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Today's date is Saturday, January 16, 2021
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Displaying from Thursday, October 01, 2015
 October 2015
Thursday 01
8:30 - CONFERENCE - Neolife The Inaugural Rest of the World SLSA Conference : Presented by SymbioticA and The Society for Literature Science and The Arts Website | More Information
From the odd to the mundane, new forms of life are emerging in labs, workshops and studios. With the promise of exploitation for health and wealth we are seeing life as it previously never existed, albeit smothered in hyperbole, rhetoric and speculation. How do cultures such as Indigenous Australia (...)

9:00 - EVENT - UWA Careers Centre - Careers Boot Camp : Careers Boot Camp - Get Ready for Employment! Website | More Information
The Careers Boot Camp will get you ready for employment! Brush up your networking skills, update your resume and get tips to help you find a job.

All students welcome to attend.

Book for the individual workshops on CareerHub (https://uwa.careerhub.com.au/students/events)
Tuesday 13
13:00 - SEMINAR - Diet manipulation of the gut microbiota - are there consequences? : School of Anatomy, Physiology & Human Biology Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Seminar: Diet as a preventative tool or for health improvement is not new, but the effect of diet or diet components on the gut microbiota is still poorly understood. The understanding of such effects is becoming ever more important as the gut microbiota's effect on host health becomes more (...)
Thursday 15
15:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: Interactions, Distractions and Attractions: The art of ligand binding studies using NMR spectroscopy More Information
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy may not be the first technique on your list for understanding ligand-target interactions but it is a powerful approach that is capable of monitoring and understanding interactions at the atomic level. This presentation outlines two on-going projects (...)

16:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar: High-resolution solid-state NMR techniques: principles and advanced applications to small molecules and materials More Information
This presentation will address selected case studies applied to a range of different problems of relevance to materials science, catalysis, environmental applications or pharmaceutical and petroleum industries, difficult to solve by other solid-state characterisation tools. The presentation is (...)
Tuesday 27
16:00 - SEMINAR - CMCA Seminar Series: "Stem Cell Mechanobiology: developing smart biomaterials to control stem cell fate" More Information
Stem cells rely on, and are finely tuned to respond to, their immediate microenvironment, which can be exceedingly complex. Biomaterials must present cells with finely tuned mechanical cues to systematically examine their control over development or pathological insults. In this talk I will (...)

 November 2015
Wednesday 11
10:00 - CONFERENCE - GeneMappers 2015 : Conference focusing on novel concepts for the genetic dissection of common complex human diseases. Website | More Information
The GeneMappers conference has traditionally focused on novel concepts for the genetic dissection of common complex human diseases. This year the emphasis of the conference will be on exploring these themes in detail, with a particular focus on the contemporary methods and techniques that will take (...)
Wednesday 25
10:00 - EVENT - AB TEST : Not a real event More Information
Can whoever gets this email please contact Kelly McManus so we can figure out who the event approvers for animal biology are!
Thursday 26
12:00 - CANCELLED - EVENT - Raine Lecture: Professor Dr Magdalena Götz : From scar formation to neurogenesis - towards neuronal repair after brain injury Website | More Information
Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.


Professor Dr Magdalena Götz is the Director of the Institute for Stem Cell Research at the Helmholtz Zentrum München, German Research Center for Environmental Health, and Chair of the Physiological (...)

13:10 - SEMINAR - "A cutting-age toolkit for measuring and monitoring ecosystem services at the site-scale." : Animal Biology Seminar More Information
Information on ecosystem services has often been unavailable at the site scale, where most land-use decisions are made. Thus there is an urgent need for simple, and yet robust protocols for assessing ecosystem services that are adaptable to a wide range of sites, are replicable over time, and are (...)
Friday 27
13:00 - TALK - Friday Talk with Dr. Renee Firman More Information
Dr Renee Firman is interested in why male mice emit ultrasonic vocalisations (which have been described to be synonymous to bird songs) when they encounter females. Her talk will explore current evidence that suggests that females use male vocalisations to assess the compatibility and quality of (...)
Monday 30
9:00 - EVENT - Clinical Epidemiology PUBH5757 : SPH Seasonal School 5 day 6 point unit Website | More Information
Improve your knowledge of clinical research methods and develop a critical approach to the incorporation of research into clinical care decisions. Outcomes include increased competence in preparing a competitive research grant proposal, from research question refinement to study design, systematic (...)

 December 2015
Tuesday 01
0:00 - EVENT - GivingTuesday : Celebrate Giving, Generosity and Doing the Most Good More Information
#GivingTuesday is a movement to celebrate and provide incentives to give. It will culminate with a global day of giving on the first Tuesday of December every year. The idea is to transform how people think about, talk about and participate in the giving season.

What can you do? Can you (...)

8:30 - CANCELLED - Course - Multivariate Analysis : The course is intended as an introduction to some of the more commonly used multivariate statistical methods of data summary and analysis. Website | More Information
Unfortunately this event has been cancelled.

Event has been cancelled


Topics will include Principal Component Analysis, Factor Analysis, Canonical Variate (or Canonical Correlation) Analysis, Discriminant Analysis, Cluster Analysis (...)
Monday 07
12:00 - EVENT - Raine Lecture Website | More Information
Professor Stephen Hill studied Pharmacology in Bristol (BSc, 1976) and then undertook PhD studies in the Department of Pharmacology in Cambridge (PhD 1979). After postdoctoral studies in Cambridge (1979-1981) he was appointed to a lecturer position in the Department of Pharmacy at the University of (...)
Thursday 10
12:00 - EVENT - Developing and Funding International Research Collaboration Website | More Information
Interested in developing and funding international research collaborations, particularly in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences? Come hear how others have been able to do so, and learn how you can be more strategic in your approach.

The Seminar will run from 12:00 - 1:00 (...)
Wednesday 16
12:00 - TALK - Power/Sample Size Calculations : This seminar provides an overview of sample size calculations and demonstrates how to use the free "PS" software More Information
Is it unethical to conduct studies that are too large or too small? If so, how do we find the right balance based on the available resources? This seminar provides an overview of sample size calculations and demonstrates how to use the free "PS" software to perform simple sample size (...)

 January 2016
Tuesday 19
9:00 - EVENT - UWA/ConocoPhillips Science/Engineering Experience - Jan2016 : Budding scientists in Yrs 9/10 - 3 days of fun! More Information
Our Science Experience event is now open for registration!

UWA/ConocoPhillips Science/Engineering Experience - 19-21 January 2016!

Budding scientists/engineers in Years 9/10 (this year) are welcomed to UWA’s campus for three days of fun and to fuel their passion for science (...)

 February 2016
Tuesday 02
18:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - What can animal law learn from environmental law? Website | More Information
UWA Law School in conjunction with the Animal Law Institute presents a public lecture and panel discussion do discuss the lessons animal law can learn from environmental law.

The lecture will feature US environmental law academic Professor Randall S. Abate who will be presenting outcomes (...)
Thursday 04
13:00 - SEMINAR - Animal Biology seminar - Whistling to a signature tune: the role of signature whistles in bottlenose dolphin communication More Information
Bottlenose dolphins are one of very few species that use vocal learning to develop their own unique vocal signature early in life. Many animals may encode identity in a signal through general voice features, but each bottlenose dolphin produces one stereotyped whistle type, called a signature (...)

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