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Today's date is Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Faculty of Science
 September 2019
Wednesday 25
13:00 - SEMINAR - Using genes to assess social structure in the Boodies of Barrow Island : School of Human Sciences Seminar Series Website | More Information
The Boodie or Burrowing Bettong (Bettongia lesueur) is the only macropod that shelters underground in warrens. It is limited naturally to three islands off the west Australian coast, but just 200 years ago it had the widest distribution of any macropod, occupying about 50% of the continent. The seminar will describe what can be eked out of a genetic analysis of the population on Barrow Island, which is at the geographic centre of Australia's largest resource project. Inevitably, it will be short. However, that masks the huge effort required to undertake work of this kind. It was largely undertaken by others, and Felicity Donaldson and Celeste Wale deserve special mention in this regard.
Thursday 26
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Dr Susanne Gebhard - Flux-sensing by transporter/kinase pairs - need-based activation of antibiotic resistance More Information
Friday 27
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Associate Professor David Huang More Information
High-throughput screening of porous functional materials

 October 2019
Wednesday 02
12:00 - WORKSHOP - Collaborating with EndNote Website | More Information
Learn to share your EndNote Library with your research group, your supervisor or your colleagues in this hands-on session.
Friday 04
11:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : James Walshe - Structural Characterisation of an ANTAR Domain Anti-Terminator Protein Bound to RNA More Information

12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Dr Yuning Hong - RACI Rita Cornforth Award Lecture: Molecular Reporters for Measuring Proteome Stress in Cells More Information
Seminar Series

14:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Dr Li Yang - Harness unintended C-to-U mutation to targeted C-to-T editing More Information

14:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Prof Lingling Chen - Unconventional long noncoding RNAs — form and function More Information

15:30 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Sir Tom Blundell as a guest of the Perth Protein Group More Information
Tuesday 08
8:15 - CONFERENCE - 2019 In The Zone Conference: Critical Minerals: Securing Indo-Pacific Technology Futures : Launched in November 2009, In The Zone is Western Australia's premier forum on questions of regional significance Website | More Information
Western Australia is the gateway to the Indo-Pacific. As the nation’s regional capital, Perth watches the future unfold from a fascinating vantage point. This presents our economy and society with profound opportunities for cultural enrichment and increased prosperity. In fast-moving times, it is difficult for leaders to keep the pulse of circumstances, to reach beyond the headlines and consider the deeper forces driving events. Over the years, In the Zone has provided business and policymakers with the opportunity to lift their gaze to the demands of the twenty-first century. In partnership with The University of Western Australia, In The Zone 2019 - Critical Minerals: Securing Indo-Pacific Technology Futures will attract more than 350 delegates from government and business across the Indo-Pacific region to examine: * The importance of critical materials for modern telecommunication, science, defence and digital networks * The economic, environmental and security challenges facing existing critical materials industries * The imperative of developing more secure and sustainable critical materials value chains * The potential for Western Australia to collaborate with Indo-Pacific partners to support the technological foundations of the region's prosperity. Ticket includes: morning and afternoon tea, lunch and networking reception (5-6pm).
Friday 11
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Dr Gavin Knott - RNA targeting by CRISPR and bacteriophage anti-CRISPRs More Information
Thursday 17
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Fiona Moggach - Analysis of trace elements in biological samples using ICP-MS and discovery of new markers of nutritional status More Information
Seminar Series
Friday 18
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Sabine Schreuder - Senior Project Officer, Education and Outreach, CSIRO. More Information
CSIRO’s STEM Professionals in Schools program – inspiring the next generation!
Saturday 19
10:00 - CONFERENCE - TEDxUWA 2019: New Frontiers : TEDxUWA is back with an exciting event dedicated to ideas worth spreading! Website | More Information
Immerse yourself in the innovative ideas and one-of-a-kind stories that are important to the community at the University of Western Australia - and beyond!

At this year’s annual conference, TEDxUWA has brought together a line-up of brilliant speakers that will push the frontiers between what we know and understand.

TEDxUWA 2019: New Frontiers is a chance to take an active part in important discussions that matter to students, alumni, educators, and anyone with a curious mind. Whether you’re interested in finding your identity or minimising waste for the future of our environment, these talks showcase fascinating ideas that will challenge and inspire you.

10:00 - WORKSHOP - Become a WA frog scientist : Join us for a free workshop to help conserve frogs in Australian cities. Website | More Information
Love frogs? Keen to observe WA’s very own motorbike frog and contribute to meaningful science?

