictions and other health problems. He has published a number of peer-reviewed journal papers on addiction medicine and is a Fellow of the RACP Chapter of Addiction Medicine.

Professor Gary Hulse is coordinator of A&OD for the UWA Faculty of Medicine and School of Psychiatry. In 2009 he published a randomised clinical trial of an implant treatment for drug addiction.

Price: $60. Price includes refreshments on arrival and presentation by Dr. George O'Neil
Saturday 07
8:00 - - The UWAP Big Book Sale : All books under $10 Website | More Information
8:00AM - 12:00PM, SATURDAY 7 DECEMBER 2013 UWA Publishing’s Big Book Sale is back for 2013 and bigger than ever!

Come down to the UWAP carpark on Saturday 7 December and grab some pre-Christmas bargains.


Books for sale include fiction, biographies, WA, maritime and natural history, botany, general non-fiction, popular science, cookbooks and more.

Plus free giftwrapping, so you can get your Christmas shopping sorted. Choose from either brown paper with coloured bands and twine, or have your book creatively wrapped in a printed tea towel using the Otsukai Tsutsumi technique.

Where: UWAP carpark, UWA Claremont Campus, corner Goldsworthy and Princess Rds, Claremont. When: 8:00am-12:00pm, Saturday 7 December 2013.
Monday 09
18:00 - EVENT - Year 12 TISC Information Session : Find out how to make the most of your TISC preferences and what options are available to you if your WACE results exceed (or don’t quite meet) your expectations. Website | More Information
Don't spend the first few weeks of your summer break stressing about your (or your son or daughter's) impending WACE results!

This information session will provide advice on UWA courses, admission requirements and how to structure your TISC preferences to ensure you give yourself the best chance of achieving your study and career goals.

UWA Admissions staff will be available to answer any questions you may have following the presentation.
Tuesday 10
10:30 - Sporting Event - England Lions versus WACA XI Cricket Match : Join us on campus at The University of Western Australia for a 3-day match between the EBC England Lions and the WACA XI team. Website | More Information
Join us on campus at The University of Western Australia for a 3-day match between the EBC England Lions and the WACA XI team.

The ECB England Lions team may well include possible future England star and Australian born Sam Robson, along with established Test player Tim Bresnan. Also likely to play are current internationals, Jos Butler, Chris Jordan, and Danny Briggs.

The WACA XI will possibly include Michael Beer, Tom Triffett, and Nathan Rimmington, along with a number of contracted players keen to catch the eye of State selectors. A couple of WA "young guns' will also be given the chance to prove their worth.

The match will be held over Tuesday 10 December – Thursday 12 December from 10.30am at James Oval.

Bring your chairs, food and sunscreen and get settled in for three days of outstanding cricket in a relaxed and beautiful setting.

You, your friends and family will be able to get close to the action to see these two teams play, just days before the third Ashes test gets underway in Perth.

While on campus, you can wander around our beautiful grounds, purchase food and drinks from our Guild Village Cafe or University Club or head across the road to the scenic Matilda Bay.

Please plan your journey by checking our parking and transport information page. Please note that this venue is not licensed and is smoke and alcohol free.
Thursday 12
19:00 - EVENT - University Carols Service : A Service of Readings and Carols at St. George's College Chapel Website | More Information
Members of the UWA community, family and friends are invited to a traditional service of readings, carols and hymns at the Chapel of St. George's College on Thursday 12th December at 7pm. The choir is the UWA Winthrop Singers.

The event is free and we invite a donation which will be shared equally between the Winthrop Singers Development Fund and the Christmas Bowl Appeal (for overseas development aid).

Space is limited so please RSVP to the college reception by phoning 9449 5555 or email: [email protected]

Parking is available near the boat sheds on the corner of Mounts Bay Road and Hackett Drive.
Friday 13
19:00 - EVENT - Christmas Carols with the Winthrop Singers : Beautiful Christmas Carols performed by the Winthrop Singers Website | More Information
An annual event at St George's College is the Christmas Carols performed by the Winthrop Singers. An evening not to be missed. Please book as there is limited space. Performances are on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 December.
Sunday 15
17:30 - PERFORMANCE - School of Music presents: Master's Recital - Marco Lombardi (piano) Website | More Information
Master of Music (Research) student Marco Lombardi presents his Master's Piano recital. The program includes:

Chopin, Frederic - Preludes Op 28 Mozart, W.A. - Rondo in A minor K511 Busoni, Ferruccio - Sonatina Seconda Castiglioni, Niccolo - Sonatina

Entry is free - all welcome!
Monday 16
17:30 - EVENT - Information evening for Nursing, Social Work and Population Health : Master of Nursing Science, Masters of Social Work and Master of Public Health. Website | More Information
The School of Population Health is holding an Information Evening on Monday 16 December at 5.30pm.

We will present three concurrent information sessions for those interested in achieving a Master of Nursing Science, Masters of Social Work or Master of Public Health.

