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Today's date is Thursday, October 29, 2020
School of Civil and Resource Engineering
 August 2012
Monday 20
8:00 - EVENT - ACG Practical Rock Mechanics Short Course (Introduction) : This course is designed to develop specific underground mining geomechanics competencies for mine geologists and engineers so their contribution to mine site geomechanics programmes is enhanced. Website | More Information
Short course topics • Geomechanics data collection • Intact rock • Discontinuities • Rock mass classification • Stress measurements • Rock fracture criteria • Underground geomechanics design • Numerical modelling • Monitoring The course could be of particular benefit to geomechanics personnel with limited practical experience and is applicable to both open pit and underground mining personnel.
Wednesday 22
8:00 - COURSE - ACG Ground Support in Mining Short Course (Introduction) : This basic level course has been developed to cover both the technical and practical aspects of ground support for open pit and underground metalliferous and coal mines. Website | More Information
Short course topics • Types of ground instability in underground and surface excavations. • Mechanisms of reinforcing and supporting rock. • Bolting alternatives and their relative performance. • Support design techniques including practical constraints on design. • Support installation methods and minimum standards of installation quality. • Quality assurance programmes. • Support costs and monitoring the support design. • Rockfalls and mine seismicity in underground mines. • Ground support in highly deformable ground. • Case studies from the coal and metalliferous industries. Each topic will be illustrated by case history examples from surface and underground mines.
Friday 24
9:00 - SEMINAR - SPE Drilling Essentials Course : Educational Course by Intertek Moody for Oil & Gas Careers More Information
Want to learn more about the lucrative Oil and Gas industry but don’t know where to start? Thinking about a career in Oil and Gas? Interested in adding a professionally accredited course to your résumé? The UWA Society of Petroleum Engineers is pleased to sponsor the Drilling Essentials course presented by Intertek Moody, valued at $3,000+. The event is open to UWA students from all disciplines interested in learning more about the industry, and no prior knowledge is required. If you’re interested in attending, please email Michael at [email protected] to register. Get in fast as the event is limited to the first 30 students.
Tuesday 28
13:00 - EVENT - SIFE Information Session : Find out more about SIFE UWA and our latest projects Website | More Information
SIFE is a global network of university teams competing in over 40 countries, creating change in the lives of others through the positive power of business.

Being the 2012 National Australian Champions, SIFE UWA will be travelling to Washington D.C in September to represent Australia at the SIFE World Cup. SIFE UWA has projects in areas including financial literacy, environmental sustainability and economic development whilst simultaneously impacting communities across Australia and beyond.

Want to help make a difference and gain invaluable business experience?? SIFE UWA is looking for talented, switched-on students from a range of disciplines to help us make a difference.

If you are interested in getting involved, we would like to invite you to the SIFE UWA Information Session WHEN: 1pm, Tuesday 28th of August, 2012 WHERE: Law Lecture Room 1, G.31

For more information – please contact [email protected]

 September 2012
Saturday 22
8:00 - WORKSHOP - Prevention is Better than Cure: the Causes, Consequences and Control of Soil Erosion in Mine Rehabilitation Website | More Information
This one day workshop held prior to Mine Closure Conference will be presented as a series of interactive presentations and participatory exercises. On successful completion of this workshop, participants will be able to: Understand the role of soil erosion and its control in landscape reclamation and restoration; Understand the drivers, mechanics and processes of erosion of slope forming materials; Undertake erosion risk assessment using a range of techniques, including the use of erosion prediction models (practical exercise; Recognise the on-site and off-site impacts of erosion and sediment production; Understand the principles of soil erosion control and soil conservation; Select, design and evaluate appropriate techniques for the protection of soil and other slope forming materials, using vegetation, inert materials and/or engineering structures (case study exercise).

8:00 - EVENT - Sustainable Mining Now and Landform Design Course Website | More Information
This workshop, held prior to Mine Closure Conference, will teach participants how they can help mines transition to sustainable mining now. Participants will learn why it is both in a mine’s business interest and society’s interest to be mining sustainable now. During the workshop the presenters will outline the concrete steps and efforts required for a mine to transition to sustainable mining over a three-year period. Attendees will be given a chance to work through two examples – starting sustainable mining with a new mine in the exploration stage, and transitioning a mine that is reaching midlife.
Sunday 23
8:00 - WORKSHOP - Working with Communities Facing Closure Workshop : Workshop held prior to the Mine Closure Conference Website | More Information
Community engagement or community enragement? Good community engagement is the cornerstone of collaborative planning and a key feature of successful transformation and regeneration initiatives, yet community consultations can often be more confrontational than conversational. Recognising that the way in which we approach the conversation around post-mining legacies can set the tone and scope of the entire closure programme. Successful community engagement doesn’t make assumptions about its audience; instead, it ensures that everyone participates in some way, not necessarily the same way. Community-led initiatives across the world are developing techniques and approaches that can provide useful insights when planning for post-mining outcomes. Join the Post-Mining Alliance in a one day workshop to explore learning from within and outside the sector about how we can hold better conversations with local communities about the future.

