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Events for the public
 August 2012
Wednesday 29
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : Green chemistry incorporating microfluidic platforms. Website | More Information
Green chemistry is about developing processes that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances in the design, manufacture and use of chemical products.

The presentation will track the development of green chemistry, as a drive towards getting the planet onto a sustainable trajectory, followed by our recent contributions to the field. This includes the use of continuous flow microfluidic platforms to control organic synthesis without generating waste, and avoiding the use of toxic reagents, with scope for carryout reactions in water as a benign solvent. The same technology can also be used to fabricate nano-particles with fine control of size, shape, phase, agglomeration and defects.

Here the ‘top down’ and ‘bottom up’ processing features in gaining access to functional materials for application in three areas facing humanity – health, energy and protecting the environment.


Professor Colin Raston is an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, and Director of the Centre fro Strategic Nano-Fabrication (Incorporating Toxicology) at The University of Western Australia (UWA), and is on the NICNAS Nano-technology Advisory Group. He has been at UWA since 2003, and has held Chairs at Griffith University, Monash University, and the University of Leeds, with previous positions at UWA as a Lecturer, and Sussex University as a Postdoctoral Fellow. He has received the Royal Australian Chemical Institute’s Green Chemistry Challenge Award, the H.G. Smith Award, the Burrows Award, and the Leighton Memorial Award, and is a former recipient of an ARC Special Investigator Award, ARC Senior Research Fellowships, and played a leading role in establishing the ARC Centre of Excellence in Green Chemistry at Monash University. He recently completed a five year term as Associate Dean Research in the Faculty of Life and Physical Sciences (2005-2009) and a three year term on the College of Experts for the Australian Research Council (2007-2009),

He has been on editorial board of several journals including Aust. J. Chem., and as Topic Editor for Crystal Growth and Design. He has completed a term as Chair of the Editorial Board of Green Chemistry, and member of the Editorial Board of Chem. Commun., and the International Advisory Committee for Angew. Chem. He is a former President of the RACI, as a Fellow of the Institute, Chairperson of the Queensland Branch, and Chairperson of the Inorganic Division. In 1996 he chaired the 17th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry in Brisbane.

Professor Raston has published over 580 journal articles, and has a book, chapters in books, and has patents on fullerene, nano-particles, calixarenes, carbon nanotube separation and surface technology. His current research interests include nano-technology incorporating sustainability, process intensification, supramolecular chemistry and green chemistry.

PS* This seminar is free and open to the public & no RSVP required.

****All Welcome****

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Prof Jeffrey Chipps Smith (Art History) Public Lecture : Jesuit Confraternities in Germany and the Art of Sensual Engagement Website | More Information
JEFFREY CHIPPS SMITH Kay Fortson Chair in European Art and Professor of Art History The University of Texas

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - **SOLD OUT** WA on the threshold...SKA and the new view of the Universe Website | More Information
UWA’s Institute of Advanced Studies, Research Services and the Centre for Software Practice present the inaugural Inquiring Minds public lecture by Peter Quinn, Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics, UWA and Director, International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR).

Professor Professor Quinn will review the current status of the international SKA effort following the announcement of the site decision in May this year that saw the project shared between Southern Africa and Australia/NZ. He will outline some of the amazing scientific and technological challenges and opportunities before us in WA as we ramp up to explore the Universe to a depth that will revolutionize our understanding of space and time.

19:30 - PERFORMANCE - Percussion Purity! : 2 Pianos: 2 Percussion Website | More Information
Percussion Purity! Masterworks from the percussion and piano repertoire come together in this extraordinary performance featuring some of West Australia's finest musicians; Paul Tanner, Louise Devenish, Graeme Gilling and Emily Green-Armytage. Works include Luciano Berio's Linea, and George Crumb's Music for a Summer Evening (Makrokosmoas lll)
Thursday 30
13:10 - EVENT - Lunchtime Concert : Associate Professor Alan Lourens (euphonium) More Information

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Climate Change: Will we cope? Website | More Information
A public lecture by Professor Chris Rapley CBE, Professor of Climate Science, University College London.

In this public lecture Professor Chris Rapley CBE will present a brief overview of the Earth system, and the evidence that human activities, especially our use of fossil fuel energy, are forcing change in the climate system at the global level. He will discuss the risks that this presents to humanity and the current mismatch between the nature and scale of actions that would mitigate climate change and those actually being taken. He will discuss the prospects for adaptation and remediation and also say a few words about communicating climate science, using the London Science Museum’s new “atmosphere” exhibition as an example.

Professor Rapley is visiting Australia as a guest of the UCL School of Energy and Resources, Australia, the university’s graduate school in Adelaide. https://www.ucl.ac.uk/australia/

This lecture is an Inspiring Australia initiative presented by the Institute of Advanced Studies at The University of Western Australia and Scitech.