If you are interested in one of our Masters degrees, please register to attend a session at sph.uwa.edu.au. There will be a brief presentation outlining the relevant course for you, followed by plenty of time for your questions. Drinks and nibbles will be provided and you will have the opportunity to talk to some of our lecturers and current students.

These information sessions will be held at the School of Population Health in the Clifton Street Building, Nedlands Campus.

 January 2014
Saturday 11
9:30 - COURSE - Over 50's Swim & Gym Program : 50+ Swim and Gym More Information
The UWA Health & Rehabilitation Clinic along with UWA Uniswim invite you to join our launch of a gym and swim program for over 50's.

The program will include a 40min gym session working on strength, function and balance. Plus a 40min swimming session working on cardiovascular fitness and stroke technique.

The program will be catered to the abilities and skills of individual participants.

Times: Monday 9.30am - 11am and/or Saturday 8.30am - 10am When: January 11th - February 17th

Cost: Monday block $90*due to public holidays - Saturday block $108 (Private health rebates may apply)

Location: School of Sport Science, Exercise & Health (Uniswim and UWA Health & Rehabilitation Clinic - Parkway Entrance #4)

Wednesday 15
16:00 - SEMINAR - Waves and Currents: Hawking Radiation in the Hydraulics Laboratory : This seminar is part of the Centre for Water Research seminar series. Website | More Information
We are all aware that nothing, not even light, can escape from a black hole. Well, maybe not! In 1974 Stephen Hawking proposed that black holes emit a form of radiation, which has become known as Hawking radiation.

This radiation originates at the black hole horizon – the spherical surface inside of which light is trapped. The black hole horizon is effectively a control surface for light: the interior of the sphere is said to be superluminal and the exterior, subluminal. An interpretation of Hawking’s analysis is that when particle-antiparticle pairs are formed at a black hole horizon, one falls into the hole while the other escapes and reduces the energy in the black hole.

Unruh (1981) showed that there is a mathematical analogy between the process described above and the behavior of water waves propagating upstream against a current. I will report on the results of the experiments of Weinfurtner et al. (2011) that tested this analogy in a 6.2 m long and 0.15 m wide flume.

The fate of free surface water waves propagating upstream toward the crest of a streamlined obstacle has been examined. As the waves propagate toward the crest of the obstacle they slow down, both because the flow velocity in the channel increases, and because their phase speed decreases as they shoal. As their wavelength decreases so too does their group velocity and eventually the waves are arrested and are converted into pairs of short waves.

Both waves have a downstream group velocity, but one has an upstream phase velocity and the other a downstream phase velocity. These wave pairs are analogous to the particle-antiparticle pairs of Hawking radiation and represent the closest analogy to Hawking radiation observed to date.

Hawking, S.W. (1974) Nature 248, 30. Unruh, W.G. (1981) Phys. Rev. Lett. 46, 1351. Weinfurtner, S., E.W. Tedford, M.C.J. Pennrice, W.G. Unruh & G.A. Lawrence (2011) Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 021302.

Biography: B.E., (W. Aust.), M.S., Ph.D. (Berkeley), P.Eng. Research Interests: Environmental fluid mechanics, hydraulics, hydrodynamic stability and mixing, physical limnology, water quality management.

PS* This seminar is free and open to the public & no RSVP required.

****All Welcome****
Friday 17
17:15 - FREE LECTURE - Virtual Masculinity and Intimacy: Telecommunications and the Changing Spatiality of Male Sex Work More Information
There is increasing attention to the fact that global increases in sex work occur not only among female sex workers, but also among cohorts of male sex workers. However, current research continues to focus predominately on female sex workers, and specifically on street sex workers, despite the existence of large numbers of MSW and significant changes in the geography of sex work from ‘outdoors’ to ‘indoors’. International research suggests that the majority of men who have sex with men meet their partners through the internet. Despite this sex industry research has only recently begun to examine the impacts of technological change on the male sex industry. At a broad social level, telecommunications has increased the numbers of male escort workers, created new spaces for sex work encounters, and has extended the reach of sex work to a wider socio-demographic audience. At the behavioural level, research indicates that the needs, desires and experiences of sex workers and clients and the context of their encounters are different when conducted in cyberspace. With attention to the larger social context of masculinity, power, spatially situated forms of interaction, and the body as commodity, this presentation examines how telecommunications, in changing the structure and organization of sex work, has opened up new spaces for the expression of masculinity and intimacy.
Monday 20
18:00 - COURSE - Chinese Cultural Course : Variety of cultural courses Website | More Information
1)Chinese Martial Arts 2)Chinese Literature and Film 3)Chinese Arts and Music 4)Chinese Cuisine and Food Culture 5)Chinese Business Culture 6)Chinese Medicine and Well-being

18:30 - COURSE - Chinese Language Course : Beginners level, Intermediate level, Advanced level, etc Website | More Information
2014 Chinese Language Course 1) Day time Chinese Beginners Course(10 weeks) 2) Chinese Beginners Course (10 weeks) 3) Chinese Intermediate Course (10 weeks) 4) Advanced Chinese Course (10 weeks) 5) NEW Children's Chinese Courses (10 weeks)

Tuesday 21
13:00 - Colloquium - On feeling torn about one’s sexuality: The effects of explicit-implicit sexual orientation ambivalence. : More Information
Three correlational studies investigated implications associated with explicit-implicit sexual orientation ambivalence for information processing and psychological well-being in samples of straight and gay individuals.

