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Today's date is Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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Displaying from Thursday, February 27, 2014
 February 2014
Thursday 27
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Small group teaching: Seminars and Tutorials Website | More Information
In this workshop, you will examine a range of strategies for facilitating discussion and running engaging, interactive classes.

16:00 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Seminar Series : Holocene palaeoecological change and Aboriginal resource management in the northern Swan Coastal Plain More Information
Humans modify their ecological niche in many ways, including the use of fire to control, remove or alter faunal or botanical resource availability. Niche modification may be deliberate or incidental, but recognising these interactions is critical to understanding the development of adaptations and (...)
Friday 28
10:00 - SYMPOSIUM - Lung Symposium Website | More Information
“The utilisation of transcriptomics and breathomics in airway Diseases”

Prof Peter J. Sterk Head of Research, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam

“Hedgehog pathway: a novel target for mesothelioma”

Prof Steve (...)

13:00 - SEMINAR - Inaugural Clinical & Translational Research Seminar : Advice on increasing WA NHMRC clinical funding Website | More Information
The School of Medicine and Pharmacology (SCGH Unit) invites you to attend the: Inaugural Clinical and Translational Research Seminar

For Senior Clinicians and Translational Researchers

Speaker: Dr Nik Zeps - Research group leader at St John of God Health Care; Group (...)

15:00 - SEMINAR - Groups and Combinatorics Seminar, Subgroup covering numbers of symmetric groups More Information
Eric Swartz (UWA)

will speak on

Subgroup covering numbers of symmetric groups

at 3pm Friday February the 28th in Weatherburn Lecture Theatre.


Let G be a group. The subgroup covering number of G is defined to be the least integer m (...)

15:45 - FREE LECTURE - Free Lecture: Reaching new heights in astronomy: The European Southern Observatory : In this lecture, Professor Tim de Zeeuw, Director General of the ESO, will describe ESO’s current suite of programs, the telescopes that make the discoveries possible and what’s on the horizon for one of the world’s premier astronomical institutions. Website | More Information
The European Southern Observatory (ESO) is the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organisation in Europe and the world’s most productive astronomical observatory.

ESO telescopes have made some of the most significant astronomical discoveries of recent times, including the supermassive (...)

19:00 - CONCERT - Assembled - Piñata Percussion : The newly formed Piñata Percussion is comprised of undergraduate percussion students from the UWA School of Music. Directed by Louise Devenish, Piñata Percussion places a special emphasis on programming works by Australian composers, including established, emerging and student composers. Website | More Information
Directed by Louise Devenish, Piñata Percussion places a special emphasis on programming works by Australian composers, including established, emerging and student composers.

$10 at the door - unreserved seating

 March 2014
Tuesday 04
13:00 - EVENT - “Seeing is believing – Monitoring Ligand-receptor binding in time and space” Website | More Information
Professor Stephen Hill studied Pharmacology in Bristol (BSc, 1976) and then undertook PhD studies in the Department of Pharmacology in Cambridge (PhD 1979). After postdoctoral studies in Cambridge (1979-1981) he was appointed to a lecturer position in the Department of Pharmacy at the University (...)

13:00 - SYMPOSIUM - Application of Light Technologies across the Spectrum of Biomedical Research Website | More Information
1.00pm: Perkins Seminar and Raine Lecture Raine Visiting Professor Stephen Hill University of Nottingham “Seeing is believing – Monitoring ligand-receptor binding in time and space”

2.00pm: Networking and lunch courtesy of BMG Labtech

2.45pm: Associate Professor Kevin Pfleger H (...)

13:00 - SEMINAR - The Role of Vascular Basement Membranes in Cerebral Vessel Structural and Functional Integrity : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series More Information
The Seminar: Basement membrane (BM) composition varies with both blood vessel and with tissue type. Of all BM components, the laminin family shows the greatest variability and represents the biological active component of BMs, interacting with a wide repertoire of integrin and non-integrin (...)

16:30 - FREE LECTURE - School of Music Presents: Research Seminar Series - Winthrop Professor Benjamin Smith: Archaeomusicology: some thoughts on the origins of music Website | More Information
Archaeomusicology: some thoughts on the origins of music

This seminar will be dominantly grounded in the archaeology of Africa. Early music is archaeologically elusive. The first plausible musical implements only appear in the archaeological record after modern humans reached Europe, but (...)
Wednesday 05
16:00 - SEMINAR - Microbes and turbulence : This seminar series is part of the CWR at UWA. Website | More Information
Microbes have been studied forever. So has turbulence. In a broad range of environments, microbes are routinely exposed to turbulence, yet physicists have ignored microbes and biologists have ignored turbulence. In this talk I will illustrate the fascinating dynamics that unfold when microbes are (...)
Friday 07
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to LMS: LMS for Tutors Website | More Information
UWA's learning management system provides a variety of tools, features and interactions in an online environment for supporting teaching and learning experiences at UWA. Different roles have different access and capabilities for using the system, and there are two tutor roles - a grading role and a (...)

13:30 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar Series : Globalization, Translation and Transmission: the Reproduction of Sino Judaic Cultural Identity in Kaifeng, China More Information
In January 1993 the Kaifeng Municipality announced the launch of the Construction Office of the Jewish History Museum “in accordance with the country’s policy in foreign affairs, minorities and religion.” The museum was meant to commemorate the historical community of Kaifeng’s Jews, established in (...)

15:00 - SEMINAR - Groups and Combinatorics Seminar, Factorizations of almost simple groups with a soluble factor More Information
Binzhou Xia (Peking University)

will speak on

Factorizations of almost simple groups with a soluble factor

at 3pm Friday March the 7th in Weatherburn Lecture Theatre.


Factorizations of almost simple groups arise in many contexts. I (...)
Saturday 08
8:00 - EVENT - UWA CPD Health Cardiovascular Seminar : The seminar will investigate current developments in cardiovascular disease management in WA. Website | More Information
Presentations from internationally renowned speakers will explore a range of interventions to improve the health and wellbeing of patients with cardiovascular disease.
Monday 10
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Teaching Large Classes: Active Learning in Lectures Website | More Information
The workshop will introduce you to the theory behind Active Learning, model a range of Active Learning strategies, and give you some practical tips and techniques to help you develop appropriate Active Learning activities for your lectures. The workshop focus is on face-to-face teaching and will (...)

12:30 - WORKSHOP - Assessment: Developing Rubrics Website | More Information
This workshop will provide an overview of what a rubric is and the steps involved in development. The practical hands-on workshop will allow staff to consider their current/future assessment tasks and effective ways of assessing these using rubrics.
Tuesday 11
13:00 - SEMINAR - The role of natural immunity, drugs and vaccines against Hepatitis C : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series More Information
The Speaker: Associate Professor Silvana Gaudieri completed her PhD in the area of immunogenetics at UWA and then undertook post-doctoral training at the National Institute of Genetics in Japan and Cambridge University in the UK before returning back to Perth in 2003. Her research focus has been (...)

14:00 - EVENT - International Women's Day **NEW TIME More Information
International Women's Day 2014 will be celebrated on Tuesday 11 March.

The Vice-Chancellor, Winthrop Professor Paul Johnson will be the Guest Speaker. Professor Johnson will be speaking about the case for gender equity in higher education.

The event will take place at the (...)

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