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Today's date is Tuesday, January 26, 2021
Cullity Gallery
 March 2012
Friday 09
18:00 - EXHIBITION OPENING - Unbuilt Perth: visualising the forgotten Website | More Information
You are cordially invited to the official opening of the to be held at the Cullity Gallery at 6pm on Friday 9 March. The exhibition, curated by Rene Van Meeuwen, features animations of unbuilt architectural projects from Western Australia using augmented reality, including a rare glimpse of a cathedral design by Pier Nervi.

If you are able to attend, please RSVP by Friday 2 March 2012 via e-mail to [email protected]

Unbuilt Perth will be open to the public from Monday 5 March - Friday March 16 2012.
Saturday 10
10:00 - SYMPOSIUM - Unbuilt Perth Symposium Website | More Information
In conjunction with the Unbuilt Perth exhibition, a half day symposium will be held on Saturday 10 March in the Hew Roberts Lecture Theatre. The symposium will be centred around the exhibition’s theme of unbuilt work from Perth and its surrounds, with presentations by local architects, artists, and students. A number of guest speakers will highlight significant architectural works from:

- Pier Nervi - Julius Elischer - Raymond Jones - Brian Klopper - Simon Anderson - Gary Marinko

In addition, the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC)’s Anthony Duckworth-Smith will present on his latest research. The afternoon session is dedicated to the ‘ephemeral’with projects based on the themes of Water, Demolition and Space Architecture. For more information and to pay & register click on the URL below.
Monday 19
9:00 - EXHIBITION - Brian Klopper Architectural Projects : A retrospective body of work of renowned local architect Brian Klopper. Website | More Information
This exhibition is the latest in a continuing series that document the work of significant Western Australian architects and follows an exhibition on the work of Raymond Jones last year. Curated by Simon Anderson, Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts at UWA, and UWA graduate Andrew Murray, the exhibition features a variety of work from Brian Klopper’s forty year career. Key projects include the Bannister Street Shops, Fabrik & Primaries Warehouse Conversions and St Hilda’s School Chapel in Mosman Park as well as significant housing works.

 April 2012
Wednesday 04
18:00 - TALK - A Study of the Small Japanese House More Information
ALVA architecture alumnus Clare Porter was recipient of the 2008 Ferguson Travel Scholarship. Her presentation on Japanese residential architecture features the work of: A.L.X_ (ARCHITECT LABEL XAIN), AAT_ MAKOTO YOKOMIZO, AKITOSHI UKAI_ AUAU, ALPHAVILLE, AMORPHE_ TAKEYAMA + ASSOCIATES, ATELIER BOW WOW and CURIOSITY + MILLIGRAM STUDIO amongst many others.
Friday 20
17:00 - EXHIBITION - Superanimal: Painting with the animal Website | More Information
Superanimal: Painting with the animal is an exhibition of postgraduate work showcasing a series of oil paintings and photo documentation by Stephanie Reisch as part of her Master of Fine Arts degree program. Grounded in animal alchemy and the motility of the painted gesture, the works prompt a rethinking of the ways in which the animal has previously been represented in painting by exploring the animal in trace and essence. Fragments and remains of real animals, i.e. jaguar, rattlesnake and sandgroper, are broken down and suspended in the paint medium, imbedding genetic imprints of individual species as they traverse the canvas with the artist. In a mixture of discovery, disorientation, forming and un-forming, the paintings suspend and collapse the human and animal in spatial layers evoking the primal and untamed.
Thursday 26
10:00 - SYMPOSIUM - Two Talks More Information
You are cordially invited to join us for two talks: 'Katatjin Boodjera Kwel: Kura, Yiye Milah Boordawan Knowledge of lands placenames: situated from the past to the now & the future' by Associate Professor Len Collard & 'Transformative Landscape Mapping - Creative Agencies of Walking' by PhD candidate Ailsa Grieve.

The symposium will be convened by Assistant Professor Blaze Kwaymullina (SIS) with a panel discussion featuring Winthrop Professor Jill Milroy(SIS) & Associate Professor Grant Revell (ALVA).