Across the studies, 243 straight participants completed explicit and implicit measures of sexual orientation; in one of these studies, 48 gay participants completed the same measures. Within individual studies, participants also completed measures of self-esteem.

When considering the effects of ambivalence between self-reported and indirectly measured sexual orientation (SO), among straight participants explicit-implicit SO ambivalence was positively associated with time spent deliberating questions on sexual preferences; an effect moderated by the direction of ambivalence. In an attempt to explain this effect, in our third study, straight participants read ambivalence-relevant arguments that were either strong or weak in quality. In line with the effect found previously, the amount of explicit-implicit SO ambivalence positively related to post-message cognitive responses after reading strong but not weak arguments. This effect was also found to be moderated by the direction of ambivalence.

For gay participants, individual differences in explicit-implicit SO ambivalence tended to influence time deliberating sexuality. In addition, explicit-implicit ambivalence in sexual orientation attitudes among gay individuals, but not straight individuals, was related to self-esteem in addition to defensive self-esteem.

Our findings demonstrate the information processing consequences of explicit-implicit ambivalence in both straight and gay individuals when considering an attitude object that has considerable personal relevance. Furthermore, our results highlight that explicit-implicit ambivalence in sexual orientation attitudes may be an important antecedence of psychological well-being in gay-individuals.

16:00 - EVENT - Confucius Forum : Everything about Confucius and China More Information

1) Professor Li Zhongshang, Minister-Counsellor for Education, Embassy of P.R China in Australia Title: Chinese Economy and the Chinese Dream

2) Dr Liu Jingyuan, Senior Advisor, Shandong Association Title: Did the Chinese Discover Australia?

3) Professor Jan Ryan, Hon Professor, Edith Cowan University Title: Shifting Profile of Chinese Women in Australia

4) Dr Han Baolei, Senior Advisor, Shandong Association Title: Why did the Confucius Thought Emerge in Shandong Province?
Thursday 30
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Short Course: Government Accountability Law and Practice 2014 Website | More Information
Government Accountability – Law and Practice

Continuing professional development course ideal for those working in government or government related organisations.

The continuing growth of government in recent decades has led to a rise in the number (and reach) of accountability agencies, so much so that some commentators now talk of the emergence of a fourth branch of government – the ‘integrity’ branch.

In this course we will explore: - the place of government in the modern state, and the how and why of government accountability; - accountability frameworks (with reference to traditional and contemporary administrative law, political structures, the media, academia and non-government organisations); and - the theoretical underpinnings, development, evolving law and practice, and regulation of various accountability agencies.

In the Western Australian context, particular reference will be made to the Corruption and Crime Commission (and the relevant Parliamentary Inspector), the Inspector of Custodial Services, the Ombudsman, the Auditor-General, the Public Sector Commissioner, and the Information Commissioner.

National and international comparison will be drawn at various points.

12:45 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Public Lecture: Secured Transactions and Legal Transplantation More Information
Dr Orkun Akseli from Durham (UK) is an expert in the corporate and commercial field with particular emphasis on harmonisation of secured transactions laws and facilitation of credit.

All are welcome to attend this interesting talk about secured transactions and legal transplantation.

 February 2014
Friday 07
18:00 - EXHIBITION OPENING - Anne Ferran: Shadow Land + Ukiyo-e: Japanese Prints of the Floating World Website | More Information
Join us at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery on Friday 7 February 6pm for the opening of:

Anne Ferran: Shadow Land + The launch of the companion publication - Shadow Land + Ukiyo-e: Japanese Prints of the Floating World This event is free to attend, however please register your attendance here: https://lwag-launch-feb.eventbrite.com/?aff=uwacal

To find out more about the exhibitions, visit the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery website: www.lwgallery.uwa.edu.au
Saturday 08
13:30 - FREE LECTURE - 2 FREE PUBLIC LECTURES : Roman Archaeology Group presents 2 free lectures: Emperor Justinian & Petra Website | More Information
2 FREE Lectures - All are welcome! 1:30pm - "Justinian's Empire" presented by Dr Michael Champion. 2:30pm - Afternoon Tea. 3:00pm - "Western Travellers to Petra in the 19th Century" presented by W/Prof. David Kennedy.

N.B. Lectures are FREE, however there is a small charge for the refreshments served at the mid-session break: $7pp (RAG members) / $10pp (non-members)

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