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Today's date is Friday, September 19, 2014
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 September 2014
Friday 19
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Financial Management - Audit, Risk and Controls : Directors, management and staff with financial delegation responsibility. Website | More Information
Topics to be covered include:

Financial management framework…What are the parts of great financial management? Linking the strategic plan to the budget through a business plan…the budget needs to talk through a business plan in writing! Initiatives to grow the business and keep it lean…Pu (...)
Monday 22
10:00 - WORKSHOP - Using your iDevice at UWA : All UWA staff. Website | More Information
Connecting to Unifi, using Dropbox to synchronise files between locations and managing your email and calendar with your iDevice will be demonstrated.
Tuesday 23
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Building an academic portfolio : All academic staff, who need to prepare an academic portfolio for PDR, promotion or tenure. Website | More Information
Does your mind go blank when you think about putting your portfolios together? Come to this workshop and you will leave with a well fleshed out plan of points to write up. Even better, we will focus on developing a strategic portfolio that is a useful plan for your career management. This workshop (...)

9:30 - WORKSHOP - MySource Matrix for non workflow site editors and co-ordinators : This training course gives staff who have been nominated as non-workflow site editors and coordinators the essential skills and knowledge required to maintain the website using MySource Matrix. Website | More Information
At the end of the course you will be able to:

login to Matrix as a backend user (advanced edit interface), use the Matrix asset map, add an asset to a Matrix website, move, link, clone or delete an asset, rename an asset, edit the web address of an asset, copy; paste and correct content (...)
Thursday 25
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Trobexis: Travel Requisitions : This workshop is recommended for all University staff who are required to arrange travel for themselves or other people. Website | More Information
This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to requisition travel using the Trobexis tool for you (the traveller) or a travel arranger (who books travel for others).

9:00 - WORKSHOP - Courageous conversations about race : All University staff. Website | More Information
The University has identified cultural competence as a critical attribute for both our staff and graduates, and absolutely vital for a globalised university striving for international excellence. Working with staff and students from different cultures is both rewarding and challenging. This (...)
Friday 26
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Mental health awareness training : The course is recommended for all employees wanting to learn more about common mental health conditions and what they can do to assist and support work colleagues, friends or family members.; Website | More Information
The workshop will provide details of the signs and symptoms of, and management strategies for, these common conditions. Participants will learn a five step process for how to assist someone showing signs or symptoms. It will also cover internal and external resources available for support and more (...)

9:30 - WORKSHOP - MySource Matrix for workflow site authors and approvers : This practical training course gives staff who have been nominated as authors or approvers of UWA websites with workflow applied the skills and knowledge to create and edit web pages within MySource Matrix using the simple edit interface. Website | More Information
At the end of the course you will be able to:

create a new page, edit an existing page, copy and paste content, insert an image into page content, create a new page, upload an image, upload a document, insert hyperlinks, add content divisions (divs), format lists, tables and introduction (...)
Tuesday 30
8:30 - EVENT - Quiet Day : for UWA staff More Information
Set on a lovely bush block in Mundaring (Nathanael’s Rest Retreat Centre) this Quiet Day provides space to 'be alone' in the company of other UWA academics and professional staff with the intention of marking out some good quality thinking/reflection time.

There are no formal (...)

9:30 - WORKSHOP - Professional presentations - Public speaking skills : Professional and academic staff who would like to improve their public speaking skills. Website | More Information
The workshop will help you explore the skills needed to create and deliver highly effective presentations in a practical manner. Content includes: personal presentation, dealing with nervousness, body language, voice usage, preparing, structure of speech, the use of presentation aids and feedback (...)

13:30 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to LMS: LMS for new users Website | More Information
LMS for New Users will provide participants with an introductory overview of the Moodle powered LMS (Learning Management System) used as our online learning environment here at UWA. You will need to complete this workshop before being eligible to take part in any intermediate or advanced LMS (...)

 October 2014
Thursday 02
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Word: elements of styles : University staff interested in learning about styles in Microsoft Word 2010 in order to more easily and consistently format documents. Website | More Information
This workshop is designed to enable participants to better understand, develop, modify and use styles for consistent formatting within and across documents.

13:30 - WORKSHOP - Beyond the Basics: Managing grades in the LMS Website | More Information
Participants will explore the functionality of the Grades area (from both a staff and student perspective) and learn how to use it effectively for grade administration.
Tuesday 07
10:00 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) : New and existing University staff who require a basic understanding of Fringe Benefits Tax. Website | More Information
To ensure compliance with the Fringe Benefits Tax legislation, it is important that staff at the University understand how to identify, document and report fringe benefits. This workshop is designed to assist staff to understand what a fringe benefit is, how and when they are provided to staff, and (...)
Wednesday 08
9:00 - WORKSHOP - ALLY training : Any staff member or student who wishes to better understand the issues and needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or intersex (GLBTI) staff and students, and is willing to consider becoming an ALLY Website | More Information
The workshop aims to raise participant awareness of the life experience, issues and needs of GLBTI staff and students with a particular focus on campus and work or study experiences. Participants who complete the workshop can elect to become part of the ALLY Network.
Thursday 09
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Activating learning in large classes Website | More Information
The workshop will introduce you to the theory behind Active Learning, model a range of Active Learning strategies, and give you some practical tips and techniques to help you develop appropriate Active Learning activities for your lectures. The workshop focus is on face-to-face teaching and will (...)
Monday 13
9:30 - WORKSHOP - PeopleSoft: DIY Enquiries : This workshop is recommended for staff with financial responsibilities – Finance/Assistant Finance Officers and new/existing School Managers. Website | More Information
PeopleSoft: DIY Enquiries is designed to provide participants the efficient and simple ways to address day-to-day financial enquiries from colleagues or external parties – suppliers and customers.

9:30 - WORKSHOP - Sentencing records for retention and disposal : All staff who are responsible for making decisions on the retention and disposal of their local records. This may be as part of a major disposal project or on an ad hoc basis. Website | More Information
Sentencing is the process by which we make decisions about the fate of an individual record, generally at the point when they are no longer active. This session will inform participants how to sentence their records lawfully, and what to do once this process has been completed. It will also provide (...)

13:30 - WORKSHOP - PeopleSoft: Journals and Internal Funds Transfers (IFT) : This workshop is recommended for staff with financial responsibilities – Finance/Assistant Finance Officers and new/existing School Managers. Website | More Information
PeopleSoft: Journals and Internal Funds Transfer (IFT) is designed to provide participants the knowledge and tool to transfer funds or costs from a project grant to another and from a Business Unit to another. This workshop is delivered in simple and non-accountant language which helps you overcome (...)
Tuesday 14
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Mental illness in the workplace for managers and supervisors : Managers and Supervisors at UWA who wish to have a better understanding of how to manage staff who may be experiencing mental health issues, as well as managing the impact on the rest of their team. . Website | More Information
This half day course provides an overview of strategies and suggestions on how to best deal with mental health issues that may arise in the workplace. Participants will learn about their obligations and be provided with practical strategies to respond to mental health issues at work. Information (...)

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