Cost: Free, but seats are limited. RSVP to [email protected]

18:00 - PERFORMANCE - Winthrop Singers Choral Evensong : Evensong at St George's College Chapel Website | More Information
Responses: Tomkins

Lord’s Prayer: Stone

Canticles: Tallis Short Service

Anthem: Eslava Jesu dulcis memoria
Friday 31
9:00 - SEMINAR - Microbiology & Immunology Seminar Series: One Health - Equality for All? More Information
Professor Andrew Thompson will give a talk on "One Health - Equality for All?" in the Microbiology & Immunology Seminar room, Friday, 31 August 2012 at 09.00am. Professor Andrew Thompson Heads the Parasitology Section in the School of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences, Division of Health Sciences, Murdoch University and is a Visiting Professor of Parasitology in the Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok. He is a recent past President of the Australian Society for Parasitology and has over 30 years experience in basic and applied parasitology. His research covers the biology, taxonomy and ecology of protozoan and helminth parasites, and he is a lead investigator of a major research programme of drug discovery against vector-borne neglected tropical diseases.

 September 2012
Saturday 01
6:00 - PERFORMANCE - Dawn Chorus from Winthrop Tower : The Winthrop Singers welcome Spring from the top of Winthrop Tower Website | More Information
The Winthrop Singers welcome spring from the top of Winthrop Tower at sunrise.

Includes performance with didjeridu.

Free event.
Monday 03
18:30 - PUBLIC TALK - UWA Extension - My turbulent lifelong romance with religion : with Richard Holloway Website | More Information
At fourteen, Richard Holloway left his working-class home north of Glasgow and travelled hundreds of miles to an English monastery to be trained for the priesthood. By twenty-five, he had been ordained and was working in the slums of Glasgow. In 2000 he controversially resigned as Bishop of Edinburgh, having lost heart with the Church over its condemnation of homosexuality.

In his years as a priest Richard touched many lives, but behind his confident public face lay a mind troubled by questions. Why is the Church, which claims to be the instrument of God's love, so prone to cruelty and condemnation? And how can a person live with the tension between public faith and private doubt?

Tickets are $29 - https://www.extension.uwa.edu.au/course/CC374
Tuesday 04
12:00 - EVENT - MBA and Postgrad Expo : Come and visit UWA at the MBA and Postgrad Expo at the Parmelia Hilton Website | More Information
Come and check out our stand at the MBA and Postgrad Expo and discover how UWA can help you achieve your postgraduate study goals.

Now in its 12th year, the MBA & Postgrad Expo is the most comprehensive "one-stop-shop" to evaluate postgraduate certificates, diplomas, masters and doctorates in all disciplines.

17:00 - LECTURE - Cancelled - School of Music Presents: Distinguished International Guest lecture Series: Prof Adrian North Website | More Information
Unfortunately this event has been cancelled!

Professor Adrian North, Head of Psychology from Curtin University, will explore the role of music in our western consumer culture.

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Free Speech, Public Discourse, and the Moral Blameworthiness of Suffering Fools Website | More Information
A public lecture by Lawrence Torcello, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York.

“It is of course well known that careless talk costs lives, but the full scale of the problem is not always appreciated.” -Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

With its catastrophic effects on the planet’s vulnerable populations, climate change is a plausible candidate for the most serious moral issue of our time. The scientific consensus regarding anthropogenic climate change is firmly established, yet climate change denialism—a species the speaker refers to as ‘pseudoskepticism’—is on the rise in the industrial nations most responsible for climate change. Along with other forms of pseudoskepticism, the denial of anthropogenic global warming is encouraged by corporate sponsored public relations firms, by ideologically driven politicians, hack journalists, pundits, and ill-informed private citizens.

Established science, on the other hand, typically is promoted within professional journals and textbooks that have relatively fewer readers. Consequently, the advantage that nonsense has over the factual information critical to informed public policy is significant.

The case of global warming denialism or pseudoskepticism presents a good example of how careless or irresponsible speech in the public sphere of a few wealthy nations can have a profound, morally consequential impact on vulnerable populations around the globe. The growing pervasiveness and danger of climate change denial and other pseudoskepticisms suggests the need for a robust ethics of inquiry and public discourse, for which this lecture will argue.

This lecture is a part of the Institute of Advanced Studies 2012 lecture series ‘Global Transformation and Public Ethics’.

Cost: Free, RSVP to [email protected]
Wednesday 05
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : Hydro-environmental modelling study of tidal renewable energy schemes Website | More Information
In recent years there has been a growing international public concern about climate change, global warming, reducing the carbon footprint, increasing oil and gas prices and the rapid depletion of fossil fuel reserves.

The UK is committed to the EU renewable energy targets, with the UK being expected to produce 15% of its total energy from renewable resources by 2020. This corresponds to approximately 35% of the UK’s electricity demand, while at present only about 5% of the UK’s electricity comes from renewable resources. These issues, as well as others, including the large potential renewable resources available around the UK, have led to a renewed enthusiasm to look at increasing the generation of renewable energy from tidal resources.

