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Today's date is Thursday, July 24, 2014
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 July 2014
Thursday 24
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Assessment: Developing Rubrics and Marking Keys Website | More Information
This workshop will provide an overview of what a rubric is and the steps involved in development. The practical hands-on workshop will allow staff to consider their current/future assessment tasks and effective ways of assessing these using rubrics.

9:30 - WORKSHOP - Improving your Outlook : Learn how to use Outlook effectively to manage your emails, appointments and tasks. Website | More Information
Intended audience:Any staff member who uses (or would like to use) Microsoft Outlook 2010 to better manage their inbox, calendar and to-do list. Workshop description:Microsoft Outlook can be used to combine information from your email, calendar and to-do list in a single view that will save you (...)
Monday 28
9:30 - Program - Introduction to University Teaching Website | More Information
The program will provide a solid introduction to the body of research around student learning and effective teaching. For those who have some teaching experience, it will provide a firm foundation upon which to improve your teaching and develop your teaching skills. For those new to teaching, it (...)
Thursday 31
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Engaging and Motivating Students Website | More Information
This workshop is aimed at new teaching staff looking to develop teaching skills. Experienced tutors will also benefit from attendance as a re-energiser and refresher to current teaching repertoire. The workshop will be run in such a way as to model the facilitation of a small group teaching session (...)

 August 2014
Tuesday 05
13:00 - Information Session - Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme - Information Session Website | More Information
The Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme allows promising doctoral research students, including professional doctoral students, to develop teaching skills in their fields and to undertake a program of professional development activities during the course of their PhD candidature.

If (...)

13:30 - WORKSHOP - Building effective teams : Any UWA staff Website | More Information
Teams have existed for hundreds of years. Most managers appreciate the value of teams, however, long-standing habits and demanding time schedules often prevent them from taking quality time to build and nurture high performing teams. This involves establishing team goals, working agreements (...)
Friday 08
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Introduction to LMS: LMS for Tutors Website | More Information
UWA's learning management system provides a variety of tools, features and interactions in an online environment for supporting teaching and learning experiences at UWA. Different roles have different access and capabilities for using the system, and there are two tutor roles - a grading role and a (...)
Monday 11
10:00 - WORKSHOP - How the University works: organisational and committee structures : Any staff member who would like to better understand the University, organisational and governance structure. Website | More Information
Whether you are new to UWA or have been here some time, this information session demystifies some of the workings of the University and provides an overview of the University’s structure and decision-making processes. The session covers key committees, managers and other governance issues, such as (...)
Tuesday 12
9:00 - WORKSHOP - Keeping your records straight : University administrative staff from faculties and central administration. Website | More Information
Every staff member at UWA is responsible for ensuring that they are aware of, and comply with the University’s record keeping standards, policies and procedures. By attending this short information session you will gain an awareness of your responsibilities in relation to record keeping in your (...)
Thursday 14
12:30 - WORKSHOP - Effective Group Work and Assessment Website | More Information
Group work is continually being touted as a beneficial and necessary process for student learning and yet students often complain about it both from the point of view of distribution of work and fairness of assessment. How do you ensure students actually learn all that is intended and don't merely (...)
Tuesday 19
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Applying for reclassification : Professional and general staff who are considering applying for the reclassification of their position and managers and supervisors who would like to know how the system works. Website | More Information
This session will increase your understanding of the requirements and process of applying for reclassification, the link to the Professional and General Staff Agreement, the assessment process and how standard position descriptions can be utilised for your application. .
Wednesday 20
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Writing for impact - how to write clearly, concisely and forcefully : School managers, faculty managers, researchers and staff responsible for preparing letters and reports. Website | More Information
In this fast-paced, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn how to choose the best words to get your message across clearly and quickly, bring your writing to life with strong, punchy verbs, cut the deadwood out of your writing, write in a friendly, human style.

13:00 - WORKSHOP - Teaching with Technology - An Introduction to eLearning Website | More Information
Done well, teaching with technology has the potential to enhance learning. This can be achieved by the ways we present information, communicate with students, create communities, provide engaging learning experiences, and provide authentic learning and assessment tasks. This workshop will introduce (...)
Thursday 21
9:30 - WORKSHOP - Career opportunities for professional staff : Any member of professional staff, including those in administrative, technical, research and professional positions. Recommended also for managers and supervisors who would like an overview of the opportunities that are available to the professional staff they supervise. Website | More Information
This session will provide you with an overview of current career developmental trends, a review of career opportunities available for professional staff at UWA, and details of where to go for further information and support.
Friday 22
9:00 - EVENT - Mental health awareness training : The course is recommended for all employees wanting to learn more about common mental health conditions and what they can do to assist and support work colleagues, friends or family members.; Website | More Information
The workshop will provide details of the signs and symptoms of, and management strategies for, these common conditions. Participants will learn a five step process for how to assist someone showing signs or symptoms. It will also cover internal and external resources available for support and more (...)
Monday 25
9:00 - EVENT - Emotional intelligence : Any UWA staff Website | More Information
This half-day workshop will focus on the application of emotional intelligence in the workplace. All participants will be given the opportunity to take part in the Emotional Intelligence Quotient Inventory (EQ-I 2.0®), through a Self-report and a 360 degree Feedback Report. The EQ-I 2.0® is one of (...)

9:30 - WORKSHOP - PeopleSoft: DIY Enquiries : This workshop is recommended for staff with financial responsibilities – Finance/Assistant Finance Officers and new/existing School Managers Website | More Information
PeopleSoft: DIY Enquiries is designed to provide participants the efficient and simple ways to address day-to-day financial enquiries from colleagues or external parties – suppliers and customers.

13:30 - WORKSHOP - PeopleSoft: Journals and Internal Funds Transfers (IFT) : This workshop is recommended for staff with financial responsibilities – Finance/Assistant Finance Officers and new/existing School Managers. Website | More Information
PeopleSoft: Journals and Internal Funds Transfer (IFT) is designed to provide participants the knowledge and tool to transfer funds or costs from a project grant to another and from a Business Unit to another. This workshop is delivered in simple and non-accountant language which helps you overcome (...)
Tuesday 26
9:30 - WORKSHOP - PeopleSoft: Introduction to Electronic PO : This workshop is recommended for staff with purchasing and financial responsibilities – Finance/Assistant Finance Officers and new/existing School Managers. Website | More Information
This introductory workshop is designed to provide participants the knowledge to raise electronic purchase orders within PeopleSoft. This enables efficiencies in the purchasing process of the business unit. Participants will be introduced to the several basic functions available in the system to (...)

13:30 - WORKSHOP - PeopleSoft: Receipting Purchase Orders for Receipting Officers : This workshop is recommended for Receipting Officers, although it may also be useful for Finance/Administration Officers who have purchasing as part of their role. Website | More Information
This workshop is designed to provide participants with the knowledge to receipt and part-receipt goods or services in PeopleSoft, to cancel receipts, query receipts and utilise the backorder function to enable prompt payment of invoices as well as handy hints and tips.

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