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Today's date is Sunday, October 25, 2020
Events for the public
 August 2013
Tuesday 06
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Randolph Stow Memorial Lecture : John Kinsella will speak on Randolph Stow's Unselected Poetry More Information
The Westerly Centre (UWA) and St George's College present the second Randolph Stow Memorial Lecture. Acclaimed poet, critic, novelist, essayist and editor of the recent volume of Randolph Stow's Selected Poetry, 'The Land's Meaning', John Kinsella will present this free public lecture. Wine and cheese will be served after the lecture. All welcome.

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Australian agriculture and global food security : 2050 Food - Lecture Series Website | More Information
A public lecture by Winthrop Professor Kadambot H.M Siddique, AM FTSE, Director, The UWA Institute of Agriculture.

Cost: Free, Register: https://2050food.eventbrite.com.au/#

Australia is currently a net food exporting country and about 70% of the food produced is exported. The presentation will cover our current food production, population growth and the impact of climate change on food production and export. In order to maintain Australia’s food production capacity in 2050, we must innovate, adopt and reform. We need to bring existing knowledge into use; build the capacity of institutions to undertake strategic research, development and extension; increase R, D & E investment; conduct research that meets the needs of agriculture and ensure research has impact and undertake microeconomic reform.

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Randolph Stow Memorial Lecture : Professor John Kinsella will deliver a lecture on the uncollected poems of Randolph Stow Website | More Information
The Westerly Centre and St Georges College will present the second annual Randolph Stow memorial lecture on Tuesday the 6th of August.

Wine and cheese will be served after the lecture.

18:00 - MEMORIAL LECTURE - The Randoph Stow Memorial Lecture : Guest speaker UWA Professor John Kinsella will present the Randolph Stow Memorial Lecture. Website | More Information
Guest speaker Professor John Kinsella, in association with the Westerly Centre for Australian Literature, will present the Randolph Stow Memorial Lecture and will talk about Randolph Stow’s Unselected Poetry. All are welcome to attend.
Wednesday 07
9:00 - EXHIBITION - Student Guild Museum : See how things have changed in 100 years Website | More Information
The UWA Student Guild has its 100th birthday this year. Prosh Days past, political militancy, protest marches, the campaign for female equality... it’s been quite a ride.

Among many other centenary events, we invite you to an exhibition called The Guild Museum; curated by 2011 Guild Councillor and curatorial studies student Chantelle Mitchell, assisted by passionate volunteers and the Guild Centenary Planning Committee.

You’ll see a selection of items (including photographs and memorabilia) reflecting 100 years of history of one of the longest-running student organisations in Australia.

Open to the public, with special opening times of 10am – 2pm over the weekend of 10-11 August, including the UWA Open Day on the Sunday.

Tours will be available daily at 1pm, starting at the Gallery. Bookings are essential. Contact [email protected] or phone (08) 6488 295.

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Lucretius the Physicist and Modern Science Website | More Information
A public lecture by David Konstan, Professor of Classics at New York University

Lucretius’ poem On Nature presents a detailed overview of ancient atomic physics, as developed within the school founded by Epicurus. It has some remarkable features: not just atoms, but tiny, non-detachable parts of atoms; a granular or quantized theory of time; odd orders of magnitude including infinitesimals and quasi-infinites. How does this theory stand up as a science, in modern terms? Is it in some sense a precursor of modern physics? Or does it perhaps offer an alternative to Newtonian mechanics, a kind of anticipation of post-modern physics? In the course of the lecture, parallels will be drawn with early modern literature and art and their relation to modernism and post-modernism.

Cost: free, but RSVP essential to https://www.ias.uwa.edu.au/lectures/konstan

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - The Blush of the World: Bonnard's Nudes and the Disembodied Look Website | More Information
The Blush of the World: Bonnard’s Nudes and the Disembodied Look

This lecture sets out to provide a framework within which one might begin to look at Bonnard’s canvasses depicting his wife, Marthe, in the rituals of washing and bathing. It suggests that the most common way of understanding Bonnard’s depiction of his wife’s face – in ‘contre jour’ or shadow – fails to attend to something more obviously somatic: the blush. de Bolla will argue that Bonnard was deeply immersed in a looking technique that was implicated in the world. In effect the sighted viewer is placed in a reciprocal optical relationship with the object seen. When one begins to look with Bonnard the world feels the presence and pressure of our looking and Bonnard’s depictions ask us to acknowledge that. This lecture is part of a longer project on Bonnard and in the time for discussion and conversation de Bolla hopes to introduce some of its other themes and interests.