In the UK, Wales can offer a number of ideal sites for exploitation of marine renewable energy around the Severn Estuary and Bristol Channel, as well as a number of locations around the North Wales Coast; in particular the 8.6 GW Severn Barrage would generate approximately 5% of the UK’s electricity needs. This presentation focuses on hydro-environmental modelling of tidal renewable energy schemes around the Welsh Coast, including Severn Barrage and tidal stream turbines.

The presentation focuses on the impact of the schemes on sediment transport, bacteria concentration, flooding as well as potential energy generated by these schemes.


Reza’s research mainly focus on hydro-environmental modelling within coastal regions. He is particularly interested in hydro-environmental modelling of marine renewable energy schemes, sediment transport and bacteria modelling, High Performance Computing and flood modelling.

Reza is currently working on two projects at Hydro-environmental Research Centre at Cardiff University, UK, looking at marine renewable schemes in the EU Atlantic Area and investigating various approaches to improve the understanding of pollution sources in the coastal area, to assist with maintaining Wales’ Blue Flag beaches by meeting the new EU Bathing Water Directive. Reza completed his BSc. and MSc. in Civil Engineering and Water Engineering at Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. He then received his PhD from Cardiff University in 2010. His research during his PhD was mainly focused on tidal renewable energy, linking models, parallelising and increasing the efficiency of the models and flood inundation and extent modelling during extreme events or as a result of dam break or embankment breach. He has been developing a flood prediction software, namely ISIS2D, with Halcrow Ltd as well as working as a research associate while doing his PhD.

PS* This seminar is free and open to the public & no RSVP required.

****All Welcome****

18:00 - PERFORMANCE - School of Music Presents: Percussion Purity! The Percussion Music of Steve Reich More Information
“There’s just a handful of living composers who can legitimately claim to have altered the direction of musical history, and Steve Reich is one of them.” Andrew Clements, The Guardian.

Loved by audiences the world over, Reich’s mesmeric compositions embrace aspects of Western Classical music, traditional African rhythms and American jazz to create a unique minimalist sound world. Fresh from time working with Reich in the US, Louise Devenish returns to Perth to direct a collection of his works for keyboard percussion instruments.

Tickets available from BOCS: www.bocsticketing.com.au / 08 9484 1133

18:00 - LECTURE - George Winterton Memorial Lecture : Republican virtues: truth leadership and responsibility More Information
Please register your attendance by emailing your name and number of guests to [email protected]

19:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - The Expanding Universe : A public lecture with Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt about the discovery that won him and his team the prize. Website | More Information
In this one off very special event for Perth, Nobel Laureate Professor Brian Schmidt will describe the discovery that won him and his team the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics, and explain how astronomers have used observations to trace the Universe's history back more than 13 billion years, leading them to ponder the ultimate fate of the cosmos.

Where: Octagon Theatre, UWA When: Wednesday September 5th, 7pm (doors open 6:45pm) Cost: Free! Tickets: www.expandinguniverse.eventbrite.com

In 1998 two teams traced back the expansion of the Universe over billions of years and discovered that it was accelerating, a startling discovery that suggests that more than 70% of the cosmos is contained in a previously unknown form of matter, called Dark Energy. In 2011 Professor Brian Schmidt, leader of the High-Redshift Supernova Search Team, was named joint winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. Brian and his team’s work on the expansion of the Universe fundamentally changed astrophysics – it opened up a whole new area of science and introduced the world to the concept of Dark Energy.
Thursday 06
13:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Berndt Museum Events : Jimmy Pike's Artlines exhibition More Information

This exhibition currently on show would not have been possible without the knowledge, expertise, and insight of the community that Jimmy Pike came from. Join the Curatorial Director of the Berndt Museum, Dr John Stanton and Professor Sandy Toussaint, Exhibition Coordinator, as they discuss, the importance of working together with Pike’s grandson, Terry Murray, to deliver an exhibition that is true to Jimmy Pike and his artistic heritage, as well as his artistic patrimony. The Berndt Museum has a long and well-recognised track record for its ongoing engagement with Aboriginal ‘communities of origin’: the Pike exhibition is its most recent affirmation.

13:10 - PERFORMANCE - School of Music Presents: Free Lunchtime Concert: Percussion Showcase Website | More Information
A free lunchtime concert showcasing percussion works for small ensemble. Works of this size are rarely performed in Western Australia. Join artists in an exploration of this facet of the genre.

17:00 - GUIDED TOUR - UWA Crawley Campus Tour 6 September 2012 : An enjoyable and informative walking tour of UWA's Crawley Campus Website | More Information
The Prospective Students Office is providing a guided walking tour of UWA's Crawley Campus after school hours(6 September 2012).

These tours are for prospective students who would like to find out more about studying at UWA whilst taking in the beautiful gardens and buildings at the Crawley campus.

The tour will include a stop at the Admissions Centre & Prospective Students Office, where you will be able to collect information and course brochures, and find out more about what life is like for our students.

Parents are also welcome to attend.

Tours run for approximately one hour and are available at various times throughout the year after business hours, in the school holidays, and on public holidays, so there is bound to be a time that suits you and your family!

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