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Today's date is Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Displaying from Saturday, January 01, 2011
 March 2011
Tuesday 08
19:45 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library talk: UWA Information Services’ Business / Investment Programme More Information
Included in the remit of the University Librarian and Director (Information Management) is the requirement to raise information technology to be a strategic enabler in support of UWA’s strategic goal of becoming a top-50 ranked university in the world by 2050, and the anticipated changes required (...)

 April 2011
Tuesday 12
19:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library talk: Recording and Records in the Roman Empire More Information
The Romans did not invent record keeping but they extended and developed it to a remarkable degree. Many millions of individual documents were generated on every topic from simple receipts through private letters to census returns. Although most have been lost irrevocably, millions still survive as (...)

 May 2011
Tuesday 10
19:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library talk: Nineteenth Century Journal Accounts of Life Aboard Sailing Ships More Information
Diaries written by two great-great uncles as they sailed from Liverpool to Melbourne in 1854, together with a copy of the Daily Sick Book and Synopsis written by their father, Dr John Patchell, on a journey, as the ship’s surgeon, from Dublin to Sydney in 1839 provided Joan Robins with a wealth of (...)

 June 2011
Tuesday 14
19:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library talk: Mary Durack, the Diarist More Information
Last year the diaries of Mary Durack were absorbed into the Battye archives. Of the thousands of documents that have passed through Patsy’s hands, she considers none as important for future scholars and researchers as this detailed and personal record covering so many aspects of the transitional (...)

 July 2011
Tuesday 12
19:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library talk: An Unusual Background for a Concert Pianist: Eileen Joyce’s childhood in the Goldfields More Information
Even after stripping away the romantic fiction that gathered around the story of Eileen Joyce through film and popular biography, the facts of her early life that would lead to an international concert career are quite extraordinary. They will be described in this talk.

About the Speaker< (...)

 August 2011
Tuesday 09
19:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library talk: Family life in the goldfields 1895-onwards More Information
Histories of the goldfields often focus on company histories or mining work ignoring or marginalising the lived experiences of women, children and domestic concerns. This talk will focus on the way in which families coped with the isolation, unfamiliar culture and vast distances forging through (...)

 September 2011
Tuesday 13
19:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library talk: Surgeon, Soldier, Scriptwriter More Information
The story of a man who was pushed by his father into the regimental life to learn theology and law. However, he graduated in medicine, but was not allowed to practice. He then studied and wrote drama and as well as going AWOL several times until eventually leaving the military academy. He died (...)

 October 2011
Tuesday 11
19:30 - PUBLIC TALK - Friends of the Library: A Personal Perspective of Perth Theatre - "Ancient & Modern" More Information
Anthony Howes looks back on his theatre career in Perth from the '60s - and in doing so, gives us a glimpse of theatrical people and events past. That is the "Ancient" section. For the "Modern" era he concentrates the story on the creation and evolution of Perth's oldest (...)

 November 2011
Tuesday 08
19:30 - PUBLIC TALK - Friends of the Library Talk: A Mania for Manuscripts : How Sir Thomas Phillipps amassed the world's greatest collection of medieval manuscripts More Information
Sir Thomas Phillipps (1792-1872) was a self-styled "vello-maniac". He spent sixty years assembling a vast collection of medieval manuscripts - thought to contain about 60,000 items by the time he died. After his death, the collection was broken up and sold, a process which continued for (...)

 March 2012
Tuesday 13
19:50 - TALK - Clogs to Clogs in Three Generations : Friends of the Library talk and AGM More Information
David Hough will tell an illustrated story of the rise and fall of the Boans Department Store, from its sensational beginning in 1895 to the Myer takeover in 1984. In particular he will show the influence of the Jewish obligation of tzedakah as the guiding philosophy underpinning the company's (...)

 April 2012
Tuesday 10
19:30 - TALK - A Tale of Two Theatres : A Friends of the Library event More Information
A Tale of Two Theatres: The impacts of the intense rivalry between two 'Royal' theatres of London on the 1744 oratorio season

Presentation Synopsis:

The London Lenten oratorio season of 1774 saw mounting competition between the two Royal licence theatres, the Theatre Royal (...)

 May 2012
Tuesday 08
19:30 - TALK - Why Gallipoli? : A Friends of the Library event More Information
Each year we are reminded of Gallipoli and the ANZAC tradition. But have you ever wondered why we were there fighting the Turks? After all, it had only been sixty years since the Crimean war, when Britain and France had invaded the Russian Crimea as allies of Turkey. How it came about is an (...)

 June 2012
Tuesday 12
19:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library - Shakespeare: Anonymous or Synonymous? More Information
In the debate about Shakespeare’s authorship that began in the nineteenth century the absence of evidence has sometimes been taken as evidence of absence. However, in recent decades a great amount has been unearthed concerning Shakespeare’s life and times. There can now be little or no doubt that (...)

 July 2012
Tuesday 10
19:30 - VISITING SPEAKER - Friends of the Library Speaker : Passions for Learning More Information
Passions for Learning and of the Unreasonably Learned in the Eighteenth Century

The Dutch physician and Latin poet, Gerard Nicolaas Heerkens (1728-1801), published in Groningen in 1790 an expanded edition of his Latin didactic poem on ‘the health of men of letters’ (‘De valetudine (...)

 August 2012
Sunday 12
10:00 - EVENT - 2012 Open Day : Experience what's on offer at UWA Website | More Information
UWA opens up the whole campus to the public.

Come and find out about the courses on offer, career options, scholarship opportunities, our valuable research, community programs and facilities.

There's also residential college tours, hands-on activities, live music and (...)
Tuesday 14
19:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library Speaker : Almost a French Australia More Information
French-British Rivalry in the Southern Oceans

Australia was very nearly a nation divided, like Canada, with two languages and cultures, nevertheless Australian history books neglected these early chapters of our nation’s history for almost two centuries.

In a strategic battle (...)

 September 2012
Tuesday 11
19:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of the Library Speaker : The literary archive in the digital era More Information
Libraries are some of the great tourist destinations of the world. Even in the digital era, people cross the country, cross the world to go to libraries, often to work with or simply read their archival holdings. The long term memory represented by library collections is perhaps more valuable (...)

 October 2012
Tuesday 09
19:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - Friends of the Library Speaker : Engaging with strangers in a violent era: stories from the Solomon Islands More Information
The late nineteenth century was a time of violence throughout the Solomon Islands and nowhere was this violence more devastating than the Western Solomons. Even as they remember this violent past, however, people of the Western Solomons today also remember war captives who were incorporated into (...)

 November 2012
Tuesday 13
19:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - Friends of the Library Speaker : Shakespeare: Anonymous or Synonymous? More Information
“Shakespeare: Anonymous or Synonymous?” is a presentation developed in response to a fairly recent film entitled Anonymous in which the authorship of Shakespeare has been challenged. In the nineteenth century, when very little was known about Shakespeare’s life, a number of theories grew up around (...)

 March 2013
Tuesday 12
19:00 - VISITING SPEAKER - Friends of the UWA Library Speaker : Summiting Everest More Information
About the Speaker

Margaret Watroba was born in Poland, the youngest of identical twins by 10 mins. As a 12 year old who loved geography and wished to explore other countries and cultures, Margaret discovered she could not realise her dreams in a communist country. It was then that she (...)

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