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Today's date is Sunday, November 29, 2020
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Displaying from Tuesday, November 01, 2011
 November 2011
Tuesday 01
16:00 - MEMORIAL LECTURE - Dr. Joan Trevelyan Memorial Lecture More Information
Dr. Stefano Carboni, Director of the Art Gallery of Western Australia will be presenting a lecture on “Islamic Art in Western Art Museums: A Century of Displays and Interpretation” in loving memory of Dr. Joan Trevelyan. The lecture will discuss the history of displays of Islamic art throughout (...)
Wednesday 02
13:00 - EVENT - Raine Lecture - Helen Mayberg, MD, FRCP : Rethinking depression and its treatment: Insights from studies of Deep Brain Stimulation Website | More Information
Dr Helen Mayberg is a Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology at the Emory University School of Medicine and holds the Dorothy C Fuqua Chair of Psychiatric Neuroimaging and Therapeutics.

Dr Mayberg’s laboratory has systematically examined depression pathophysiology in both psychiatric and (...)

13:00 - SEMINAR - The neuropathology of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases: defining preclinical stages. : School of Anatomy & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: The current world wide accepted consensus criteria for neuropathological staging of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases (AD & PD) have been developed in his Anatomy lab in Germany (Braak stages). In the seminar, Estifanos will briefly introduce these staging systems and emphasize (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - “Genetics of Cognitive Deficit in Schizophrenia." Website | More Information
Luba Kalaydjieva obtained her medical degree at the Higher Medical Institute in Sofia, and a PhD in biochemical genetics at the Moscow Institute of Pediatrics. Her career in Bulgaria has been devoted to setting up and developing services and research in the field of human and medical genetics. She (...)
Thursday 03
16:00 - SEMINAR - Electrokinetic in situ oxidation remediation: From processes and parameters to implementation : SESE Seminar Series Website | More Information
Significant challenges remain in the remediation of low-permeability porous media (e.g. clays, silts) contaminated with dissolved and sorbed organic contaminants, with current remediation technologies, such as in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO), often being ineffective. Recent laboratory-scale (...)
Friday 04
13:00 - SEMINAR - Groups and Combinatorics Seminar: Conditions for solubility of finite groups More Information
Groups and Combinatorics Seminar

Cheryl Praeger (UWA)

will speak on

Conditions for solubility of finite groups

at 1pm Friday 4th of November in Maths Lecture Room 2

Abstract: In John Thompson's famous N-groups paper, he proved that a finite (...)

14:30 - SEMINAR - Asian Studies Seminar : Japanese ENGOs in China: Co-optees in soft diplomacy, or the vanguard of a new environmental security campaign? More Information
The beauty and diversity of China’s natural heritage, and the health and well-being of its citizens, are seriously threatened by environmental problems, many of which are man-made. These man-made environmental problems have elicited the concerted response of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (...)

15:30 - PUBLIC TALK - Failing Better/Failing Worse : Free public talk with John Freeman Website | More Information
Bertrand Russell has suggested that learning begins with inarticulate certainty and moves towards articulate doubt. Creative endeavour requires doubt, and failure: studios and workshops open spaces for it, practitioners accept it as an ever-present possibility, a state to embrace, or as the (...)

Professor Smith is the Vice-President (Research) at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and the Founding Dean of the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Singapore.

Professor Smith’s address will focus on the changing face of health care and the need for improved integration between (...)
Saturday 05
9:45 - EVENT - EVENT : WA Junior Maths Olympiad Website | More Information
UWA, with the Australian Mathematical Olympiads Committee, is hosting the 2011 WA Junior Mathematics Olympiad for all bright Year 9 and exceptional Year 8 students. The aim of the competition is to identify the most gifted students in Mathematics, with great prizes on offer for the winners.
Monday 07
8:30 - EVENT - UWA Co-op Bookshop Sale : UWA Co-op Bookshop Book Last Chance Sale More Information
The Co-op Bookshop Sale finishes Tuesday November 15th. All Sale Books now 50% off Marked Sale Price. Last chance to grab a bargain from the huge range of gifts, reference books and fiction for summer reading. Co-op Members receive Member prices on Sale books.

Opening Hours: 8.45am-5.30 (...)
Tuesday 08
13:00 - SEMINAR - Optimizing drug delivery via nanotechnology : School of Anatomy & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: Nanotechnology is a valuable tool for optimizing the delivery of a drug that is disadvantaged by poor in vivo solubility and specificity of drug action. In this lecture, Lee Yong will share how her laboratory has utilized nanotechnology to promote the efficacy and specificity of the (...)
Wednesday 09
12:00 - SYMPOSIUM - “The Conversation” : Andrew Jaspan, Editor of “The Conversation” will talk about his experiences. More Information
Launched in March 2011, The Conversation is an independent source of information, analysis and commentary from the university and research sector.

Speaker Bio: Andrew is a co-founder The Conversation. He previously edited The Age, The Observer (London), The Scotsman and Scotland on (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - CWR Presents: : "Recent developments in Human Rights in Australia" Website | More Information
Australia unlike most other parts of the Western world does not have a national comprehensive Human Rights law. However, there have been some recent developments in case law in Australia, based on a patchwork of Commonwealth and State statutes which indicate that there are at least some protections (...)

16:00 - EVENT - Lecture:Creation Debates in Fifth-Century Gaza More Information
This lecture by Michael Champion is part of a series of lectures organised jointly by UWA, Murdoch University and University of Notre Dame exploring religious and theological themes. The lecture will be followed by snacks and drinks.

In the early fifth century, the Neoplatonist (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - "A Systems approach for re-expressing cardiac (fetal) α -actin as a therapeutic strategy for treating skeletal muscle α -actin diseases". AND "Investigation of genetic causes of foetal akinesia and motor neuron disease” Website | More Information
Jordan Boutilier is a PhD student based at WAIMR. In 2005, he graduated from Oregon State University, Corvallis OR USA with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) and a minor in Biochemistry. He subsequently pursued a career in the biotechnology industry and has contributed to programs focused on early (...)
Friday 11
13:00 - SEMINAR - Groups and Combinatorics Seminar: Combinatorial counting principles in axiomatic number theory More Information
Groups and Combinatorics Seminar

Alan Woods (UWA)

will speak on

Combinatorial counting principles in axiomatic number theory

at 1pm on Friday 11th of November in Maths Lecture Room 2

Abstract: Proofs of even simple statements in number theory (...)
Monday 14
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Foundations of University Teaching and Learning (Intensive mode follow-up workshop) Website | More Information
Intended Audience: The Foundations of University Teaching and Learning programme is offered every semester to support staff relatively new to the University as well as staff with teaching experience who wish to refine, test out, validate or develop their present conceptions of good teaching and (...)

18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Burn Care of the Future : Can We Think Ourselves Whole? Website | More Information
A public lecture by Fiona Wood FRACS AM, Winthrop Professor, Burn Injury Research Unit, School of Surgery, UWA and Chair, The McComb Research Foundation.

Winthrop Professor Fiona Wood AM is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializing in the field of burn care, trauma and scar (...)
Tuesday 15
13:00 - SEMINAR - Intracellular vesicle trafficking of bone resorbing osteoclasts : School of Anatomy & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
Prof Ming-Hao Zheng is the Winthrop Professor and Director of Research at the Translational Orthopaedic Research Centre, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth and the Associate Dean (International) of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, the University of Western Australia. He is (...)

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