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Today's date is Monday, October 26, 2020
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Displaying from Sunday, October 28, 2012
 October 2012
Tuesday 30
13:30 - SEMINAR - Honours Seminars : Mathematics and Statistics - Honours Seminars More Information
1.30pm Murray Smith - Generalising the clique-Coclique bound

2.00pm Aaron Maynard - Extending Burnside's theorem to the infinite case

2.30pm Benjamin Breadsell - Dynamics of a fishing pole
Wednesday 31
12:00 - SEMINAR - Accomplished Education Researcher Seminar Series : NAPLAN: Driving school improvement or doing the work of the devil? Website | More Information
Controversy continues to surround national student assessment in Australia. However, I argue that testing is neither good nor bad: the devil lies in what people – teachers, school, systems and even parents – do about the tests and the data they generate. I report the experiences of principals (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : Pointing at Peak Phosphorus Website | More Information
South-western Australia was a part of Gondwanaland, and some of the most ancient parts of the Earth’ crust can be found here. Other parts of the landscape originated more recently from calcareous marine deposits [1]. Therefore, the soils of Western Australia are amongst the most heavily leached and (...)

 November 2012
Thursday 01
13:00 - EVENT - ePortfolio Webinar: Mahara More Information
Mahara is an open source e-portfolio system with a flexible display framework. Mahara, meaning 'think' or 'thought' in Te Reo Maori, is a user centred environment with a permissions framework that enables different views of an e-Portfolio to be easily managed. Mahara is ideal for students at any (...)

13:10 - PERFORMANCE - School of Music Presents: Free Lunchtime Concert: UWA Flute Choir and Wind & Brass Ensembles Website | More Information
Be transported away from the everyday with our exciting line-up of Thursday 1.10pm, free lunchtime concerts. This year's revamped Lunchtime Concert series features the best of our students in solo and small ensemble performance.

14:00 - SEMINAR - Seminar : Complex, tightly coupled and dynamic physical asset systems – why we need statisticians More Information
How can we improve how organisations manage their assets to deliver desired performance? One area of focus is to understand which asset components fail, when, where and how, and what interventions might be put in place to avoid asset and system interruptions and/ or excessive costs. Assets, their (...)

15:00 - SEMINAR - Honours Seminars : Mathematics and Statistics - Honours Seminars More Information
3.00pm Chua Hui Ping - Student achievement in AISWA targeted programs

3.30pm Carol Aiyun Wang - The association between palliative care and hospital usage in the final year of life

17:30 - VISITING SPEAKER - From Convicts to Carrollup: a history of Fremantle Prison art : Guest Lecture - Fremantle Prison Curators More Information
In the late 1970s pioneering art teacher Steve Culley transformed the Fremantle Prison art program from traditional watercolour painting into a course where ‘ideas unfold in the mind and lock into the creator’s hands, as each pursues his own style of art.’ (Shackles prison newsletter, Spring 1984) (...)
Friday 02
12:00 - SEMINAR - Economics Research Seminar : Three Hits on a Nut Hard to Crack: Evaluating Auction Data from the Field More Information
By design, competitive tenders are used when costs are unknown. But if costs are unknown, how can we evaluate the tenders, when their evaluation involves measuring their cost-efficiency? We identify three approaches: theoretical, empirical and experimental. We first use experimental data to compare (...)

15:00 - EVENT - Measuring Submarine Track Manager Situation Awareness : Situation Present Assessment Method (SPAM) as a potential tool to measure situation awareness in submarines. More Information
Naval operations critically depend on each operator’s Situation Awareness of their combat systems. Extant query-based measures of situation awareness that require interruption of tasks are inappropriate in certain military contexts. A candidate real-time query-based method, the Situation Present (...)

16:00 - PERFORMANCE - School of Music presents: Music Ensembles Concert More Information
The School of Music invites you and your guests to join us as we celebrate the musical achievements of students from across UWA, who have chosen to broaden and enrich their degrees with music!

In a concert that will take you on journey from the heady lights of Broadway, to the carnival (...)

16:00 - ORATION - 2012 WESFARMERS HARRY PERKINS ORATION : Opportunities and challenges for cancer research and treatment - perspective from a cancer centre Website | More Information
Professor Trapani is a world leader in cancer research. His research interests include the immunopathology of viral and auto-immune diseases and cancer immunotherapy. Professor Trapani has published over 230 research papers.

Professor Trapani’s address will focus on the future of cancer (...)
Monday 05
8:00 - WORKSHOP - WAIMOS Science Meeting : The Western Australian Integrated Marine Observing System - Science Meeting. For any enquiries and registration contact Agi Gedeon, Manager WAIMOS on [email protected] or x2022. More Information
The Western Australian Integrated Marine Observing System - Annual Science Meeting will present the collaborative and cross-disciplinary uptake of freely accessible coastal and open ocean datastreams. Marine scientists, modellers and engineers, oceanographers and biologists will find this meeting (...)
Tuesday 06
15:30 - SEMINAR - Archaeology Public Seminar : Detecting fire patterns in the Wet Tropics bioregion, northQueensland via charcoal and wood analysis. More Information
The links between tropical rainforest Aboriginal firing and/or climate in the maintenance of species biodiversity in the north Queensland wet tropics bioregion is not well understood. The seminar will discuss preliminary work on the identification and dating of wood charcoal from soil pits that (...)

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Social responsibility in/of technology transfer Website | More Information
A public lecture by Ashley Stevens, President, Focus IP Group, LLC Lecturer, School of Management, Boston University.

Over a decade ago, the President and Trustees of Yale University woke up one Monday morning to find themselves portrayed in a very unfavorable light in the lead story of (...)
Wednesday 07
10:00 - CANCELLED - SEMINAR - Archaeology Public Seminar : Seed, fruits and nuts in the archaeology of tropical Sahul More Information
Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.


Seeds, fruits, nuts, bamboo and other plant resources are preserved surprisingly well in tropical cave and rockshelter sediments across Sahul, providing a sound base for investigating ancient (...)

12:00 - SEMINAR - School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar : The Carbon Nanoform Jungle: Is Graphene the king? More Information
Carbon nanostructures have been the topic of two Nobel prizes to date, Chemistry in 1996 (fullerenes) and Physics in 2010 (graphene), but carbon’s versatile bonding has resulted in the discovery of a wide range of other exotic nanoforms. We will take a quick safari through this jungle of bamboos (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents : Hydrological and biogeochemical pathways in hillslopes of coastal plain catchments: How does seasonality affect phosphorus fate and transport processes? Website | More Information
Nutrient loss from terrestrial ecosystems causes nutrient enrichment in receiving waterways (eutrophication) threatening their water quality and biodiversity values. The Peel-Harvey estuary (WA), RAMSAR-listed wetlands and their contributing waterways in coastal plain catchments in the Peel-Harvey (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - “BARD1 and its isoforms: functions essential in healthy tissue, hijacked by cancer cells” Website | More Information
Professor Irminger-Finger studied biology and biochemistry in Zurich, where she graduated in molecular biology and biochemistry and obtained a PhD in molecular genetics. After a three year postdoctoral period at the Molecular Cell Biology Department at the Harvard University, she returned to (...)
Thursday 08
16:00 - SEMINAR - ARCHAEOLOGY SEMINAR SERIES : Current problems in the archaeology of the Bismarck Archipelago, Papua New Guinea More Information
The Bismarck Archipelago, consisting of the four island provinces of Manus, New Ireland and East and West New Britain in Papua New Guinea, stands at a critical position at the ‘entry’ into the main Pacific Ocean. The region has been inhabited for around 40-45,000 years, but most attention has been (...)

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