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Today's date is Friday, March 05, 2021
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Displaying from Thursday, March 26, 2015
 March 2015
Thursday 26
19:30 - EVENT - Students making a difference : A conversation with Baquir Rezaie Website | More Information
What am I doing with my life? Where is it all going? Can one person truly make a difference?

Baqir is 28 years old. He was born in Afghanistan and arrived in Australia in 2001. After completing an Engineering degree from Adelaide University he is now working as a film maker and an (...)

 May 2015
Friday 08
15:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Radicalisation, Recruitment and the Appeal of the Islamic state Movement : Role of Islam as both a constructive and destructive force More Information
The lecture focuses on the role of Islam as both a constructive and a disruptive force. It also encourages inter-faith dialogue and aspires to building an understanding of Islam and the Muslim society. The central axis of the lecture is the way in which religious thought, individual believers and (...)
Friday 15
16:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Religious Tolerance in an age of extremes : Religious tolerance is a breeding ground for multicultural success while discrimination and ostracism leads to societal failure. More Information
We live today in what some claim to be one of the most religiously intolerant periods in history. Not only are some religious minorities believed to be fomenters of disharmony in other countries but, in our society, they are seen to mix only with their peers, wear distinctly un-Australian clothing (...)

18:00 - FUNDRAISER - Open Mic : It's a chance to tell stories, recite poetry, share reflections and music. The stage is open to all! More Information
Completely FREE but donations for Nepal are graciously welcome! If you're a young musician trying to get people to hear your sound, or perhaps a comedian just starting out; performing at an open mic night is a great way to get heard. You never know who may be in attendance. There are 12 Open Mic (...)
Monday 18
19:00 - FUNDRAISER - Fundraising Auction for Nepal Earthquake Apeeal : Let's join hands in providing help to the people of Nepal who have suffered an earthquake of 8 magnitude. More Information
The 7.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on 25 April has already claimed the lives of more than 7,000 people with an estimated eight million people affected. The Red Cross is at the forefront of the international response, sending shelter and water and sanitation specialists, setting up (...)
Thursday 21
16:00 - EVENT - Strategic Forecasting in the Middle East:ISIS : Each of the speakers are experts in their flied of work and will provide an interesting and engaging presentation on their perspective of the current situation in the Middle East and it's political future. More Information
Professor Samina Yasmeen is the Director of Centre for Muslim States and Societies. Dr. Leila Mcharek is a honorary fellow at the Centre for Muslim States and Societies at UWA with an impressive background working in Tunisia as a professor, British Embassy Officer and UN Human Rights Officer. Her (...)

 July 2015
Wednesday 29
10:00 - SEMINAR - Iranian Foreign Relations : Iranian Foreign Relations in the context of the recent nuclear deal Website | More Information
The recent nuclear deal between Iran and the P5+1 has marked a shift in regional balance of power with diverse reactions emerging from regional and global actors. Against the backdrop of the historic framework agreement on Iran's nuclear programme, the CMSS is pleased to organize the seminar given (...)

 August 2015
Tuesday 25
18:30 - EVENT - WXED EDUCATION : If you can read this, thank a teacher, and the movement which brought schools and universities worldwide. A critical history of Christian cultural impact on education. Website | More Information
The church borrowed from every religion and culture to create what is now a system of secular schools and universities that spans most of the world. There are also four corruptions that have detracted from that record. Let's unpack the story. This is the fourth in a series this month at Trinity (...)

 September 2015
Friday 11
16:00 - CONFERENCE - International Conference on Women and Jihad: Radicalisation, De-radicalisation and Human Rights Website | More Information
The conference will develop understanding of the role Muslim women play as agents of radicalisation or de-radicalisation in contemporary world, and its impact on human rights especially of women and children. It seeks to explore how Muslim women have either participated as supporters and combatants (...)

