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Today's date is Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Displaying from Sunday, January 01, 2017
 January 2017
Tuesday 24
12:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar Series: In-Vivo Imaging More Information
This seminar will have two topics and two speakers: 1. Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography (MSOT): A novel multimodal imaging technology; 2. Investigations into the development of successful nanomedicines. Lunch provided. Please RSVP for catering purposes

 February 2017
Thursday 09
13:30 - EVENT - CMCA Seminar: NAP-XPS/SPM & EnviroESCA Systems : Spectroscopy: Future challenges and applications More Information
For decades XPS (or ESCA) has been the well-accepted standard method for non-destructive chemical analysis of solid surfaces. Over recent years it has been possible to develop XPS systems that work far beyond the stand conditions of high or ultra-high vacuum. SPECS GmbH has developed a (...)
Thursday 16
15:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: Unique focal adhesions and contractile actin ring direct human pluripotent colony morphology and adhesion More Information
Cell-type specific functions and identity are tightly regulated by cytoskeleton and extracellular matrix (ECM) interactions. Human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) have ultimate differentiation capacity and exceptionally low adhesion strength to ECM, yet the organisation, and the function of adhesion (...)
Wednesday 22
9:00 - WORKSHOP - BD Horizon Multicolour Workshop More Information
Multicolour flow cytometry is a powerful tool for the simultaneous analysis of multiple cellular markers. This workshop will enable you to design and run robust multicolour experiments on your digital flow cytometer. Theoretical presentation on Monday 20 February, 10.00am to 2.00pm at Harry (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: Bac(teria) to the future: in-situ nanoscale technologies reveal new informaiton on the preservation and internal structures of ancient fossil cells More Information
Microscopic fossils of bacterial cells that have been discovered in ancient sediments from Western Australia and South Africa, tentatively suggest that life evolved on Earth around 3.5 billion years ago, in conditions that were radically different to those found on Earth today. Until recently (...)
Tuesday 28
13:00 - SEMINAR - 10X Genomics : This seminar will review the 10X Genomics technology and key applications More Information
10x Genomics meets the critical need for long range, structural and cellular information with an innovative system that transforms short-read sequencing technologies. The Chromium System supports comprehensive genomics and high-throughput single cell transcriptomics with its innovative reagent (...)

 March 2017
Thursday 02
15:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: Increasing the performance and analytical power of FIB-SEMs More Information
Xe plasma FIBs or iFIBs offer extremely high material removal rates and very low contamination compared to conventional gallium FIBs. As such, Xe plasma FIBs have great potential in applications such as failure analysis and MEMS fabrication in the semiconductor industry as well as in generating (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: Lethal and sub-lethal impacts of dredge-related stressors on corals More Information
Corals are the framework builders of coral reefs and face a suite of both global and local pressures. One of the most prominent local stressors is sedimentation resulting from river-runoff, natural resuspension events and dredging. This project has investigated the impacts of a large scale dredging (...)
Tuesday 14
13:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: Mechanobiology meets Immunology - Mechanical forces during T-cell activation : The understanding of antigen recognition and the following gene regulation may lead to better designs of immune-modulating therapeutics and vaccines. More Information
Modern molecular biology, with its emphasis on analysis of entire genomes, has provided a 'parts list' of cellular proteins as well as an enumeration of many of their associations, including receptor and ligand interactions. Missing from the molecular biological approaches, however, is an analysis (...)

 April 2017
Thursday 13
9:00 - EVENT - Pawsey Clinic at The University of Western Australia : Pawsey Clinics are events organised for researchers who need to use Pawsey services. Website | More Information
The Pawsey Supercomputing Centre would like to invite you to the Pawsey Clinic at The University of Western Australia. This is one of a series of clinics. The clinic will commence with a 30 minute presentation about the Pawsey Supercomputing Centre at 9.00am, followed by consultations through the (...)

 June 2017
Thursday 29
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Luminex Multiplexing Technology Workshop : Learn about this technology already available at your institute More Information
Do you run ELISAs? Save you samples, save time and money, run a Multiplex assay instead. This technology is well utilised in research areas of obesity, immunology and metabolism. Local multiplex studies conducted in Australia and New Zealand will be described in more detail.

 July 2017
Tuesday 18
9:00 - COURSE - Data Visualisation : Understanding how to display data Website | More Information
This course will cover topics such as:

-Presenting data for a single variable: Including an introduction to histograms, box plots, and bar graphs

-Visualisation of two or more variables: Including an introduction to scatterplots, pairs plots, parallel coordinate plot and (...)
Tuesday 25
12:00 - WORKSHOP - Introducing the Characterisation Virtual Laboratory and Cytometry Workbench More Information
The Characterisation Virtual Laboratory (CVL) is a computer desktop in the cloud preconfigured with collections of software tools, called workbenches, for processing atom probe, neuroimaging, structural biology, X-ray, general imaging and cytometry data. The CVL is available free of charge to all (...)

 August 2017
Wednesday 30
11:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: Super-resolution and correlative imaging of malaria parasites More Information
New microscopy techniques are providing amazing views of the cellular landscape. We have used 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM), direct Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (dSTORM), 3D-Electron Tomography and Block-Face Scanning EM to explore the sub-cellular topography of the (...)

 September 2017
Thursday 07
13:00 - PRESENTATION - Researching without the red-tape* : Join the Risk and Legal team for a discussion on clinical trials, complex research collaborations and data ownership. Website | More Information
Step beyond the tangle of red tape and start your research sooner.*

Meet the UWA team who are here to work with researchers and central experts to quickly navigate the formalities of agreements and approvals. The Risk & Legal unit welcome researchers and peers to an informal open (...)
Friday 08
9:00 - EVENT - SUPERcomputing and BIG data for researchers Website | More Information
This event will showcase services and resources that Pawsey Supercomputing Centre can provide to UWA researchers to take their research to the next level. There will be time in the morning for existing users and potential users to have one-on-one assistance with Pawsey staff. This will be (...)

 October 2017
Tuesday 03
12:00 - TUTORIAL - Information Session on CMCA Cytometry Core More Information
New equipment has recently been installed in CMCA's Cytometry Core at [email protected], located in the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research. We will be holding an Information Session to explain their applications and how you can access the instruments.
Wednesday 11
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Genome research produces new anti-malarial drug targets : The 2017 Ian Constable lecture by Professor Simon Foote - Director of The John Curtin School of Medical Research at The Australian National University Website | More Information
In a malarial infection, there is a competition between the malaria parasite and the host. If the malarial parasite can reproduce sufficiently rapidly, it can reach a level of parasitaemia that is lethal to the host. However, if its rate of growth is slowed, the hostís adaptive immune response can (...)

 November 2017
Wednesday 29
16:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar Series: Exploring magnetism in biology using defects indiamond More Information
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy techniques have changed the face of biomedical research and our view of the human body to the point where electron spin resonance (ESR), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) now permeate most areas of clinical science and research (...)

 February 2018
Monday 19
14:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: ZEISS LSM 800 with Airyscan : Seminar and demonstrations More Information
CMCA and ZEISS will be presenting a seminar to explain the capabilities of the new ZEISS LSM 800 with Airyscan. Following the seminar demonstrations will be held for interested parties to learn more about the instrument. Demonstrations will be held in 1.5 hour slots from Monday 19 to Thursday 22 (...)

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