Peter de Bolla is Professor of Cultural History and Aesthetics at the University of Cambridge where he took both his BA and doctorate. He taught for five years in the English Department at the University of Geneva before returning to Cambridge in 1986. He is the author of six monographs including The Discourse of the Sublime: Readings in History, Aesthetics and the Subject (Basil Blackwell, 1989), The Education of the Eye: Painting, Landscape, and Architecture in Eighteenth-Century England (Stanford University Press, 2003), Art Matters (Harvard University Press, 2001) and the forthcoming The Architecture of Concepts: the Historical Formation of Human Rights (Fordham University Press, 2013).
Thursday 08
12:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Raine Lecture Website | More Information
Professor Ronald E Bontrop is an immunologist and editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Immunogenetics. He leads the Biomedical Primate Research Centre (BPRC) in Rijswijk, The Netherlands and is an expert in the field of comparative Immunogenetics.

Professor Bontrop’s current research programme deals with the genetics and evolution of immune system genes in various primate species and their co-evolution with pathogens. Special emphasis is placed on the genes of the Major Histocompatibility Complex as well as the Killer Cell Immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR) gene complex.

13:10 - PERFORMANCE - FREE Lunchtime Concert : Students: Naomi Smout (piano) & Marco Lombardi (piano) Website | More Information
Free 50min Concert every Thursday during Semester at 1:10pm
Friday 09
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Creators or Destroyers : The burning questions of human impact in ancient Aboriginal Australia Website | More Information
The Australian Academy of the Humanities Annual Lecture 2013, delivered by Professor Peter Hiscock FAHA, the Tom Austen Brown Professor of Australian Archaeology, The University of Sydney

Did Aboriginal people create an Eden-like estate or did they destroy the delicately balanced natural ecosystem they found in Australia? This talk critiques some of the latest theories and discoveries to reveal the intellectual biases and analytical constraints that underpin these debates. The magnitude of change that we can recognise in Aboriginal Australia prior to the arrival of Europeans challenges static and idealist stories of Australia’s human past.

The Academy gratefully acknowledges the support of the University of Western Australia.

Reception to follow at the Institute of Advanced Studies. RSVP by 31 July: [email protected]; Ph: 02-6125 9860
Sunday 11
10:00 - OPEN DAY - 2013 Open Day : Join us for our Centenary Open Day and experience all that UWA has to offer Website | More Information
Come and find out about our undergraduate and postgraduate courses, career options, scholarship opportunities, our valuable research, community programs and facilities.

There's also residential college tours, hands-on activities, live music, entertainment, and plenty of fun activities for the whole family as we celebrate our 100th birthday.

10:00 - OPEN DAY - Centenary Celebrations at Open Day : Join us in Winthrop Hall to help us celebrate our 100th birthday Website | More Information
We invite you to visit the Winthrop Hall Undercroft to help us celebrate our 100th birthday!

There will be something for everyone, including displays, memorabilia, historical photos, fun activities and LUMINOUSnight screenings in our special mini-theatrette.

Specialised stalls and displays include UWA Alumni; UWA Centenary; UWA Publishing; Association for the Blind of WA and Guide Dog puppies; LUMNINOUSnight photo exhibition and sale; Co-op Bookshop; Historical photo display; and fun instant photo booth!

Open all Open Day from 10am - 4pm.

10:15 - GUIDED TOUR - UWA Friends of the Grounds Tour : Discover the UWA campus on a tour hosted by the Friends of the Grounds Website | More Information
This Open Day, discover the UWA campus on a guided stroll around the buildings and gardens of the Crawley campus. Hosted by the dedicated members of the UWA Friends of the Grounds, you will visit the Sunken Garden, Geology, Tropical Grove, Reid Library, James Oval, the Japanese Garden and Winthrop Hall.

Tours depart from the Visitors Centre at 10.15am and 1.15pm

10:15 - SCREENING - LUMINOUSnight screenings at Open Day : Relive the magic with the cinema version of this amazing projection Website | More Information
On Friday 8 February 2013, 35,000 people celebrated UWA's Centenary at a once-in-a-century evening of art and culture. The centrepiece of this spectacular event was LUMINOUShall.

