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Today's date is Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Displaying from Tuesday, October 30, 2012
 October 2012
Tuesday 30
16:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - The Islamisation Phenomenon in Malaysia : Mr Bob Olivier will be discussing the Islamisation phenomenon that has been occurring around the world in recent decades that has had a significant impact on Muslim communities. More Information
The Islamisation phenomenon that has been occurring around the world in recent decades has had a significant impact on Muslim communities, whether they are in Muslim-majority countries, or as immigrant communities in host countries such as Europe, the US and Australia. It has also had an indirect (...)

 November 2012
Monday 19
17:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - A distinguished panel of guests discussing the issue of "Australia in the Asian Century Beyond the White Paper" : A panel of experts would explore these ideas and beyond to answer the question: How does Australia sustain cooperative and mutually beneficial relations with its neighbours in the Asian Century. More Information
The Australian Government has acknowledged the rise of Asia in the 21st century as the paradigm through which it will shape its relationship with its neighbours. The recent White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century by Dr Ken Henry has outlined a roadmap for greater engagement by strengthening (...)

 January 2013
Tuesday 22
12:00 - - CMSS Celebrating Australia Day : Multicultural Pot Luck Picnic Lunch More Information
Bring along your favourite dish and share with others to celebrate Australia Day

 March 2013
Tuesday 05
13:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) in Iran : Occasional Research Conversation with Dr. Anahita Movassagh Riegler More Information
Dr Anahita Movassagh Riegler will discuss her PhD which she has recently completed at the Faculty of Law, UWA. The topic Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is rooted in the inequality of power between men and women. In countries where patriarchal attitudes are dominant, such as in some Muslim (...)
Thursday 14
17:00 - STUDENT EVENT - first flock : A Welcome to First-Year students hosted by the Cultural Precinct Website | More Information
The Cultural Precinct invites all first-year students for a welcome-party at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery on Thursday 14th March 2013.

First Flock will have refreshments, prizes, entertainment and will also coincide with the launch of a new initiative - the UWA Cultural Precinct (...)
Thursday 21
17:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - Muslims, Democracy and the 21st Century by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi : Javed Ahmad Ghamidi is an internationally renowned scholar of Islam who has contributed to debates on the role of Islam in Muslim societies. More Information
Mr Ahmad has authored numerous books and lectured widely on Islam and Muslim issues including democracy, blasphemy law, rights of citizens particularly women, and terrorism. Born in Pakistan in 1951, he holds a BA in English Literature and Philosophy from the Government College, Lahore (1972) and (...)
Tuesday 26
13:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Tunisian Women in the Arab Spring by Dr Leila Ben Mcharek : What makes Tunisia an exception in the Arab world as far as women’s rights are concerned ? More Information
What makes Tunisia an exception in the Arab world as far as women’s rights are concerned ? What role did Tunisian women play in the Revolution (17 December 2010- 14 January 2011) ? What is the status of Tunisian women since the Revolution ? What are the main debates involving women’s status and (...)
Wednesday 27
18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - What Ever Happened to Professional Ethics : Recovering an Ethic of Vocation in an Age of 'Values'. An ETHOS event Website | More Information
Ian packer is the deputy director of ETHOS and a frequent contributor to publications on critical issues. Ethos is a national network of outstanding Christian thinkers and activists drawn together into a series of standing think-tanks. ETHOS is committed to ongoing, in-depth analysis of critical (...)

 April 2013
Tuesday 09
18:00 - SCREENING - Pre-release Screening : Free China, the Courage to Believe Website | More Information

The fates of a woman living in Beijing and a man living in New York become inextricably linked because of a common conviction…

The multi-award winning “Free China: The Courage To Believe” tells (...)
Monday 15
13:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Morning after the Arab Spring : CMSS has invited Nina Markovic from the UNA Centre for European Studies, to explain the EU’s multi-dimensional foreign policy towards the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. More Information
This lecture aims to explain the EU’s multi-dimensional foreign policy towards the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, which is a vitally important neighbourhood for the future of the entire Union and its members. In the EU’s security strategy, the risk of failing states is seen as a major (...)