 October 2015
Monday 12
18:15 - PUBLIC LECTURE - 2015 Joan Trevelyan Memorial Lecture Website | More Information
The lecture will explore Islam's position on the issue of khilafah and nationality and discuss related questions, including

How do we differentiate between the religious terms and the common words used in the religious sources?

What does the word khalifah signify?

Is (...)
Tuesday 27
16:00 - SEMINAR - Panel Discussion on In Pursuit of Peace in South Asia Website | More Information
Recently South Asia has undergone a number of tensions. Pakistan and India view each other as the problem, while at the same time the region suffers from natural and other threats such as lack of energy, water resources, and migration of peoples. The panel discussion explores the possibilities of (...)

 November 2015
Thursday 12
16:00 - SEMINAR - Bringing Turkey (Back) into Asia More Information
Contemporary views of Turkey tend to focus on the country’s links and connections with the Middle East and/or Europe. However, the country’s considerable contacts with Asia, both historically and in the present, have remained largely obscured. Japan, in particular played an important role for (...)
Tuesday 17
16:00 - EVENT - Europe's refugee "crisis": Is there an "Australian solution"? Website | More Information
Europe in 2015 has witnessed refugees approaching its borders in large numbers, leading to an atmosphere of crisis and sharp divergences amongst European elites over how best to respond. In this lecture, Professor Maley shows how refugees are constituted through the Westphalian system of states (...)

 May 2016
Friday 13
18:00 - SCREENING - Don't Panik: Rap and Islam -- Documentary Screening More Information
CMSS screens Don't Panik: Rap and Islam -- a documentary by Keira Maameri


Don't Panik is a French documentary that captures Muslim rappers' positions regarding identity, religion and rap as public figures, through questions brought out by film director, Keira (...)
Thursday 19
18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Game Changer in the Region? More Information
China-Pakistan Economic Corridor is viewed as part of Chinese efforts to revive the Silk Road network across South and West Asian region. The project, with a projected cost of $46 billion, has been identified as a significant development in China’s relationship with Pakistan through its (...)

 June 2016
Monday 27
16:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Islam and Gender Issues More Information
Public Lecture on Islam and Gender Issues by Professor Anis Ahmad, followed by an Iftar (breaking fast). The lecture will focus on contemporary issues relating to Muslim women. Professor Ahmad will approach these issues through his research on Islamic theological and jurisprudential perspectives.< (...)

 August 2016
Wednesday 03
16:30 - SEMINAR - Religion, State and Society Seminar Series: Notes on the Epistemology of Religious Violence Website | More Information
CMSS’s Religion, State & Society Seminars will explore the role of religion in shaping lived experiences of Muslims in the contemporary globalised world. This involves exploring the interaction between Muslims and non-Muslim in political, social, cultural and economic spheres at local, national (...)
Friday 05
12:00 - EVENT - Bangladesh at the Crossroads: Threat of Militancy and Radicalisation More Information
Bangladesh has witnessed a rise in violence targeted at bloggers, writers, intellectuals, members of minority faith groups, and foreigners, by groups claiming to be affiliated with Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) and the Islamic State (IS). The seminar will explain the latest situation (...)
Wednesday 17
16:30 - SEMINAR - Religion, State and Society Seminar Series: Comparative Analysis of Jihadi Narratives in Pakistan Website | More Information
CMSS’s Religion, State & Society Seminars will explore the role of religion in shaping lived experiences of Muslims in the contemporary globalised world. This involves exploring the interaction between Muslims and non-Muslim in political, social, cultural and economic spheres at local, national (...)
Friday 26
18:00 - EVENT - Bazm-e-Sarfraz 2016 - with Rehan Alavi Website | More Information
Bazm-e-Sarfraz is CMSS’s annual event commemorating the contributions made by Begum Sarfraz Iqbal (1939-2003) towards promoting Urdu literature and championing the cause of inter-communal harmony. At this year’s event, Mr Rehan Alavi, prominent author and Executive Producer at SBS Radio, will have (...)

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