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Today's date is Sunday, January 17, 2021
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Displaying from Tuesday, December 13, 2011
 February 2012
Wednesday 15
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Rainforests and Savannas: Understanding Ecological Processes in River Floodplains Website | More Information
For nearly three decades Robert Naiman and his colleagues have been examining ecological processes in rivers and floodplains of the North American coastal rainforests and the savannas of southern Africa. Despite strong contrasts in climate and water regimes, there are a number of surprising (...)

 March 2012
Thursday 22
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Crowded Out - can heritage survive the growth of our historic cities? Website | More Information
Projections of future growth such as 'Directions 2031' highlight the need to plan ahead and consider how we are going to accommodate increased population and the associated infrastructure. Hear how the mayors of Albany and Fremantle view the future of their historic port cities, and what role they (...)
Thursday 29
17:30 - EVENT - UWA Albany Skywest Lecture : Art3 - three galleries, three projects, three successes Website | More Information
Three art experts share their stories of three recent exhibitions close to their hearts. Visiting Albany to judge the 2012 City of Albany Art Prize, Jane Alexander, Jenepher Duncan and Chris Malcolm will give inspiring insights to three recent fascinating projects. The projects include a historical (...)

19:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Don't Peak at High School Website | More Information
We all know that school bullying is a major problem, but how many of us realise that many of Australian's most successful and interesting people were persecuted at school? One in four of Australian school children are bullied, but in the context of a lifetime our school years are fleeting (...)
Friday 30
19:30 - PERFORMANCE - The Needle and the Damage Done Website | More Information
Fiona Scott-Norman takes us on a romp through her youth via really bad music and vinyl LPs which features music from white supremacists, William Shatner, Australian radio jock John Laws, dodgy Christians, and misguided football players. She takes us back to a more "innocent" time, when it (...)

 May 2012
Wednesday 02
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Lecture : Taking a bite out of fiction: When sharks and humans interact Website | More Information
If you believe in the sensationalist portrayal of sharks in some media and Hollywood movies then you probably think that it is only a matter of time before sharks sprout limbs and leave the water to hunt us down on land. However, when you look at the facts the reality is that shark populations are (...)
Tuesday 22
12:30 - TALK - Friends of UWA Albany Sandwich Seminar : The Presidential Nomination Process: Is it a Rational System? Website | More Information
The process the US uses to select major party presidential candidates is long, difficult and exhausting for both candidates and voters. It can also hurt the eventual nominees, because of the attacks that their co-partisans make during the struggle to obtain the nomination. Why does the US have (...)
Thursday 24
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Lecture : Saving Gilbert's potoroo: A challenge for science and the community Website | More Information
Late in 1994, to the great excitement of the Western Australian community, Gilbertís potoroo, believed extinct by 1906, was rediscovered near Albany. Fewer than 40 individuals survived, in dense scrub on the rugged Mount Gardner headland. A conservation program commenced immediately, aimed at (...)

 June 2012
Friday 01
17:30 - TALK - UWA Albany Skywest Lecture : The House of Fiction: Leonard, Susan and Elizabeth Jolley Website | More Information
Susan Swingler is the step-daughter of one of Australia's most revered writers Elizabeth Jolley. Abandoned by her father at the age of four, Susan had no contact with the Jolley family until they found and reclaimed her at the age of twenty-one. Why they were kept apart is the subject of her (...)

 July 2012
Saturday 07
10:00 - PUBLIC TALK - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : Before the dots, before Papunya Website | More Information
In the mid-1940s, Ronald M Berndt collected 600 drawings in crayon on sheets of brown paper created by Aboriginal men living at Birrundudu, located in North-Central Norther Territory. This talk focuses on the origins of the images and the intentions of the artists - even at the time - to engage (...)

13:00 - WORKSHOP - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : An afternoon of acoustic guitar (beginners) Website | More Information
Be inspired to make music quickly and enjoyably with award- winning musician Andrew Winton. Learn how to get started on acoustic guitar and how to use theory for Ďdummiesí so you can jam with others.
Sunday 08
10:00 - WORKSHOP - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : Photography - inside and out Website | More Information
Greg Hocking will help you to master the essential techniques and skills that will enable you to take better photographs inside and outside. The session will cover types of cameras to use, the best lens for a given situation and the camera accessories that can improve your photography.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : Digital painting Website | More Information
Learn to draw and paint in a digital world. Express your artistic side with easy to use painting and drawing tools that work just like the real thing! Explore powerful and intuitive painting tools that let users of all levels work with a wide range realistic media. Learn how to turn your digital (...)

18:00 - EVENT - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : An evening with Andrew Winton Website | More Information
Wind up the weekend with a glass of wine and the fabulous singer-songwriter Andrew Winton. Relax to his eclectic mix of styles and songs, his thought-provoking lyrics, his on-stage humour and storytelling, and his dynamic vocal range that has earned him comparisons with Sting, Steely Dan and fusion (...)

 August 2012
Sunday 12
10:00 - EVENT - 2012 Open Day : Experience what's on offer at UWA Website | More Information
UWA opens up the whole campus to the public.

Come and find out about the courses on offer, career options, scholarship opportunities, our valuable research, community programs and facilities.

There's also residential college tours, hands-on activities, live music and (...)
Friday 24
10:00 - EVENT - UWA Albany Open Day More Information
Visit the UWA Albany Centre to discover all that UWA has to offer in the Great Southern. Academic advisers will be on hand to answer questions and provide advice on courses. 10am-12noon and 4-6pm.
Thursday 30
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Lecture : The (mis)use of religion in justification of political violence: a comparative analysis Website | More Information
Professor Oliver Rafferty will look at religiously motivated violence and the attitude of religious authorities to them. As he examines the Crusades, the Church's attitude to political violence in Ireland and contemporary issues surrounding Islamic fundamentalist violence questions arise. Is the (...)

 September 2012
Thursday 20
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : The Albany Tropics: Research from the Great Southern has a Global Reach Website | More Information
The UWA Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management (CENRM) has now been in operation in Albany for 10 years. During this time, a range of regional, national and international projects have been completed raising the profile of CENRM and Albany as a destination of quality research directed (...)

 October 2012
Wednesday 10
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Let's talk about suicide Website | More Information
The loss of a life through suicide is the most feared and tragic outcome from mental ill-health. Itís also an outcome which is preventable, and we all need to know how. headspace Great Southern Manager Andrew Wenzel will speak about the need for more open discussion about suicide at a community (...)
Sunday 21
14:00 - EVENT - Friends of UWA Albany Philosophy Cafe : Seeking Adventure Website | More Information
Adjunct Professor Andrew Turk will facilitate a discussion on the topic 'Seeking Adventure'. Questions will include: Why do we seek challenges and dangerous thrills? Is it bad, or is it good for us? Do we always need to seek out adventure or does it sometimes find us? Philosophy of extreme sports; (...)

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