 June 2012
Monday 25
9:00 - EXHIBITION - Mid-Year Exhibition : An exhibition of Architecture and Landscape Architecture student work. Website | More Information
Winthrop Professor and Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Visual Arts, Simon Anderson invites interested members of the public to view an exhibition of architecture and landscape architecture students’ work from first semester this year. The display is a result of the studio projects undertaken by students enrolled in all years from first year to fifth year (including honours students). Works include drawings, plans, models and digital projections.

 July 2012
Friday 13
15:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Taking the non-human Other seriously: exploring alterity through the aesthetics of care : Public talk with Biological Arts PhD candidateTarsh Bates Website | More Information
Tarsh Bates is a PhD candidate at SymbioticA. During this seminar she will present her proposal for her PhD research in which she will describe her intention to explore the complexities and contradictions of human relationships with two non-vertebrate organisms, bees and the single-celled yeast, Candida albicans. Bees and candida are of particular interest as they are both domesticated organisms, requiring care, and are intimately connected to our well-being, yet can pose some threat to that well-being. Recent critical theory has investigated the nature of relationships between humans and other animals. However, the vast majority of this research ignores encounters with non-vertebrate species, particularly those with which we live intimately or have domesticated. Non-vertebrates such as insects, fungi and bacteria are by far the most prevalent organisms which humans encounter, yet these creatures are often disregarded; unlike mammals and other vertebrates, they are difficult to recognise as kin as they do not look back at us. Nevertheless these organisms are critical to biocultural diversity and environmental survival.

Tarsh’s PhD research follows on from her recent Master’s project, in vitero, which involved her living with and taking care of eight scientific model organisms for a period of seven months in a laboratory and public art gallery. Like this project, her PhD research will be undertaken through critical artistic inquiry, combining theoretical and philosophical inquiries with aesthetic and phenomenological research. Tarsh’s current project aims to extend the notion of alterity, which philosopher Emmanuel Lévinas described as a phenomenological mode of negotiating Self and Other, from strictly human relations into those between humans and non-humans. Tarsh hopes to facilitate understandings of human encounters with non-vertebrate, non-human Others through artistic explorations and conscious self-experimentation with bees and candida.

Feedback on the presentation is encouraged and welcomed.

 August 2012
Sunday 12
10:00 - EVENT - 2012 Open Day : Experience what's on offer at UWA Website | More Information
UWA opens up the whole campus to the public.

Come and find out about the courses on offer, career options, scholarship opportunities, our valuable research, community programs and facilities.

There's also residential college tours, hands-on activities, live music and entertainment, and plenty of fun activities for the whole family.

 September 2012
Wednesday 19
18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Arq en Chile : 2010 Ferguson Travel Scholarship Recipient, Heather Macrae presents her experiences of living in Santiago De Chile More Information

 October 2012
Tuesday 02
18:30 - ALUMNI EVENT - Inaugural International Alumni Event : Singapore More Information

 November 2012
Monday 05
9:00 - EXHIBITION - Bachelor of Fine Arts and Honours Graduate Exhibition Website | More Information
The 19th annual graduate exhibition is a culmination of three to four years of study in the UWA Bachelor of Fine Arts course. Seventeen graduating students (including Honours students) each present a body of work exploring various contemporary concerns. From video animation to oil paintings, the depth and range of the work exhibited reflects the diversity of ideas the students have engaged with to communicate the complexities of our current existence.

Please note the Cullity Gallery will be open from 9am - 7pm for each day of this exhibition.
Thursday 08
18:00 - EXHIBITION OPENING - Opening Night - Bachelor of Fine Arts and Honours Graduate Exhibition Website | More Information
You are cordially invited by the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts to the official opening of the exhibition by Dr. Ric Spencer, curator for the Fremantle Arts Centre.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts and Honours Graduate Exhibition runs from Monday 5 - Friday 9 November, 2012.
Friday 09
15:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Aesthetics/Ethics/Catastrophe : Public talk with Michael Levine Website | More Information
There are two extreme positions traditionally taken with respect to the relationship between art and morality; one is autonomism, or aestheticism, which is the view that it is inappropriate to apply moral categories to artworks, and that only aesthetic categories are relevant, while at the other end of the scale is moralism, the view that aesthetic objects should be judged solely with respect to moral standards. Both autonomism and moralism are problematic, as they are based on inadequate conceptions of art and aesthetic value. I examine Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will and Jacque Callot’s Miseries of War both to illustrate the issue and to come to some conclusion about it.