We’re looking for citizen scientists to join us for a series of free workshops that will help conserve frogs in Australian cities.

During the workshops you’ll learn how to conduct field surveys using the CAUL Urban Wildlife app. We’ll then visit nearby sites where you will put your newfound skills to the test during a practice frog survey.

The CAUL Urban Wildlife app is available on Android and iPhone, so simply attend one of our three workshops, bring your device and jump to it! If possible, please download the app in advance of the workshop: https://nespurban.edu.au/platforms/caul-urban-wildlife-app/.

Workshop times and locations

Saturday, October 19: 10am–12pm at UWA Crawley campus, Woolnough Lecture Theatre, Geology and Geography Building.

12pm–2pm at UWA Crawley campus, Woolnough Lecture Theatre, Geology and Geography Building.

Sunday, October 20: 10am–12pm at ECU Joondalup Campus, Building 7, room 103.
Thursday 24
12:00 - EVENT - Friends of the Grounds Plant Sale : October 24 and 25 between 12-2PM at The University of Western Australia's Taxonomic Gardens Website | More Information
Friends of the Grounds are holding a Plant Sale on October 24 and 25 between 12-2PM at The University of Western Australia's Taxonomic Gardens (near the Botany glass houses)! Location map: https://bit.ly/2XORLsP 🌷

As usual, there will be plenty of awesome plant finds (herbs, succulents etc) ranging from $3-5 each 🌿 This sale is CASH ONLY and open to staff, students and the public. Please bring a carry bag, trolley or cardboard box to carry your new plant friends home 📦

All proceeds will go towards the maintenance of UWA's grounds!

12:00 - EVENT - Bayliss Seminar Series : Artemisinins - From Mechanism of Action to Development of New More Information
Artemisinins – From Mechanism of Action to Development of New Oxidant and Redox Drug Combinations for Treatment of Malaria

18:00 - PUBLIC TALK - FREE PUBLIC SEMINAR: Geopolitics of Maritime Pasts: Connecting the Indian Ocean and South China Sea : Ideas about peaceful seas and civilisations in dialogue are 'strategic narratives' at a time when States seek power through structures of connectivity Website | More Information
In their recent show of friendship, why exactly did Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi exchange portraits of each other on silk and ceramic? While the Western media didn’t ponder such matters, the meaning of these gifts was debated intensely in both China and India. This presentation demonstrates why this moment forms part of a much larger, and fast changing, landscape of geocultural politics. China’s Belt and Road Initiative is driving this, transforming the geopolitics of the Indian Ocean and South China Sea through a narrative of a ‘revived’ Maritime Silk Road.

To date, analyses of maritime geopolitics in these regions have primarily gravitated around sea-lane ‘choke points’, or the construction of port infrastructure and artificial islands. What has been missed is the strategic importance countries across Asia now place on crafting and revising history for maritime diplomacy and economic development. As we will see, for Indonesia, it is the ‘spice routes’, elsewhere it might be Zheng He. The presentation demonstrates the Maritime Silk Road is not 2000 years old, but a history invented at the end of the Cold War. A series of short films will be shown to illustrate how think-tanks, academics, museums, BBC World, Russia Today, and Chinese state television uncritically repeat this ‘history’ of trade and exchange, and it will be argued that ideas about peaceful seas and civilisations in dialogue are ‘strategic narratives’ at a time when states seek power through structures of connectivity.

19:00 - PUBLIC LECTURE - Annual Ian Constable Lecture 2019 : Speaker: Professor Keith Martin will consider some of the likely developments in glaucoma diagnosis and treatment in the near future. Website | More Information
2019 marks the 20th anniversary of this annual lecture, which is presented by the Lions Eye Institute and the UWA Institute of Advanced Studies and honours the work of Professor Ian Constable.

Professor Constable is recognised as one of the world’s leading ophthalmic surgeons. He was appointed the Lions Foundation Chair of Ophthalmology in 1975. In 1983 Professor Constable established the Lions Eye Institute (LEI) dedicated to the prevention and treatment of blindness and eye disease. Today the LEI is a not-for-profit centre of excellence that combines world class scientific research into the prevention of blindness with the highest level of eye care delivery, combining the expertise of researchers and ophthalmologists.
Friday 25
12:00 - SEMINAR - Bayliss Seminar Series : Sulfar Two Ways More Information
Sulfur Two Ways: The Chemical Biology of Cysteine Oxidation and New Frontiers in Polymers Made from Elemental Sulfur

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