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Today's date is Monday, March 01, 2021
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Displaying from Monday, February 18, 2013
 February 2013
Monday 18
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to LMS: LMS for new users Website | More Information
LMS for New Users will provide participants with an introductory overview of the Moodle powered LMS (Learning Management System) used as our online learning environment here at UWA. You will need to complete this workshop before being eligible to take part in any intermediate or advanced Moodle/LMS (...)

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to the Lecture Capture System Website | More Information
Lecture capture system records and processes lectures in 75 lecture venues around UWA [https://www.catl.uwa.edu.au/e-learning/lcs/venues]. The system records audio (your voice) with any computer visual presentation. For centrally timetabled classes, lectures are automatically scheduled for recording (...)

13:30 - WORKSHOP - Unit Coordination (2): Developing the Curriculum Website | More Information
This workshop examines the components required for designing a new unit/refining an existing unit. Intended audience are Unit Coordinators responsible for creating units.
Tuesday 19
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Beyond the Basics: Assignments Website | More Information
Assignment is the activity in which students are able to submit various types of files (word documents, presentation, images) via the LMS. Use this tool if you wish to set up an online assignment drop box for your students, then collect, grade and give feedback on their submitted work in your LMS (...)
Thursday 21
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Public Welfare vs Private Charity: Some Lessons from Medieval and Early Modern Europe Website | More Information
In this talk, Sharon Farmer, Professor of History at University of California Santa Barbara will use examples from Medieval and Early Modern Europe to challenge the major tenet of twenty-first century conservatism that, when it comes to taking care of those who cannot take provide for themselves (...)
Monday 25
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to University Teaching Website | More Information
The program will provide a solid introduction to the body of research around student learning and effective teaching. For those who have some teaching experience, it will provide a firm foundation upon which to improve your teaching and develop your teaching skills. For those new to teaching, it (...)

13:00 - COURSE - UWA Class2Go: UWA Public Open Online Courses : Take a free UWA course "Developing the Sociological Imagination" on UWA Class2Go https://www.class2go.uwa.edu.au Website | More Information
UWA's free open and online courses begin with "Developing the Sociological Imagination" and "Ocean Solutions"

Registration is free
Tuesday 26
13:00 - SEMINAR - The many shades of BARD1 in development and disease : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series More Information
The Seminar: For over more than a decade the research on BARD1 was a side-product of the research on the breast cancer gene and protein BRCA1. Co-expression of both proteins in most tissues, their similar structure, the same phenotypes in knock-out mice, and the hetero-dimeric complex formation of (...)

18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Reading and writing historical novels in the age of instant messaging Website | More Information
A trillion text messages are sent and received every hour. Every minute 48 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube alone. The “present” has never been as ever-present as it is now. Institute of Advanced Studies Writer-in-Residence Kunal Basu will discuss whether such a high premium on the (...)
Wednesday 27
16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : Water Accounting has been in development since June 2004 when the States and Commonwealth Governments signed the National Water Initiative. Website | More Information
Recent developments in water accounting include the release of:-

1. the Australian Water Accounting Standard,

2. a draft Water Accounting Assurance Standard for public comment,

3. a Water Accounting Framework for the members of the Minerals Council of Australia,
Thursday 28
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Small Group Teaching: Seminars & Tutorials Website | More Information
In this workshop, you will examine a range of strategies for facilitating discussion and running engaging, interactive classes. The intended audience are tutors, including postgraduate students, teaching in any subject area. Note: Business students should contact Professor Phil Hancock for subject- (...)

 March 2013
Friday 01
12:00 - SEMINAR - Economics Research Seminar More Information

One of the principles enshrined in all international patent treaties is that equal treatment should be provided to inventors regardless of their nationality. However, little is known about whether this ‘national treatment’ principle is upheld in practice. In this paper, we (...)

15:00 - SEMINAR - Groups and Combinatorics Seminar, The Wall and Guralnick conjectures: history and legacy More Information

In 1961 G.E. Wall conjectured that the number of maximal subgroups of a finite group is less than the order of the group. The conjecture holds for all finite solvable groups (proved by Wall himself in his original paper) and holds for almost all finite simple groups, possibly (...)

15:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Token Skepticism: Podcasting Science And Pop Culture : Public talk with Science Podcaster Kylie Sturgess Website | More Information
An investigation of science podcasting, using social media and the reach of online radio. What is podcasting, what can it contribute to the understanding of science and what are the pros and cons of using such a medium? Kylie Sturgess has been podcasting since 2005, and brings her experience and (...)
Saturday 02
13:30 - FREE LECTURE - Roman Archaeology Group Summer Lecture 2 : Roman Britain - Invasion and Conquest More Information
Two illustrated lectures by Winthrop Professor David Kennedy and Rebecca Banks. 1:30pm Lecture 3: The Claudian invasion of AD43. 2:30pm Afternoon tea. 3:00pm Lecture 4: A new province and the rebellion of Boudicca. These lectures are the second set given as a prelude to our guest lecture by Guy de (...)
Monday 04
10:00 - EVENT - UWA Historical Society March 4th Convocation Centenary: Photo Shoot at 10am : All welcome on the steps of the old St George's Hall 500 Hay St Perth to celebrate 100 years to the day of the first meeting of UWA's Convocation. Website | More Information
You are invited to join us mark the 100th anniversary of the first meeting of the University of Western Australia’s Convocation.

The First meeting was held on March 4th 1913 in St George’s Hall, Hay St near the corner of Irwin Street. The historic façade including the portico, steps and (...)
Tuesday 05
9:15 - VISITING SPEAKER - Office of Learning and Teaching Exemplary Academic Integrity Project Seminar More Information
Dr Tracey Bretag, from the University of South Australia, in 2012 led an ALTC funded project Academic integrity standards: Aligning policy and practice in Australian universities. Dr Bretag and her team will be presenting a seminar on Tuesday 5th March, with international academic integrity (...)

9:15 - SEMINAR - Office of Learning and Teaching Exemplary Academic Integrity Project Seminar More Information
Please join us for a seminar and interactive session with international academic integrity expert Dr Tricia Bertram Gallant from the University of California, San Diego about the OLT strategic commissioned project on academic integrity: Embedding and extending exemplary academic integrity policy (...)

10:30 - Information session - Teaching Fellowship Scheme: Information Session Website | More Information
The scheme supports innovative, reasonably short-term projects that promote the University's education strategic objective to improve the quality of the student learning experience. Staff interested in applying for the Teaching Fellowship Scheme should attend.

13:00 - SEMINAR - Groups and Combinatorics Seminar, Control of fusions in fusion systems and applications More Information
Jiping Zhang (Peking University)

will speak on

Control of fusions in fusion systems and applications

at 1pm on Tuesday 5th of March, in MLR2


Fusion systems were introduced by L. Puig in early 1990's mainly for the purpose of block (...)

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