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Today's date is Sunday, December 06, 2020
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Displaying from Thursday, March 31, 2016
 March 2016
Thursday 31
16:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Pastoral livestock systems in France: managing productivity, landscapes and communities : The Art and Science of Shepherding. Dr Michel Meuret taps into the wisdom of French Herders Website | More Information
In this public lecture, editor of 2014 book The Art and Science of Shepherding: Tapping the Wisdom of French Herders, Dr Michel Meuret shares experience and scientific knowlegde about herding animals and optimising rangeland resources. He describes the essence of the engagement he has had with (...)

 April 2016
Friday 08
11:00 - SEMINAR - Modelling Body Mass Index Distribution using Maximum Entropy Density Website | More Information
The objective of this paper is to model the conditional distribution of Body Mass Index (BMI) by examining the relations between a set of covariates and the moments of the BMI distribution. While BMI is often seen as a leading indicators of health, most studies on the distribution of BMI did not (...)
Friday 15
11:00 - SEMINAR - Hot or Not? Chances of Success for the new Pakistani red chilli contract Website | More Information
Last year the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange (PMEX) launched a red chilli futures contract as a way for farmers and other market participants to manage their risks in this volatile commodity which is of such significance for the rural economy of parts of Pakistan. Why did it do so, what will its (...)
Monday 18
12:00 - SEMINAR - Designing Biosecurity Inspection Protocols Accounting for Stakeholder Incentives: Theoretical and Experimental Insights Website | More Information
Government regulators face significant trade-offs in conducting their roles. In Australia, Commonwealth, state and territory governments have been challenging their regulatory agencies to decrease the regulatory burden they impose on compliant stakeholders. However, poorly designed approaches to (...)
Friday 29
11:00 - SEMINAR - A Choice for ‘Me’ or for ‘Us’? Using We-Reasoning to Predict Cooperation and Coordination in Games Website | More Information
Cooperation is the foundation of human social life, but it sometimes requires individuals to choose against their individual self-interest. How then is cooperation sustained? How do we decide when instead to follow our own goals? I develop a model that builds on Bacharach’s (2006) ‘circumspect we-re (...)

 May 2016
Friday 13
11:00 - SEMINAR - “Protecting the environment: privately” Website | More Information
Much of the economics literature takes the environment to be a public good and hence writes out a role for the private sector as a source of supply. Yet there is ample evidence of the private sector being involved, driven both by profit and altruism. In this talk, Jeff will try to convince you of (...)
Friday 20
11:00 - SEMINAR - Using Conservation Auctions: The Auctioneers Experience Website | More Information
Conservation auctions have been in use in natural resource management for a little more than 10 years and Australia has been a pioneer in their design and implementation. Conservation auctions seek to efficiently distribute incentives for natural resource management to overcome market failures in (...)

 June 2016
Friday 03
11:00 - SEMINAR - Impact of different water allocation strategies to manage groundwater resources in Western Australia: equity and efficiency considerations Website | More Information
In many parts of the world groundwater is depleting at an alarming rate. Water regulation authorities are facing the challenge of reducing groundwater extraction by existing users. However, to take appropriate adaptation measures it is necessary to understand the distributional consequences of (...)

 August 2016
Friday 05
11:00 - SEMINAR - Importance of accounting for private benefits and increasing opportunity costs in planning ecological restoration. Website | More Information
Conservation projects implemented on private land often generate both public and private benefits. Private benefits are important determinants of cost-effectiveness, success, and adoption of such projects. However, they have not been adequately considered in ecological restoration planning and (...)
Friday 12
11:00 - SEMINAR - Category Errors in Natural Resource Management Planning – Issues and Solutions Website | More Information
Documenting the contribution of nature to human wellbeing, e.g., as human values or ecosystem services, is critical to the effective management of natural resources. However, problems with classifying desirable end states, including the mixing of means and ends, undermine research, planning and (...)
Friday 19
11:00 - SEMINAR - Think long term: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning in the south-west of Western Australia Website | More Information
This study aims provide a framework through which the trade-offs between prescribed burning, wildfire suppression and wildfire damages can be brought to light and evaluated. It uses an economic model in conjunction with a wildfire simulator to test different prescribed-burning strategies and (...)
Friday 26
11:00 - SEMINAR - Think long term: the costs and benefits of prescribed burning in the south-west of Western Australia Website | More Information
This study aims provide a framework through which the trade-offs between prescribed burning, wildfire suppression and wildfire damages can be brought to light and evaluated. It uses an economic model in conjunction with a wildfire simulator to test different prescribed-burning strategies and (...)

 September 2016
Friday 16
11:00 - EVENT - Engel’s Law, Diet Diversity and the Quality of Food Consumption Website | More Information
Increasing income brings about a decline in the relative importance of food consumption, a wider spread of spending patterns and a demand for higher-quality goods. Using an index-number approach, this paper analyses these three closely related tendencies. Stripping out the impact of prices from (...)

 October 2016
Friday 07
11:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Antipodean agricultural and resource economics at 60: Natural resource management More Information
Australian and New Zealand research on the economics of natural resource management (NRM) has a relatively short history. Defining NRM as including water, agricultural land, marine renewable resources, nature conservation and forestry, 65% of all Australasian journal articles in the area have been (...)
Friday 14
11:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Non-Market Valuation of Loss: Values, Places, and Experiences with Climate Change More Information
The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is seeking to prepare for losses arising from climate change. This is an emerging issue that challenges climate science and policy to engage more deeply with values, places, and people’s experiences. Drawing on a collaborative WUN (...)
Friday 21
11:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - The Uncertainty of modelling Uncertainty in an Uncertain World: Bane or Boon? More Information
The debates around the 2006 Stern Review on the economics of climate change have been shifting their focus in conjunction with a renewed flurry of activity in the area of decision-making under uncertainty. New ideas are influencing the design of economic experiments as well as the interpretation of (...)
Friday 28
11:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Assessing the performance of ‘comparative agriculture’ methods to assess regional diversity in Australian farming systems More Information

 November 2016
Friday 04
11:00 - SEMINAR - PostgradOne: Designing an app for PhD supervision Website | More Information
Successful PhD supervision requires the management of numerous milestones together with ongoing documentation of meetings, research outputs and supervisor feedback. Regular communication among the student, individual supervisors and other relevant bodies is critical to the process. This (...)
Friday 25
11:00 - SEMINAR - Using Natural Capital Adjusted Productivity and Efficiency Model to Measure On-farm Natural Capital Website | More Information
Valuing natural capital is fundamental to measuring sustainability of natural resources and environmental assets. An appropriate conceptual framework and practical measurement techniques do not currently exist to quantify and measure natural capital assets and ecosystem services on farms in an (...)

 March 2017
Friday 03
11:00 - SEMINAR - Personal discount rates on and off the farm More Information
Longitudinal studies of populations have achieved significant results, for example the long-running study of the health of residents of Bunbury. So far however there have not been any economics equivalents. There is therefore very little knowledge about the way subjective economic variables change (...)

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