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Today's date is Saturday, March 07, 2015
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 March 2015
Wednesday 11
9:30 - WORKSHOP - The Role of Committee Executive Officer : This workshop comprises two parts which are designed to be complementary. If you are a new executive officer, you should complete part one before attending part two of the workshop. Experienced executive officers are strongly encouraged to attend both parts. Website | More Information
This workshop will provide you with information about the purpose and functions of committees at The University of Western Australia and the contribution of the role of the executive officer towards the effective and efficient functioning of the committee(s) they service. This is a two-part (...)
Thursday 12
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Mental Health Awareness Training : This one day course provides an overview of frequently occurring mental health conditions which include depression, anxiety, suicide, psychosis, and substance misuse. Website | More Information
The workshop will provide details of the signs and symptoms of, and management strategies for, these common conditions. Participants will learn a five step process for how to assist someone showing signs or symptoms. It will also cover internal and external resources available for support and more (...)
Friday 13
9:30 - WORKSHOP - MySource Matrix for workflow site authors and approvers : This practical training course gives staff who have been nominated as authors or approvers of UWA websites with workflow the skills and knowledge to create and edit web pages within MySource Matrix using the simple edit interface. Website | More Information
At the end of the course you will be able to: * create a new page * edit an existing page * copy and paste content * insert an image into page content * create a new page * upload an image * upload a document * insert hyperlinks * add content divisions (divs) * format lists, tables and introduction (...)
Monday 16
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Trobexis: Travel Requisitions : This course covers how to arrange travel requisitions using Trobexis Website | More Information
This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to requisition travel using the Trobexis tool for you (the traveller) or a travel arranger (who books travel for others).

9:30 - WORKSHOP - Professional presentations - Public speaking skills : This full-day workshop has been designed to assist participants to develop effective professional presentations and to address groups with confidence. Website | More Information
The workshop will help you explore the skills needed to create and deliver highly effective presentations in a practical manner. Content includes - personal presentation, dealing with nervousness, body language, voice usage, preparation, structure of speech, the use of presentation aids and (...)
Tuesday 17
9:00 - STAFF EVENT - UniSuper Event : One on One Adviser Day More Information
Private Client Adviser with UniSuper Advice. UniSuper Private Client Adviser can give advice to members (and their partners if applicable) on a variety of issues related not only to their Unisuper account and superannuation generally but also pre-retirement planning and wealth creation strategies (...)
Thursday 19
14:30 - WORKSHOP - Career mobility at UWA: Kick start your career without leaving UWA : Professional staff can learn about the Career Mobility program and other secondment mechanisms. Website | More Information
This short session will provide you with an overview of the current Career Mobility program and how it can assist in individual career development. This workshop will look at the strategic intent, the process and procedure and may provide an opportunity for participants to hear from staff who have (...)
Friday 20
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Word: managing to merge : In three hours you will discover how to effectively merge data sources in Word to produce print and electronic documents. Website | More Information
This course is designed to enable you to better understand and demonstrate sorting and querying various data sources to selectively merge information into print and electronic documents. You will learn to: * use the mail merge task pane and/or merge tool bar within Word * use a variety of data (...)
Tuesday 24
13:30 - WORKSHOP - Building effective teams : A team is a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and an approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. From The Wisdom Of Teams - Katzenback and Smith Website | More Information
This workshop will look at the key characteristics of high performing teams and how to build and maintain effective teams. Participants will understand the key characteristics of high performing teams; understand individual working and communication styles within the team; understand how to (...)
Thursday 26
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Module 2 Successful succession planning and authentic conversations : This module is for people leaders and managers and covers strategies for succession planning, as well as having authentic conversations to continue to build a positive retirement culture. Website | More Information

13:30 - WORKSHOP - Disagreeing well : Knowing how to disagree well is a key ingredient for effective communication. Website | More Information
Sound disagreement skills are an integral part of building robust relationships with the people we work with. Being able to disagree well requires emotional intelligence, self-awareness and in-depth analysis of what neutralises a situation or inflames it.
Friday 27
12:30 - SEMINAR - UniSuper Seminar : Seminar - End of Financial Year Planning Website | More Information
Spending some time to consider your goals for the upcoming financial year can be a valuable experience. With super often the largest asset outside the family home, it's important to consider how it's working for you on an annual basis and how your strategy aligns with your retirement goals. This (...)
Tuesday 31
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Developing and facilitating workshops : Through this program you will learn how to plan and conduct a successful learning program or information session. Website | More Information
In this workshop we will cover identifying your workshop/session outcomes; developing session plans; deciding on the program content; sequencing the material and the activities; selecting teaching strategies to promote participation and learning and facilitating your workshop using techniques that (...)

 April 2015
Wednesday 01
8:00 - SEMINAR - Breakfast Seminar 1 April, 2015: "Is there life after retirement?" : Did you know that most Australians spend more time planning vacations than planning for retirement? Website | More Information
Join us in a series of breakfast seminars with guest speakers talking candidly about their retirement experiences. Retirement planning means more than just financial planning - come along to hear former Associate Director, Equity and Diversity, UWA Ms Beverley Hill explore the advantages and (...)

9:30 - WORKSHOP - A novice's approach to using Excel : Learn how to develop and format spreadsheets so you can use them for managing and analysing data. Website | More Information
After completing this workshop, participants should be able to: * open, make changes, save and close a spreadsheet * enter/modify numbers, symbols, text or formulas into a cell * create and use basic formulas and functions * use help * select cell or range of adjacent and non-adjacent cells * use (...)
Thursday 02
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Improving your Outlook : Learn how to use Outlook effectively to manage your emails, appointments and tasks. Website | More Information
By the end of the workshop you will have a better understanding of how to: * change your default view for email, calendar and task list within Outlook * move information between email, calendar and task lists without retyping * quantify the time it takes to do a task * record time dependent (...)

9:30 - WORKSHOP - Managing time and priorities : In this course you will assess your current use of time and learn some strategies for using time effectively. Website | More Information
You will have the opportunity to * assess your current use of time * devise strategies for using time more effectively * be exposed to a wide range of time management ideas * learn to say 'no' while maintaining good relationships with colleagues, clients and family.
Tuesday 07
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Conducting successful meetings : This workshop is a must for anyone who is responsible for conducting or chairing meetings or committees and who has found themselves wondering if there is a better way to get agreement on future actions. Website | More Information
We show you how to achieve better outcomes from your meetings. Online pre-reading is a requirement of this workshop. You will be sent the pre-reading two weeks prior to the workshop and must pass the online quiz in order to attend the face to face workshop.
Wednesday 08
9:30 - WORKSHOP - MySource Matrix for non workflow site editors and co-ordinators : This training course gives staff who have been nominated as non-workflow site editors and coordinators the essential skills and knowledge required to maintain the website using MySource Matrix. Website | More Information
At the end of the course you will be able to * login to Matrix as a backend user (advanced edit interface) * use the Matrix asset map *add an asset to a Matrix website * move, link, clone or delete an asset * rename an asset * edit the web address of an asset * copy; paste and correct content from (...)
Thursday 09
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Pivot Tables : Find out how to create a pivot table and use it to analyse data. Website | More Information
After completing this workshop, you should be able to * make sense out of a dataset through pivot table * use the available wizard to create and customise a pivot table * recognise data that can be effectively analysed using pivot tables

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