8:00 - WORKSHOP - Use of Geochemical Data in Addressing Environmental Problems in the Mining Industry Workshop : Workshop held prior to the Mine Closure Conference Website | More Information
A one day workshop on the application of geochemical data in the assessment of the mining environment specifically designed for mine personnel having no formal training in environmental geochemistry, and only rudimentary understanding of geochemistry and geochemical data. Environmental geochemical assessment mining and the storage of waste rock and tailings have become integral and vital parts of mine planning, management and closure. Whilst mines employ environmental officers and may have significant environmental departments, normally few have had formal training in environmental geochemistry. Such training is also far from universal amongst staff of consultancies advising the mining industry. This workshop provides a theoretical foundation to the impacts of metals and other chemical substances encountered on the mine site on the natural environment, and practical advice on the acquisition, interpretation and reporting of environmental geochemical data. In addition to well-illustrated presentations on individual topics, it will encourage discussion of individual problems and cases raised by those attending. Who should attend? The workshop will be of interest to anyone associated with the mining industry who has ever been in possession of the results of geochemical analysis relating to the environment or has had to address a chemical contamination problem and thought, “where do I begin?”. Material presented in the workshop is designed for mine personnel with only rudimentary experience in geochemistry and likely have no formal training in environmental geochemistry. As such, it would be of value to a wide variety of mining (and consulting) personnel who have need to report on the geochemical aspects of the mine site, including mine managers, environmental officers, waste rock and tailings managers, geologists and engineers.
Monday 24
8:00 - WORKSHOP - Delivering Effective Rehabilitation: Monitoring and Manipulating the Soil Biota for Success Workshop : Workshop held prior to the Mine Closure Conference Website | More Information
This is a one day workshop designed for environmental mangers, regulators and consultants who wish to understand more about how the biology of the soil functions and how it can be used in the monitoring and management of mine site rehabilitation. Workshop objectives: On the successful completion of the workshop the participants will be able to: understand the size, composition and activity of the soil biological community and its control on plant community assembly and growth, understand the roles of different trophic levels of the soil biota and their roles in nutrient cycling and decomposition processes, recognise the importance of plant-microbe symbioses and how these can be manipulated, know what is required to monitor soil ecological development in context.

8:00 - WORKSHOP - Designing for Closure: Appropriate Design Criteria and Methods of Analysis Workshop : Workshop held prior to the Mine Closure Conference Website | More Information
Review of ANCOLD guidelines on designing using risk-based methodology, choosing an appropriate design earthquake, characterising seismic design parameters for tailings, methods of analysis, field testing to determine liquefaction potential.
Tuesday 25
8:00 - CONFERENCE - ACG 7th International Conference on Mine Closure : The conference series is a well recognised international forum that puts technical excellence first. These events provide industry professionals committed to responsible and sustainable mining with a unique opportunity to interact with their counterparts from different countries, and share ideas and experiences on innovations related to mine closure design, planning and operation. Website | More Information
The series of international conferences on mine closure was initiated in 2006 by the Australian Centre for Geomechanics. It has since been held in Chile, 2007; South Africa, 2008; Perth, Australia, 2009; Chile, 2010; and Canada, 2011. These conferences provide industry professionals committed to responsible and sustainable mining with a unique opportunity to interact with their counterparts from different countries, and share ideas and experiences on innovations related to mine closure design, planning and operation. Attendance at Mine Closure 2012 will provide you with an opportunity to learn from many national and international experts about the rapidly developing and expanding field of acceptable mine closure. Aside from the technical conference, there will be a trade show, relevant and topical workshops, and social activities. Brisbane is home to some of the world’s most exciting and progressive mining operations, as well as closed and rehabilitated mines. We look forward to welcoming you to Brisbane.

 October 2012
Tuesday 09
16:00 - WORKSHOP - Business Awareness Workshop : Start to make your idea a reality in this interactive workshop for young people aged 15-21 More Information
You might have a great idea, but are you ready for the business world?

Whether you are working on a specific project or have a bunch of ideas that might be a future business or product, this workshop will help you get started!

Our presenter, Jane Garrett is an entrepreneur with firsthand experience of the path to success and can help you develop your skills. Jane is passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship and is the instigator and program director of the inspirational ‘Ignition’ program for inventors and business developers at the Curtin Centre for Entrepreneurship. Jane is also a regular contributor to the WA Innovator of the Year program and part of the WA Innovation Centre Team.

Come and join the discussions and learn!

Register your interest with Kerry for a tour of the Scitech workshop where we make our amazing exhibitions. Tour will start at 3.00pm. Refreshments and complimentary entry to Scitech are included in the ticket price.
Tuesday 16
17:30 - SCREENING - UPS Screening Night : A free screening of Alien More Information
As part of a tradition at the University Physics Screening, fortnightly screenings of various Science Fiction Movies, documentaries and famous recorded lectures will continue screening weekly all through this semester.