Michael Levine is professor of philosophy at the University of Western Australia. He is author of the following books: Prospects for an Ethics of Architecture, with Bill Taylor (2011), Doing Philosophy, Watching Movies, with Damian Cox (2011), Politics Most Unusual: Violence, Sovereignty and Democracy in the “War on Terror,” with Damian Cox and Saul Newman (2009), Integrity and the Fragile Self, with Damian Cox and Marguerite LaCaze (2003), and Pantheism: A non-theistic concept of deity (1994). Levine has also edited Racism in Mind, with Tamas Pataki (2004), and The Analytic Freud: Philosophy and Psychoanalysis (2000).
Monday 26
9:30 - EXHIBITION - End of Year Exhibition 2012 Website | More Information
The exhibition showcases the Design project work of Architecture and Landscape Architecture students at UWA completed during 2012. Visitors to the exhibition can expect to see speculative design studies of a wide range of projects and building types, finely illustrated in both three dimensional model form as well as computer generated and hand rendered drawings.

A range of projects from each of the years will be displayed. The geographic areas featured include some based close to home - on the UWA campus, at Midland, Fremantle and Cannington to others much further afield in rural Kenya, Japan and Scotland.

Fifteen honours projects dealing with a typically diverse range of topics will be exhibited in the ALVA Studio gallery adjacent the Cullity Gallery.

 December 2012
Saturday 15
12:00 - EXHIBITION - Mythology : - an Art Exhibition by Anna Cocks More Information
Mythology is the first solo exhibition of Tasmanian-based artist Anna Cocks. After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at UWA in 2008, Anna re-located to Hobart in 2010 to do Honours at the Tasmanian School of Art. This exhibition brings together a selection of 'stories' and images, mostly completed during that year, that speak of everyday experiences, encounters and relationships in a new environment. Anna is currently undertaking a studio-residency at CAST (Contemporary Art Space Tasmania) and working at MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art.

The exhibition will be open from 12-5pm on both days.

 January 2013
Saturday 12
10:00 - EXHIBITION - Drawn Conjunction : Life drawing at UWA Website | More Information
Ever imagined a pop-up shop for artistic works? Well it's here. For over 18 months the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts has hosted open, weekly life-drawing classes. You're invited to view the results - drawings from over fifteen local artists which includes works in pencil, charcoal and ink.

Exhibited pieces are available for purchase and immediate possession; new works will be added throughout the duration to maintain a constant display of fresh and exciting material.

In addition to the normal Gallery hours, this exhibition will be open on Sat 12 and Sun 13 January from 10am - 4pm and until 7pm on weekdays.

 February 2013
Monday 18
9:00 - EXHIBITION - Historic Gardens of Perth Website | More Information
The ‘Historic Gardens of Perth’ exhibition has been curated by the WA branch of the Australian Garden History Society. It comprises 28 panels of photos, illustrations and text including historic images of Perth gardens, maps, plans and architectural drawings.

For more information see the web link below:
Wednesday 27
12:00 - PUBLIC TALK - Seminar : Historic Gardens of Perth Website | More Information
The ‘Historic Gardens of Perth’ exhibition was curated by the WA branch of the Australian Garden History Society. It comprises 28 panels of photos, illustrations and text including historic images of Perth gardens, maps, plans and architectural drawings. The categories explored are domestic gardens, including a rare plan circa 1840 of Alpha Cottage’s garden in St Georges Terrace, open space including parks and squares of the city, and commercial gardens such as nurseries and market gardens.

John Viska, Chair of the Exhibition Committee, will be giving a talk on the subject on Wednesday 27 Feb from 12-1pm in Room G22 (at the end of the Cullity Gallery).

 March 2013
Wednesday 13
9:00 - EXHIBITION - Pilgrimage to Olot: A photographic insight into the world of RCR - Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes Website | More Information
The exhibition contains a collection of photographs by Associate Professor Emiliano Roia taken in August 2012 during an annual workshop on architecture and landscape arranged by the well-known architecture practice RCR – Aranda Pigem Vilalta Architectes in Olot, Catalunya, Spain.

In addition to the normal gallery hours, the exhibition will be open on Saturday 23 March (from 10.30am - 7pm).

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