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Today's date is Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Displaying from Thursday, March 03, 2011
 March 2011
Thursday 03
10:00 - EVENT - Writing a successful grant application : This workshop is structured to help postgraduates develop their grant writing skills More Information
Grantsmanship can make a difference! Come along and further develop your grant writing skills. This workshop, prepared in consultation with UWA researchers who have been successful in obtaining peer-reviewed funding and who have served on national reviewing bodies, will be structured to assist (...)

12:00 - TALK - Contributions of facial appearance to first impressions and group stereotypes : Why do people's physical qualities, e.g. facial appearance, influence impressions of their traits? More Information
(Time changed - now at 12noon) Leslie Zebrowitz is a social psychologist whose research concerns how and why people's physical qualities, such as facial appearance, influence impressions of their traits as well as the impact of such impressions on people’s social outcomes and psychological (...)
Friday 04
13:00 - SEMINAR - Psychology postgrad seminar : Arachnids, Attention and Anxiety: determining the causal role of biased atte More Information
Past research has proposed that an attentional bias for threatening stimuli plays a role in the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders. Such findings have led researchers to experimentally test the hypothesis that an attentional bias to threat causally contributes to anxiety, by (...)

15:00 - Colloquium - Psychology and Climate Change More Information
The climate is changing. The interesting and important challenges this poses are not about temperature and rainfall, but rather are about fundamental psychological and social issues. From denial to mitigation behaviours, the discipline of psychology has a fundamental role to play in understanding (...)
Thursday 10
13:00 - TALK - UWA Careers Centre - Credit-Suisse Recruitment Talk : Are you interested in working for Credit Suisse in full time and summer intern analyst roles? These roles are for students from ALL DISCIPLINES. Website | More Information
Credit Suisse offers intellectual challenges, exceptional rewards and global development potential for people who want to make a difference in the world. It's not about filling jobs. We are looking for people with the energy, ambition and passion to help Credit Suisse become the world's premier (...)
Friday 11
13:00 - SEMINAR - Psychology postgrad seminar : The role of interhemispheric inhibition and facilitation in modulating bimanual coupling More Information
Previous research, in humans, has documented a tendency towards synchronous and symmetrical movements in humans, referred to as bimanual coupling. Communication across the corpus callosum is critical to bimanual coupling. However, the corpus callosum supports multiple neural interactions and it is (...)

15:00 - Colloquium - An anatomy of climate deception and denial More Information
Although more than 95% of relevant domain experts agree that human CO2 emissions are altering the world’s climate, a notable segment of the public rejects the scientific evidence. What factors contribute to this rejection? To provide a broader context for this psychological issue, I first analyze (...)
Friday 18
15:00 - Colloquium - Clustering as a common principle underlying short-term memory and episodic memory More Information
A general conclusion arising from empirical and modelling work from the past 40 years is that people hierarchical structure information in short-term memory tasks such as serial recall and probed recall. Current theories assume that people cluster a large sequence into smaller subsequences, and (...)
Tuesday 22
17:00 - SUNDOWNER - UWA Psychos Sundowner + OGM : Sundowner, OGM and FRESHER REP ELECTIONS! More Information
The UWA Psychology Club (the Psychos) is proud to invite you to our 2011 Sundowner-OGM Combo, held TOMORROW!

We will be combining our meet and greet with Oxfam.

Come down to the Matilda Bay foreshore at 5pm and we'll supply all of our members with a FREE BBQ dinner, as we (...)
Friday 25
13:00 - SEMINAR - Psychology postgrad seminar : Proposal writing seminar More Information
This talk is for new phd students and will go over how to write your proposal. If you missed the retreat talk, be sure to come along.

An overview of UWA’s research proposal including the aims, format, guidelines & submission procedures will be provided. Each section of the proposal (...)

15:00 - Colloquium - Substituting Atypical Intended Actions for Routine Actions More Information
Nearly every day I turn left when I reach Vincent St to get home. One day I formed an intention while at work to buy sunscreen from the Chemist on my way home, which required me to turn right at Vincent St instead. Later that day I found myself at home without sunscreen. Failure to substitute (...)

 April 2011
Wednesday 06
16:00 - TALK - Stay Connected : The linguistic principles that enforce non-coreference in connected and disconnected statements More Information
Suppose you overhear someone say "He said Barry ordered sushi". Even if you don't have any idea who "he" is, you know one thing for certain - that "he" is not Barry. In other sentences, though, the pronoun "he" and the name "Barry" can refer to (...)
Friday 08
15:00 - Colloquium - How do pitch and time combine in music perception? More Information
A central aim of cognitive psychology is to explain how we integrate stimulus information into a unified percept, but how the dimensions of pitch and time combine in the perception of music remains a largely unresolved issue. Despite claims that these dimensions are either independent or (...)
Friday 15
15:00 - Colloquium - Peak Health - Why we will never be as healthy again as now More Information
Say ‘peak health’ and you might think “top physical fitness” and indeed several organisations have chosen this positive connotation to market their services. But apply the analogy of peak oil to the health system and the inference is that population health will deteriorate from now on. Past PM Rudd (...)

 May 2011
Friday 06
15:00 - EVENT - Refinements in the theory, measurement and application of personal values More Information
The talk will be given by Winthrop Professor Julie Lee, of the UWA Business School. Julie received her PhD from the University of Illinois in 1996. Her current research focuses on the theory, measurement and impact of personal values across cultures. Abstract: Schwartz (1992) value theory (...)
Thursday 12
12:00 - TALK - Face processing impairments in autism spectrum conditions cannot be explained by atypical reward value of face More Information
Face processing atypicalities observed in children with autism spectrum conditions (ASC) have been suggested to reflect atypical reward value of social stimuli, which leads to reduced interest and experience with faces. This claim was tested by assessing the relative reward values of attractive and (...)
Friday 13
15:00 - Colloquium - Shaping Tomorrow's World More Information
This week’s Colloquium will take a slightly different format from the usual. Instead of one presenter, we will have 4 members of a team present (Carmen Lawrence, Steven Smith, John Cook, and myself) who are the principals behind the project “Shaping Tomorrow’s World” at www.shapingtomorrowsworld.org (...)
Thursday 19
12:00 - TALK - Childrens face aftereffects transfer across changes in viewpoint : Face perception in children More Information
Face recognition performance improves during childhood, not reaching adult levels until late adolescence. Likewise, face-sensitive brain regions to not appear fully mature until a similar age. Recognition of faces across changes in viewpoint appears particularly slow to develop, suggesting that (...)
Friday 20
15:00 - Colloquium - Contemporary Migration between Western Countries: The Values of a Holistic Perspective Across Time & Space More Information
Each methodology brings us a vantage point, a place of seeing what we may otherwise have missed in the overwhelmingness of the whole. ... Each has its place. Together, the whole shall come together as jigsaw. (Smythe, 2000, p. 18)

Quantitative and qualitative research are based on (...)
Thursday 26
12:00 - TALK - Have you got the look? Facial attractiveness and gaze perception : Face perception More Information
We gain a lot of different information from faces, even when they are unfamiliar to us. For example, we can almost instantly determine the gender or emotional expression of a face, evaluate how attractive we find it, and decide whether or not that person is looking at us.

Although most (...)

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