This week's screening features the sci-fi classic 'Alien'

FREE ENTRY, and drinks and snacks can be purchased at the door
Wednesday 17
8:30 - EVENT - Australia China Business Council Education Forum 2012 : Chinese Language and Cultural Competency in Schools and Industry - Real Links to a Sustainable Relationship Website | More Information
Whilst trade and enterprise have led Australia's bilateral relations with China, education promotes mutual understanding and long lasting links. This year's forum will focus on developing Chinese language and cultural competency in schools, universities and industry. His Excellency Mr Chen Yuming, Chinese Ambassador to Australia, will provide the keynote address and a panel of business leaders and education representatives will share their experiences.
Thursday 18
12:00 - SEMINAR - Accomplished Education Researcher Seminar Series : Sliding Doors in Academe: Idiosyncrasies of autobiography and controversy in psychometrics Website | More Information

“Individual(s) ….embrace a new paradigm for all sorts of reasons ... . Some of these … lie outside the sphere of science entirely. Others depend upon idiosyncrasies of autobiography….” (Kuhn, 1970, p.l52). I will highlight some “idiosyncrasies of autobiography” that have led to enjoying an academic life – the opportunity to research and teach, to construct and communicate knowledge. I plan to illustrate how psychometrics, a field in which I had the opportunity to ignore or embrace an emergent, non-standard statistical paradigm, has lead beyond mathematical modelling to areas such as the philosophy of science, the sociology of knowledge and academic controversy. I plan to also illustrate the challenges in negotiating the complex world of academic research and communication.
Wednesday 24
8:00 - WORKSHOP - ACG-ANCOLD Design of Tailings Storage Facilities for Seismic Loading Conditions: Operational and Long Term (Post Closure) Considerations Workshop Website | More Information
The “Design of tailings storage facilities for seismic loading conditions: operational and long term considerations” workshop is being held in collaboration with the Australian Centre for Geomechanics (ACG). This will be a full day workshop and will include presentations from experienced industry practitioners. Topics covered in the workshop will include: status and review of the ANCOLD Guidelines on Design of Dams for Earthquake; selection of the design earthquake; liquefaction assessment of the tailings; analysis and design of dams for earthquakes; and dam break analysis, including discussion of historical dam failures. The workshop is aimed to provide education to both tailings storage facility owners and designers. Applicable case studies and examples will be discussed. Selected workshop notes and presentation slides will be provided to the attendees.
Wednesday 31
18:00 - PRESENTATION - 'Becoming an Engineer with UWA' info evening : Prospective students and their parents are invited to attend one of our info sessions to learn more about how to achieve an engineering career with UWA. Website | More Information
Prospective students are invited to attend one of our info sessions to learn more about how to achieve an engineering career with UWA. These sessions will explain course details, career opportunities, prerequisite subjects and how to apply, as well as providing the opportunity for attendees to ask questions and meet Faculty staff.

Whether you're coming to the end of your time at high school and are considering your university study options, or you already have an undergraduate degree and are looking to re-skill or complete postgraduate study, our 'Becoming an Engineer with UWA' information sessions will provide you with the information you need to get your career in engineering headed in the right direction.

If you can't make it to this session, a further session will be held in on 28 November.

Please visit the website for more information and to register your attendance.

 November 2012
Monday 05
8:00 - WORKSHOP - WAIMOS Science Meeting : The Western Australian Integrated Marine Observing System - Science Meeting. For any enquiries and registration contact Agi Gedeon, Manager WAIMOS on [email protected] or x2022. More Information
The Western Australian Integrated Marine Observing System - Annual Science Meeting will present the collaborative and cross-disciplinary uptake of freely accessible coastal and open ocean datastreams. Marine scientists, modellers and engineers, oceanographers and biologists will find this meeting of interest. For any enquiries and registration please contact Agi Gedeon, Manager WAIMOS on [email protected] or x2022.

8:00 - COURSE - Blasting for Stable Slopes Course Website | More Information
The objective of blasting is to optimise the cost-effectiveness of the excavation process through the fragmentation and displacement of rock from its in situ condition to a highly diggable muckpile. The aim of wall control is to optimise the stability of a rock wall exposed by excavation through the control of fragmentation, displacement, vibration and overbreak. The success of mining and quarrying operations depends on both of these aims being achieved despite the conflict of purpose that may exist. This course will examine the mechanisms and possible extent of damage to the rock structure behind the face from blasting and the influence that has on the stability of pit walls. The course includes consideration of the mechanisms of rock breakage that operate within a blast and considers means of optimising wall damage adjacent to the blast.
Thursday 08
18:00 - ORATION - The Lloyd's Register Educational Trust Oration, Australia : Geotechnical engineering on and off the North-West Shelf of Australia More Information
The Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust (The LRET) funds education, training and research programmes in transportation, science, engineering, technology and the safety of life, worldwide for the benefit of all.

The Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems carries out fundamental research in the areas of the mechanics of seabed sediments, offshore geohazards and of offshore foundation and engineering systems and use our expertise to service the offshore petroleum and renewable energy industries. We currently host The Lloyd’s Register Educational Trust Centre of Excellence and Chair of Offshore Foundations.

Following the talk there will be an informal cocktail function outside the lecture theatre until 9pm.

RSVP by 18 October to Eileen Rowles.

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