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Today's date is Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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Displaying from Friday, April 01, 2011
 April 2011
Monday 04
12:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Friends of UWA Sandwich Seminar : Death, Stress and Change in a Remote Aboriginal Community Website | More Information
Professor Victoria Burbank will outline the experiences that accompany the considerable mortality gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. She will share some of the history of people living in the remote Arnhem Land community of Numbulwar. Her research has identified the physical (...)
Thursday 07
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Skywest Public Lecture : Art Collections and Audiences: Ideas and Opportunities Website | More Information
The judges for the 2011 City of Albany Art Prize will bring their expertise, technical skill and judgement to the topic of art collection management, development and promotion. Art collections are a cultural asset which can reflect the owner's history, identity and aspirations. The City of Albany (...)

 May 2011
Wednesday 11
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : The Origins of Music Website | More Information
Over the last fifteen years or so, an emerging consensus based upon research in a wide variety of disciplines has argued the need to revisit Darwin’s conjecture of 1871, that language may be descended from an extant musical medium of communication that development from animal calls, While humans (...)
Tuesday 31
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : What Men Want Website | More Information
Across the world the story is the same. Sex scandal! Media frenzy. Public vilification. Disgrace. Another prominent man caught with his pants down. So why do men take such risks for sex? Bettina Arndt's new research is all about why sex matters so much to men. As one of Australia's first sex (...)

 June 2011
Thursday 23
17:30 - EVENT - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : The Psychology of Sheep Website | More Information
Having read the title above, you will probably be asking: "Why on earth would anybody study sheep psychology?" Maybe even: "Who cares?" Of course, you may have had to deal with the behaviour of sheep and your experiences have led to the view that sheep are not very smart. But (...)

 July 2011
Saturday 09
9:30 - WORKSHOP - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : Songwriting with Craig Sinclair Website | More Information
Songs are a universal medium of communication, able to cross borders of language, culture and class. As songwriters we can share the personal and the universal, from our own unique perspective. Like other forms of writing, songwriting is both instinctive and reflective, a talent to be released and (...)

13:30 - WORKSHOP - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : How I write and you can too Website | More Information
Alan Carter's debut crime novel 'Prime Cut' landed him on the shortlist for the prestigious UK Debut Dagger Award and plenty of critical acclaim. He wrote it over 12 months while he was a kept man in Hopetoun on WA's south coast. Find out how and why and pick up a few tips for dipping your own toes (...)
Sunday 10
9:30 - WORKSHOP - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : Great Southern Light Website | More Information
Australians purchased 14 million digital cameras in the last three years. With auto-focus, auto-exposure and auto white balance, photographers should all be making superb images, but are they? Dale not only simplifies the buttons and knobs on your camera but leads you to discover the joy of (...)

13:00 - WORKSHOP - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : Operation Opera Website | More Information
Singing opera is often touted as a great mystery. How does a single voice be heard over the power of an orchestra without amplification? If you've ever wondered why and would love to be an operatic singer for day, come along and learn some technique in this group singing experience. The joy and (...)

18:00 - PERFORMANCE - WINTERarts Wild & Woolly : Pepperjacks at Vancouver Cafe Website | More Information
Check out the Great Southern's amazing acoustic act, The Pepperjacks! A harmony-laden four piece celebration of some of the classic tunes from the acoustic blues, bluegrass and ragtime traditions, featuring Rod Vervest (guitar), Bob Lipinski (harmonica), Lara Norman (violin) and Craig Sinclair (slid (...)

 August 2011
Friday 12
8:30 - SYMPOSIUM - Great Southern, Great Science Symposium Website | More Information
The Western Australia Chief Scientist, Professor Lyn Beazley, and the University of Western Australia's Centre of Excellence in Natural Resource Management are hosting a symposium in Albany to showcase the excellent science taking place in the Great Southern region.

'Great Southern (...)
Monday 15
12:30 - PUBLIC TALK - Friends of UWA Albany Sandwich Seminar : Working for the World Health Organisation. The State of Maternal and Child Health in China and the Philippines in the 1980s Website | More Information
Dr David Watson is a former lecturer at UWA and Curtin University. During the 1980s, he undertook three consultancies for the World Health Organisation, on maternal and child health in China, the Philippines and Fiji. He accepted an offer from the Chinese University in Hong Kong to set up a (...)
Tuesday 23
17:30 - EVENT - Skywest Public Lecture : Working Together: Taking Charge of Your Community Website | More Information
Can local government be a powerful force to build positive relationships within and between communities? Given the right encouragement and partnerships, communities can grow an innovative business culture, initiate strategically important projects and enhance the quality of life for all residents. M (...)
Friday 26
16:00 - OPEN DAY - UWA Albany Open Day Website | More Information
Everyone is invited to visit the UWA Albany Centre to find out about study opportunities available at UWA's Albany campus. UWA advisers will be on hand to provide advice on career pathways. Information on entry requirements, courses, study options and scholarships will be available. Visitors can (...)

 September 2011
Friday 09
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Education - Challenges for the Future Website | More Information
Growing up in rural Victoria in a family of farmers and teachers, it seems Professor Alan Robson was destined to become one of the country’s leading agricultural scientists and education figures. 
Now both Vice-Chancellor of the University of Western Australia and the Hackett Professor of (...)
Thursday 29
17:30 - PUBLIC TALK - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Humanitarian engineering - rebuilding lives Website | More Information
How do you start to rebuild a war-torn village? Challenge 1 - rebuild 1,000 homes in seven months before winter hits with -20C temperatures. Challenge 2 - install water and sanitation facilities in an internally displaced peoples' camp in rebel controlled districts in North Eastern Uganda. From war (...)

 October 2011
Wednesday 05
17:30 - PUBLIC LECTURE - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Africa Blood and Guts: Western Hunting and Conservation Website | More Information
This lecture will analyse two historical documents - two extremely popular films. Both belong to the rare cinema-released documentary-reportage genre: the first, The path of the Wild Beasts belongs to the most confidant phase of Italian colonial expansion, the other, Africa Blood and Guts to the (...)
Sunday 16
14:00 - EVENT - Friends of UWA Albany Philosophy Cafe : Equality Website | More Information
Equality is often assumed to imply gender equality but is that necessarily the case? Does it infer in the workplace, in a relationship or in politics? Are the dynamics of equality different in different situations? If so, how can we differentiate the shades of grey? Has the metro-sexual male (...)

 November 2011
Thursday 10
17:30 - PUBLIC TALK - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Generation Y - What did we expect? Website | More Information
Gen Y has become the most analysed - and most maligned - generation since the Baby Boomers. They are often labelled the 'Me Generation' by Boomer parents and employers who seem to have forgotten that this label was actually created for them. Hugh Mackay explores the social, cultural and (...)

 December 2011
Thursday 01
17:30 - EVENT - UWA Albany Skywest Public Lecture : Literature in Singapore - memory, community and imaginative frontiers Website | More Information
Award-winning poet and anthologist Alvin Pang will explore the history of Singaporean literature since the 19th Century, and the freedom it has created for this island nation to explore and shape its own ideas about who they are in the world and what they can be.

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