17:00 - SCREENING - CMSS "Crossing the Line" a documentary film by Anita Barar : An Australian film about the partition of India in 1947. More Information
In 1947, when India attained freedom from the British Empire, a line was drawn on the map of India on the basis of religious majority creating two countries – India and Pakistan. Millions crossed the line and massive violence and slaughter occurred on both sides. The history of humanity has (...)
Thursday 18
18:30 - SCREENING - 5 Broken Cameras - film screening : Acadamy award nominated documentary from Palestine Website | More Information
Presented by Students for Palestine (UWA) and Friends of Palestine (WA) [entry by donation]

The first ever Palestinian documentary film to be nominated for an Oscar, 5 Broken Cameras is a firsthand account of non-violent resistance in Bil’in, a West Bank village threatened by encroaching (...)
Tuesday 23
12:00 - EVENT - ARCHBISHOP's MASS AND LUNCH : Annual visit by the new Catholic Archbishop to offer Mass in the UWA chapel, followed by lunch together More Information
All welcome to the Mass and Lunch, either or both, starting at 12 noon. Mass is offerd by the new Catholic Archbishop of Perth, Timothy Costello. Lunch will be served after Mass. The UWA Chapel is on the first floor above the Village Cafe in the Guild Courtyard, that is one floor below the medical (...)
Tuesday 30
13:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Elections in Pakistan 11 May 2013: Possible Scenarios : CMSS Panel Discussion on who would win the elections in Pakistan on May 11, 2013? More Information
For the first time in Pakistan’s history, a democratically elected government has completed its term and has stepped down. Pakistani nation will be casting its vote to elect a new government on 11 May 2013. These elections are a good omen for the political and democratic culture of Pakistan as it (...)

 May 2013
Tuesday 07
17:30 - BOOK LAUNCH - The Myth of “Islamic Terrorism”: Religion, Politics and the Making of Terrorism in Pakistan. : Author Eamon Murphy demonstrates that the root causes of terrorism in Pakistan have little to do with the teachings of Islam but rather lie in more mundane political, social and historical developments. More Information
Ever since 9/11, “Islamic terrorism” has been regarded by Western political leaders, the media and a great number of academics and terrorism experts as the most serious security threat facing Western countries and their allies. Pakistan in particular has, with some exaggeration, been singled out by (...)
Thursday 09
13:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Visiting Fellow Dr Sanu Kainikara will present India in the 21 Century: An Emerging Global Power? : The presentation will look at the current situation in India in terms of its economic development, political landscape and demographic changes that directly influence its strategic path and progress. More Information
The presentation will look at the current situation in India in terms of its economic development, political landscape and demographic changes that directly influence its strategic path and progress. It will then examine the possibility of India emerging as a genuine global power in the future. In (...)
Friday 17
7:15 - EVENT - CMSS Breakfast Panel Discussion: Pakistan After the Elections. : CMSS is holding breakfast with a panel discussion to address what challenges may face the new Pakistan Government? More Information
The Pakistan Elections on 11 May 2013 have brought the Pakistan Muslim League (N) back to power with Nawaz Sharif becoming Prime Minister for the third time. What are the challenges being faced by the new government, and how it is likely to respond? The speakers will be:

Winthrop (...)

 June 2013
Monday 10
14:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - CMSS The Arab Spring At Two and a Half: Lessons, Challenges, and Opportunities. : Visiting Research Professor Dr Emile Nakhleh at New Mexico will highlight the lessons, challenges, and opportunities for the region and major foreign powers. More Information
“As the Arab Spring enters its third year, new Arab democracies are struggling with a myriad of serious issues, which could impact the future success or failure of democratic transitions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, and other countries in the region. These issues include governance; Islamic (...)
Thursday 13
13:00 - PRESENTATION - Preparing and presenting a Three Minute Thesis talk : Guidelines on how to present a suitable talk for UWA's 3MT competition in 2013. Website | More Information
The rules and details of UWA's Three Minute Thesis Competition will be described, and guidance will be given on how to present a talk suitable for this event. Doctoral and Masters Researchers, ECRs and academics within 7 years of PhD completion are eligible to compete.
Monday 24
9:00 - CONFERENCE - Call for Paper: ROGE-2013 (London-UK): International Conference of Restructuring of the Global Economy : ROGE-2013 Website | More Information
CALL FOR PAPERS The Academy of Business & Retail Management is proud to have an established record to organising and managing international academic conferences. Please join us for one of our annual conferences in location given below. All our Conference seek to elucidate a wealth of issues (...)

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