Experience the magic of the UWA story as projected on to the façade of Winthrop Hall during this amazing night. The filmed version will be playing on a big screen in the Dolphin Theatre. The projection will also be showing in our mini-theatrette in the Undercroft throughout the day.

Dolphin Theatre screenings at 10.15am, 2.15pm, and 3.15pm (film runs for 20 minutes).

11:00 - SCREENING - SCINEMA : SCINEMA Film Festival - A National Science Week Event Website | More Information
UWA Science Library presents SCINEMA - A National Science Week event. This film festival is screening in the Science Library foyer throughout National Science Week.

Each day will feature short films on a different scientific topic: Sunday 11th August 11am -1pm - Critters. Monday 12th August 12:30pm – 2:30pm - Space. Tuesday 13th August 12:30pm – 2:30pm - Sustainability. Wednesday 14th August 10:30am – 1:30pm - Ideas. Thursday 15th August 12:30pm – 2:30pm - Science. Friday 16th August 12:30pm – 2:30pm - Human body.

The screenings are free of charge and open to everyone, not just UWA students and staff. For more detailed program information, please contact Julianne Filardi ([email protected] Mondays –Wednesdays) or Su Zekulich ([email protected] Thursdays –Fridays). For more information on SCINEMA, please see https://www.csiro.au/scinema/index.html

11:15 - PUBLIC TALK - Three Exciting Journeys as a UWA Doctor : Western Australian of the Year, Professor Bruce Robinson, talks about three of the amazing journeys he has travelled as a UWA doctor. Website | More Information
As part of our special Open Day Centenary program of talks for the community, Professor Bruce Robinson, Western Australian of the Year 2013 and Director of 'The Fathering Project', will talk about three of the amazing journeys he has travelled as a doctor and UWA Professor of Medicine. The journey into the body to cure cancer; the journey into the community to reduce drug addiction and crime; and the journey to neighbouring countries to provide medical help in times of disaster.

Registrations are requested at: www.openday.uwa.edu.au/talks

11:15 - GUIDED TOUR - Behind the History: UWA's heritage, scandals and heroes : Take Terry Larder's amazing behind-the-scenes tour of the Crawley campus Website | More Information
This Open Day, take a 45 minute tour of the Crawley campus and explore the historic Winthrop Hall, the Chancellor's Room and the campus grounds as you hear about some of the scandals and forgotten heroes of the University. The tour will conclude with an optional climb up the Winthrop Hall tower, with has 184 steps and sits 49 metres above the heritage-listed grounds and buildings.

Tours at 11.15am and 2.15pm

12:15 - PUBLIC TALK - The Transformative Power of Education : UWA Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Johnson, will talk about the life changing power of education. Website | More Information
As part of our special Open Day Centenary program of talks for the community, UWA Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Johnson, will talk about the life changing power of education, including being the first in his family to study at university and the opportunities it has provided. Professor Johnson will explain why UWA is a world top 100 university and how global recognition and our new flexible course structure, will give UWA graduates a competitive edge in a rapidly-changing world.

RSVPs requested via the online form at www.openday.uwa.edu.au/talks

12:15 - EVENT - UWA In the Virtual World More Information
Considered world leaders in the areas of 3D art and film, UWA has been recreated in the virtual world of "Second Life". Join the founder, Jay Jay Jegathesan, on a magical journey to discover this world. For more information on UWA's virtual presence, visit www.uwainsl.blogspot.com

13:15 - PUBLIC TALK - A Unique Student Experience: From UWA Student to Young Australian of the Year 2013 : UWA Student, Akram Azimi, tells the sory of his unique student experience. Website | More Information
As part of our special Open Day Centenary program of talks for the community, UWA student Akram Azimi will talk about how grateful he is for the opportunities that have come along throughout his studies in Australia. When he started at UWA, Akram immersed himself in many of the extra-curricular activities available at both the University and St George's College. He was soon doing things he never expected! During his talk he will highlight some of the exciting adventures he has been on since starting his UWA journey and more recently as Young Australian of the Year 2013.

Registrations are recommended at: www.openday.uwa.edu.au/talks

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